Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2016 Raw 2112 : Everyone’s Gains

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Chapter 2016 Raw 2112 : Everyone’s Gains

Chapter 2016 (Raw 2112): Everyone’s Gains

“Dao!” Xiao Chen shouted amid the evil aura, bringing out his Thunder Great Dao.

The evil aura covered the sky, and a night scene followed.

In truth, Xiao Chen’s usage of the Thunder Dao could not compare to Bai Lixuan’s, You Yuanliang’s, and the others

Xiao Chen had yet to grasp anything like the Thunderflame War God that You Yuanliang materialized with his Thunder Dao’s Dao Might, the up-and-coming Bai Lixuan’s combination of his bloodline with his Great Dao Energy to materialize the White Marsh Beast Holy Beast, or other similar techniques.

Xiao Chen was more familiar with the Saber Dao. However, the pureness of heart he had for the Thunder Dao and his character’s compatibility with the Thunder Dao went far beyond these people’s.

The Bloodsucking Vines’ main body appeared, inspiring fear and horror in everyone, who failed to seek comfort from the Thunder Dao.

These people forgot that lightning was the nemesis of the Bloodsucking Vines. The rage of lightning was the Heavenly Dao’s rage.

It would not withdraw, and it could not withdraw.

Xiao Chen endured the immense pressure of the massive evil might, bringing out his Dao Might.

The electric Dao light coming from Xiao Chen’s body in the dark sky attracted the Five Element Divine Lightning instantly.

Vaguely, Xiao Chen sensed something. He knew that he had formed a faint connection with the Five Element Divine Lightning.

The Bloodsucking Vines’ main body was about to appear. Whether Xiao Chen succeeded or not depended on this.

Xiao Chen gave a war cry, and an even more terrifying Thunder Dao’s Dao Might burst forth from him.

He was like the bright moon in the dark sky, slowly rising. He apparently wanted to rely on himself to light up the dark sky and eradicate the evil aura from the Bloodsucking Vines.

“What is he trying to do? Is he trying to subdue the Five Element Divine Lightning?”

Bai Lixuan and the others stopped moving, feeling shocked. Isn’t this going too far?

If he is careless, he might die.

If one dies, what is the point of obtaining the Five Element Divine Lightning?

As Thunder Dao cultivators, they would take the risk to subdue this Five Element Divine Lightning as long as there was a chance of survival.

However, the situation before them showed no chance of survival.

Whether Xiao Chen could absorb the divine lightning into his body or not, only death awaited him before the Bloodsucking Vines’ main body.

“This fellow is crazy,” You Yuanliang sighed, shock written on his face.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Before the call of Xiao Chen’s Thunder Dao, the five types of weakly shining divine lightning—the Heptagold Divine Lightning, the Greenwood Divine Lightning, the Gamma Flame Divine Lightning, the Kappa Water Divine Lightning, and the Earth Dirt Divine Lightning—rushed towards his body.

As the divine lightning approached, the light brightened, growing increasingly resplendent.


The ground quaked violently, and the evil aura in the air thickened. Bai Lixuan and the others could already smell the stench of the Bloodsucking Vines’ main body.

Fear assaulted everyone again. They immediately withdrew instinctively. However, they turned their heads and looked at Xiao Chen before that.

Although everyone knew that Xiao Chen could not escape death, they felt some anticipation for some reason. Perhaps it was because they were Thunder Dao cultivators as well.

They anticipated another miracle. They hoped that Xiao Chen could gain a chance of survival before the Bloodsucking Vines’ main body, just like when everyone thought he had died from getting struck by the tribulation lightning’s shock waves.

“That’s not right. He is not drawing the divine lightning into his body. What is he doing?”

Fear spread in everyone’s heart. However, after they saw Xiao Chen’s actions, You Yuanliang and the others could not help stopping and crying out.

“He is…”

Bai Lixuan thought of something, suspicion flashing in his eyes. He could not understand.

“Five elements combine; divine lightning form!” Xiao Chen shouted. He used his Dao Might as a guide, continuously draining his Great Dao Energy and Veritable Essence Energy to get the Five Element Divine Lightning to reform.

Under the illumination of the electric light, Xiao Chen could already see into the deep pit in the ground.

A terrifying, ball-shaped monster covered in tentacles rushed to the surface at a horrifying speed.

Sweat covered Xiao Chen’s forehead. He felt extremely nervous.

However, his eyes showed incomparable calm, not betraying any fluster.

“That will do!” As Xiao Chen shouted, space flipped upside-down around him. The night scene twisted under the power of the Five Element Divine Lightning.

After fighting the Propping Mulberry Tree, the Five Element Divine Lightning’s might was no longer comparable to how it was initially.

Even so, the reformed Five Element Divine Lightning still contained a scary might.

While Xiao Chen could still control this might, he gave a prolonged roar. Dragon roars rang out all around as he hurled the Five Element Divine Lightning toward the deep pit like it was tribulation lightning.

At this moment, the Five Element Divine Lightning looked as resplendent as the sun.

Everyone saw this terrifying scene, as well. Countless black Bloodsucking Vines burned as they launched themselves at Xiao Chen.

Had Xiao Chen been a moment later, these Bloodsucking Vines would have instantly consumed him, not even leaving any scraps.

Fortunately, the Five Element Divine Lightning reformed and descended into the pit in the end.

Before the Bloodsucking Vines’ main body came in contact with the Five Element Divine Lightning, its countless tentacles quickly retracted in fear. However, the divine lightning had already locked on to its target. How could the Bloodsucking Vines easily flee?


A loud explosion rang out before the shocked eyes of Bai Lixuan and the others. In the next moment, the upside-down space returned to normal. The night scene disappeared.

The Five Element Divine Lightning that exploded in the ground destroyed a large tract of land.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The ground cracked, sending countless boulders soaring into the air.

This caught Bai Lixuan and the others, who were standing on the ground, off guard and nearly toppled them. After the shock, they quickly stabilized their footing and soared into the air together with the rocks.

Tens of thousands of boulders floated in the air as more rocks floated up from below.


Before everyone could react, a dazzling, fiery light attracted their attention.

A holy and dignified flame burned where the Propping Mulberry Tree was. The flames of Nivarnic Rebirth shot into the sky.

Inside the flame, Sang held a sapling, his face glowing with joy. The Nirvanic Rebirth succeeded! Xiao Chen, it succeeded! You were right. Just make the decision, do our best, and there won’t be any regrets!

Xiao Chen! Xiao Chen!

Sang sent voice projections several times but did not hear Xiao Chen’s reply. He could not help his expression changing drastically.

Sang promptly ran through the flame and leaped about the countless floating rocks.

Soon, he arrived on a soaring rock and immediately frowned.

Xiao Chen lay weakly on the rock. He appeared pale, clearly having overdrawn heavily on his lifeforce.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Sang rushed over and checked on Xiao Chen’s condition before relaxing.

Xiao Chen was in no danger of death. He had only severely overdrawn on himself and just needed to rest. So, Sang infused some Veritable Essence Energy into him.

Xiao Chen woke up slowly. When he opened his eyes, his vision was blurry. He only managed to see clearly after blinking hard.

Xiao Chen struggled to get up. Then, he saw Sang holding a clump of dirt with a small, tender sapling in it.

Sang smiled and said, “Xiao Chen, it succeeded.”

Xiao Chen looked around the surroundings and asked, “What about the Bloodsucking Vines?”

Sang replied softly, “Don’t worry. The Bloodsucking Vine is different from the Propping Mulberry Tree. It is an evil thing. The Five Element Divine Lightning severely injured it. If the initial Five Element Divine Lightning had struck it, it would have been destroyed immediately. Right now, it is just a spent force, an arrow at the end of its flight, so it has to find a place to hide quickly.”


Suddenly, five incredibly weak lights appeared from the countless floating boulders.

Although the lights were weak, every Thunder Dao cultivator present showed a grave expression. Their comprehension of the Thunder Dao told them that this was the Five Element Divine Lightning.

However, the Five Element Divine Lightning was already extremely weak and could disappear at any moment.

“Young Master, should I help you make a move to collect this Five Element Divine Lightning? I can sense that white-clad bladesman is already incredibly weak. The youth beside him is not of much danger,” Uncle Qin, who was standing beside Bai Lixuan on a rock, asked as he looked at the Five Element Divine Lightning dancing about.

Bai Lixuan sighed, “There’s no need. They already acknowledged a master. Just leave them be. Compared to the extremely intelligent humans, they are much, much, much too pure.”

Bai Lixuan felt somewhat dispirited. On this trip, he discovered that he had been enthralled by the techniques to use the Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy. However, his pureness of heart for the Thunder Dao was contaminated by material gain.

He had forgotten his initial passion. As he became increasingly familiar with his techniques, even able to materialize his ancestor Holy Beast with the Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy, he had unknowingly strayed further away from his Dao.

Fortunately, he was still young. By awakening to this fact, he had gained much more than he would have if he had gained the Five Element Divine Lightning.

“Uncle Qin, bring me away.”


The other White Marsh Beast Empire experts looked at the Five Element Divine Lightning streaking about chaotically, apparently in search of something.

They all shook their heads and sighed in the end, then left feeling desolate.

“Where’s Mister Gong?”

The pale, middle-aged man looked around anxiously on a rock. However, he did not find the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows. He could not even sense the other party’s aura.

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows still had not accomplished what he promised the pale, middle-aged man.

Where was the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows? Was he dead?

Of course, he was not dead. Xiao Chen’s attack still could not kill him.

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows found himself in a cold and dark place when he woke up again.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Five unremarkable lights flew past his head. As he saw the lights flying increasingly higher, he suddenly startled awake. It was the Five Element Divine Lightning.

However, by the time the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows recognized the lightning and tried to give chase, he found that it was already too late.

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows tried to soar into the air but found it incredibly difficult. He could not catch up.

“Damn it!”

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows felt incredibly frustrated. At the same time, he realized where he was now. This was the deepest part of the Thundercloud Ancient Marsh.

He walked around aimlessly for some time before crying out, “Bloodsucking Vines!”

This sight startled the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows. He saw the terrifying Bloodsucking Vines’ main body in a huge, deep pit.

He took a few steps back, stumbled, and fell.

However, something strange happened. Not only did the Bloodsucking Vines’ main body not attack him, but it even felt more shocked than he did.

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows, who was only a soul body, excelled in the Thunder Dao. His soul body could be called a Thunder Dao soul body.

How could the Bloodsucking Vines not fear when they sensed the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows—a Thunder Dao soul body—after sustaining severe injuries from the Five Element Divine Lightning?

“This Bloodsucking Vines’ soul is very weak. It is incomplete… Could it be that the Five Element Divine Lightning reformed and hurt it? Since I can’t obtain the Five Element Divine Lightning to reconstruct my physical body, perhaps I can do it this way…”

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows suddenly had a thought. Then, he looked at the Bloodsucking Vines’ main body that hid in an even deeper place. A terrifying light appeared in his eyes.