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Chapter 2014 Raw 2110 : No Regrets

Chapter 2014 (Raw 2110): No Regrets

Despite Sang’s resistance, Xiao Chen forcibly carried the other party on his back and called out the Demon Blood Vulture to fly far away.

Bai Lixuan and the others were resisting the Black Lotus Demonic Buddha that merged with the Thunder Dao. They could not spare any time for anything else.

The mysterious man with bloody shadows showed a grave expression. He controlled the enormous demonic hand, wanting to grab the Five Element Divine Lightning.

Uncle Qin now felt a rage stemming from his embarrassment. An Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage managed to delay him by relying on a Flying Dragon Snake, making him feel extremely anxious.

Uncle Qin wanted to make short work of this person and help Bai Lixuan. Unfortunately, this pale, middle-aged man was extremely crafty.

The pale, middle-aged man did not dare to clash head-on, depending on the Flying Dragon Snake to keep the other party busy. When the other party wanted to make a move, he would work on harassing the other party.

Coordinating well, the pale, middle-aged man and the Flying Dragon Snake managed to delay a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage expert.

This was akin to a miracle. However, it looked like the pale, middle-aged man would not last for long.

The pale, middle-aged man would fall sooner or later. If he did not flee then, only death awaited him.

Everyone was entirely focused on displaying their fullest ability; no one noticed Xiao Chen coming out of the divine tree.

Xiao Chen let the Demon Blood Vulture stop only after they had gone far away.

Then, he looked at Sang behind him. After Sang consumed the Thundercloud Fruit, his injuries had stabilized, no longer critical.

The two looked into the distance, paying attention to the battlefield where the Five Element Divine Lightning was.

“They’re coming,” Sang sighed. A complicated look appeared in his eyes, worry as well as other emotions.

When Xiao Chen saw Sang’s expression, he seemed to understand something. “You are worried that someone will swallow up the Propping Mulberry Tree?”

The Propping Mulberry Tree’s lifeforce continued scattering. However, as long as no one bothered it, it could turn into a sapling and come back to life.

However, if someone targeted the Propping Mulberry Tree, it would not be able to resist in its current state.

“Not someone,” Sang replied softly.

Before Xiao Chen could understand that, he saw thousands of Bloodsucking Vines burst out of the ground below the Five Element Divine Lightning. They looked like countless slender snakes intertwined, launching themselves at the split Propping Mulberry Tree.

The Bloodsucking Vines’ target was obvious. It wanted to use this opportunity to consume the Propping Mulberry Tree.

The many Bloodsucking Vines in the air continuously chased after the lifeforce essence leaking from the Propping Mulberry Tree, greedily absorbing it.

The sudden strange sight appeared without any warning.

This startled Bai Lixuan and the others. Countless Bloodsucking Vines shot towards them blindly.

The strong aura of life coming from everyone in the air made them live targets.

“Damn it! Why?!”

The expression of the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows changed dramatically when he saw the Bloodsucking Vines appear.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

More than one hundred Bloodsucking Vines tangled together, forming one incredibly thick Bloodsucking Vine that looked like a huge snake biting down.

This scared the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows silly. He quickly retracted the Black Lotus Demonic Buddha’s enormous hand and smashed apart the Bloodsucking Vines flying over.

At this moment, it was every man for himself. They could not afford to be distracted.

Everyone only thought of protecting themselves, unable to think about fighting for the Five Element Divine Lightning. On losing the restraints on it, the Five Element Divine Lightning streaked about chaotically.

“Young Master, land! Quickly!” Uncle Qin shouted, charging over when he saw more than a thousand Bloodsucking Vines surrounding Bai Lixuan, putting Bai Lixuan in danger.

The pale, middle-aged man landed back on his Flying Dragon Snake with a slightly unsightly expression. He did not make a move to block the other party.

The pale, middle-aged man looked around and found these Bloodsucking Vines terrifying. The Bloodsucking Vines considered all of them food, not wanting to let them off.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The experienced cultivators all wisely chose to land on the ground immediately.

If they remained in the air, they would just be live targets, in danger of dying at any moment.

The Bloodsucking Vines caught three Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage experts off guard in mere moments and sucked their corpses dry.

This happened because these Sovereign Personages were in the air and could not dodge the endless Bloodsucking Vines.


Before Bai Lixuan could land on the ground, the Bloodsucking Vines grabbed his right leg and pulled hard, causing him to tumble in the air.

The countless Bloodsucking Vines immediately became like bloodsucking demons charging over to Bai Lixuan.

“Die!” Bai Lixuan roared. As he waved his hand, countless snake-shaped bolts of lightning surged out and blasted the attacking Bloodsucking Vines.


Uncle Qin also chopped away the Bloodsucking Vine wrapped around Bai Lixuan’s leg at this moment. Then, he carried Bai Lixuan to the ground at lightning speed.

After the two landed, the Bloodsucking Vines lost their target. Although there were more Bloodsucking Vines in the surroundings, the situation was relatively safer.

“Young Master, I’ll bring you away.”

Given Uncle Qin’s Great Perfection Sovereign Personage strength, he could charge out with Bai Lixuan.

Bai Lixuan glanced at the Five Element Divine Lightning dancing chaotically in the air with extreme reluctance in his eyes.

“I’m not leaving. The Bloodsucking Vines are here only to consume the Propping Mulberry Tree. After they are done, they naturally will leave. At that time, there will be a chance to snatch the Five Element Divine Lightning.”

Uncle Qin argued somewhat worriedly, “What if they do not leave but grow stronger? It will be difficult for this old man to bring you away then.”

“I will not feel satisfied if I do not gamble on this.”

Determination flashed in Bai Lixuan’s eyes. As he looked at the Five Element Divine Lightning dancing in the air, desire filled him.

Some people struggled to survive in this dangerous situation, and some still clung to their ambitions, wanting to work hard towards their goal.

“My Purple Mark Lightning Shrub!”

You Yuanliang and his companion stood on the Purple Mark Lightning Shrub with pained expressions.

The huge body of the Purple Mark Lightning Shrub could not avoid the attacks of the Bloodsucking Vines. After its protection broke, thousands of holes quickly appeared in its body.

The Purple Mark Lightning Shrub dripped with sap, and its lifeforce drained exceptionally quickly.

Due to the Purple Mark Lightning Shrub distracting most of the Bloodsucking Vines, there were fewer Bloodsucking Vines around the two.

You Yuanliang showed a pained expression. He frantically hacked the Bloodsucking Vines surrounding the Purple Mark Lightning Shrub. However, his efforts were for naught. He could not prevent the Purple Mark Lightning Shrub’s death.

“Brother You, let’s go while there is a chance. This is the best opportunity to leave.”

You Yuanliang’s companion eyed the endless Bloodsucking Vines around them somewhat worriedly.

Bloodsucking Vines were the nightmare of all cultivators in the Thundercloud Ancient Marsh. Few cultivators who entered the vines’ range managed to survive.

In more than ten thousand years, practically no one had managed to see the Bloodsucking Vines’ main body.

It was like a demon that consumed the Thundercloud Ancient Marsh’s wildlife to grow, attaining its terrifying strength today.

Even if a Divine Vein Realm cultivator came, it would be hard for him to find the Bloodsucking Vines’ main body and kill it.

However, You Yuanliang refused to listen as he frantically chopped down the Bloodsucking Vines. It was as though he thought he could take revenge for his Purple Mark Lightning Shrub like this.

You Yuanliang’s companion worried for his safety. He could not bear to leave You Yuanliang, so he could only stay.

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows stood next to the pale, middle-aged man. Cracks appeared in the Black Lotus Demonic Buddha image behind him. It no longer looked as mighty as before.

This was the trump card of the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows, a Secret Technique that the Black Lotus Sect Venerate passed on to him while the Black Lotus Sect Venerate was still alive.

Now, only the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows and the Black Lotus Church Holy Son knew this Secret Technique.

Initially, the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows thought that this matter was in the bag. However, the sudden appearance of the Bloodsucking Vines spoiled his plans.

How could Bai Lixuan compare to him in dissatisfaction?

“Damn it!”

Extreme hatred filled the heart of the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows. However, he could not do anything about it. He was already a spent force with no more trump cards left.

“Mister Gong, let’s go.”

The pale, middle-aged man at the side sighed, “When it is your time, even the world will help you; when your luck fades, even heroes get shackled. It is all fate!”

“Fate?! You are telling me about fate?! I will never believe in fate in my life!”

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows seemed to recall some unbearable past. He glared fiercely at the pale, middle-aged man, his eyes glowing with frenzy and unswerving defiance.

This glare startled the pale, middle-aged man into taking a few steps back and remaining silent.

Fortunately, the Flying Dragon Snake was much stronger than the Purple Mark Lightning Shrub. Even if the two did not leave, they would not be in much danger for now.


Far in the distance, Sang watched from the Demon Blood Vulture as the Bloodsucking Vines slowly approached the broken Propping Mulberry Tree. He had a heavy frown on his face.

Thunderflame had yet to disperse around the divine tree, which was also engulfed in fire.

Furthermore, the sky continuously poured down horrific energy, preventing the Propping Mulberry Tree from leaving.

Standing on the Blood-Phoenix-like Demon Blood Vulture, the white-robed Xiao Chen faced the wind, his clothes and long hair fluttering gently. As he looked into the distance, he said melodramatically, “Long ago, I came to understand a principle. You have to be decisive. If not, your heart will easily fall into disarray. If you can let go, then turn around without looking back. If you cannot let go, don’t just stand there.”

Sang turned his head back to look at Xiao Chen, demanding somewhat furiously, “What do you mean?”

Xiao Chen replied indifferently, “You don’t understand? Then, I’ll be more straightforward. Either you charge over and fight it out with the Bloodsucking Vines, or you scram right away. Don’t just stand here looking reluctant. You act at ease, saying you can let go. However, at the last moment, you still sacrificed yourself to block the Five Element Divine Lightning. Is there a point?

“Do you think you are very noble? I feel that you are just trash without an opinion. You are indecisive, cowardly, and incompetent. If you want to live, leave without any reluctance. Come back in the future and personally kill the Bloodsucking Vines. If you want to die, charge over and kill to your heart’s content right now. No matter the results, at least you will not have any regrets and will die without regret.”

When Sang heard that, he looked at Xiao Chen with tightly clenched fists. He retorted sullenly, “What do you know? You know nothing! You simply do not know how horrifying the Bloodsucking Vines are! It is useless. No matter how hard I try, it is useless. The Propping Mulberry Tree will die today…”

Xiao Chen argued softly, “Who said that it is useless? If the Five Element Divine Lightning can regather in the sky, it will be able to push back the Bloodsucking Vines.”

Sang gazed at Xiao Chen with some shock. “You…you can do that?”

“If we don’t try, who knows the result? Even if we fail, so what? At least we tried with all of our might, not leaving any regrets.”