Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2013 Raw 2109 : Everyone Showing Their Ability

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Chapter 2013 Raw 2109 : Everyone Showing Their Ability

Chapter 2013 (Raw 2109): Everyone Showing Their Ability

Just as the five elements gathered and the Five Element Divine Lightning was about to fall, the world turned eerily quiet.

This did not refer to thunder disappearing. Instead, it meant that Bai Lixuan and the others fully focused themselves, holding their breath and concentrating. In their world, they saw only the Five Element Divine Lightning. Aside from this, there was nothing else.

Time seemed to crawl. One second felt like one year.

Xiao Chen, who was inside the divine tree, also made his preparations.

He was a Thunder Dao cultivator too. He also had a hot-blooded heart that sought vigor and strength without care for anything else.

Whether Xiao Chen lived or died, he would not retreat in the face of the opportunity before him.

“It’s coming,” Sang whispered. The five bolts of divine lightning of different elements in the light barrier in the sky mixed rapidly.

The lights of five different colors spun around continuously, forming a huge tornado that looked like it could swallow the world. Before this tornado, the Propping Mulberry Tree seemed incredibly insignificant.

At this moment, even the world seemed insignificant.

Everyone felt extremely anxious, not daring to breathe deeply. Their hearts rose to their throats.


Suddenly, the world before everyone spun, the surrounding scenery twisting and blurring, changing continuously.

Bai Lixuan immediately felt flustered. He asked in a panic, “Uncle Qin, what’s going on? Is it an illusion?”

“Young Master, don’t panic. This is not an illusion. The merger of the five elements has reached the level of the five basic elements for constructing a rudimentary world. What is descending is not a lightning bolt but a rudimentary thunder nation. Its clash with the real world generated the mysterious phenomena. Don’t act rashly. You will not survive if you get swept in.”

Uncle Qin sounded very grave. He was no longer as certain as he was initially.

Everyone saw a flash of exceedingly splendorous lightning turn into a complete thunder nation in the incredibly massive tornado in the twisted world where space had flipped.

This thunder nation charged at the Propping Mulberry Tree. Its dreadful Thunder Might created horrific spatial tears in this twisted space.

Everyone could even vaguely see some terrifying ferocious beast images in those cracks. Who knew what sort of strange world those spatial tears led to?

They felt as if the space around them moved despite staying still. It was like they moved very swiftly.

The strange scene boggled everyone’s sense of direction, overturning the common sense of the world.

The Five Element Divine Lightning finally landed on the Propping Mulberry Tree in this strange space. The process seemed slow, but in reality, it was extremely fast.

A ‘crunch’ rang out, and the twisted world in front shattered like glass into thousands of pieces. The upside-down twisted world suddenly vanished.

Everything returned to reality, but the surroundings changed. Several holes appeared in the sky, and all sorts of gushing energy waterfalls poured out from the holes.

The terrain for five thousand kilometers around had transformed, looking extremely unfamiliar.

If not for the Propping Mulberry Tree’s presence, everyone would have suspected that they had been teleported somewhere.


Before everyone could overthink, they saw a bright light coming from the Propping Mulberry Tree, which was now much larger than a mountain range.

The scattered essence of the divine tree drifted in the air in motes.

Five different-colored electric lights burst out from the Propping Mulberry Tree. Without any warning, the Propping Mulberry Tree, which had survived the tribulation for three days, broke at the trunk.

However, no one cared about this. Everyone’s gaze focused on the scattered and significantly weaker Five Element Divine Lightning.

“I bitterly cultivated for one hundred years for this moment!”

A frenzied expression appeared in Chen Yun’s eyes. He shouted, “Thunder Dao!”

Chen Yun flew up, and a dazzling and resplendent Dao disk appeared behind him, looking like the sun rising high.

The brilliant Dao Might spread in the world, and the five kinds of divine lightning immediately moved, quickly surging towards Chen Yun, attracted by his Thunder Dao.

“It’s not that easy!”

You Yuanliang snorted coldly and unleashed his stored-up power and Thunder Might at the same time.

The Dao disk behind his back burned like fire before forming a Thunderflame War God merging with his body. His expression turned solemn and dignified as though he was a Thunder War God of the Heavenly Realm.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The others took action no slower than these two. They soared into the air and unleashed their own Dao Might.

There was only one Thunder Dao, but everyone’s understanding of Dao Might was different.

There were various kinds of Dao Might, too many to count. They intertwined in the air, contesting with each other and fighting to stand out.

The Heptagold Divine Lightning, the Greenwood Divine Lightning, the Gamma Flame Divine Lightning, the Kappa Water Divine Lightning, and the Earth Dirt Divine Lightning—five kinds of divine lightning hovered strangely in the air. With the many Thunder Dao’s Dao Might in the air, they did not move in the slightest.

You Yuanliang and the others did their best but could not draw the Five Element Divine Lightning in their direction at all.

“Hahaha! This era is already no longer yours. It is now up to me, Bai Lixuan!”

Seeing this scene, Bai Lixuan guffawed. A lofty feeling of superiority bloomed in his heart.

The Five Element Divine Lightning hovered in the air, unmoved by the experts. If this was not the time to make a move, then when was?

“In the name of my ancestor’s bloodline, come out, my Dao!” Bai Lixuan shouted, and the royal clan bloodline in his body surged. He stretched out his hand, and under the guidance of his royal clan bloodline, his pure Thunder Dao’s Dao Might materialized into an extraordinarily holy and pure, one-horned white snake—the image of the Great Desolate Eon White Marsh Beast.

The moment the Dao Might of Bai Lixuan’s Thunder Dao condensed, the stationary Five Element Divine Lightning hovering in the air inched slowly toward Bai Lixuan, shaking continuously.

“Oh no!”

You Yuanliang and the others were shocked. Sweat kept pouring down their foreheads.

The rest burned more Veritable Essence Energy to make their Dao Might soar. However, it accomplished nothing. They could only watch the Five Element Divine Lightning approach Bai Lixuan.

“Damn it! How can it be like this?! Could it be that my one hundred years of bitter cultivation cannot compare to a hairless brat’s?!”

Chen Yun’s Qi and blood surged. Feeling incredibly sullen, he could not endure and vomited a mouthful of blood, turning deathly white.

“Stop struggling. Although perseverance was important, it is worth nothing before talent. Everyone here is a Thunder Dao cultivator. My talent clearly surpasses yours. You might as well grant this junior this. I will naturally remember this favor.”

Although the Five Element Divine Lightning inched closer to Bai Lixuan, these older-generation Thunder Dao experts were unwilling to give up.

Hence, the movement of the Five Element Divine Lightning was extremely slow. Bai Lixuan’s Veritable Essence Energy drained exceptionally quickly, straining his limits.

“Hahaha! Everyone, do not give up. He cannot hold on for much longer. Old ginger is spicier than new.”

The sharp You Yuanliang figured out what was going on with one look and started laughing. His merger with his Thunderflame War God advanced further.

“Damn it!” Bai Lixuan cursed. Unexpectedly, this group of people did not know how to appreciate favors.

“Bunch of fools.” Hidden in the darkness, the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows smiled coldly. After waiting for so long, he could finally take action.

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows moved his hands continuously, endlessly draining his Great Dao Energy. Then, a black lotus flower throne appeared under him.

The lotus flower throne slowly bore him into the air. The Black Lotus Demonic Buddha manifested by his Thunder Dao appeared in the sky.


Lightning appeared on the horizon together with the Black Lotus Demonic Buddha’s terrifying Buddhist Might. A world of lightning manifested behind the Black Lotus Demonic Buddha.

The horrifying Buddhist Might immediately encased the place, instantly suppressing Bai Lixuan and the others.

The expressions of Bai Lixuan and the others changed considerably. They never expected such a situation.

Someone actually managed to merge the Thunder Dao with the evil Buddha, instantly suppressing everyone.

“Hahaha! This Five Element Divine Lightning is mine!”

The mysterious man in bloody shadows on the black lotus throne burst into manic laughter as he opened his palm.

The incredibly huge Black Lotus Demonic Buddha image likewise opened its palm. Lightning flashed in its palm, and it ferociously thrust its palm out to grab the Five Element Divine Lightning.

“Uncle Qin, take action, now!” Bai Lixuan shouted, bringing out his trump card as well.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in the air. A Bai Clan old man smiled coldly. “I have been waiting for you for a long time. Back off.”

A terrifying Sovereign Personage Will burst out of the old man. This was a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage, a formidable expert.

“Sorry. I have also waited a long time for you.”

The pale, middle-aged man appeared in front of Uncle Qin, standing on his Flying Dragon Snake.

“Those who block me shall die!”

The whole place turned chaotic. Relying on the Flying Dragon Snake’s might, the pale, middle-aged man did his best to contend with Uncle Qin.

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows battled everyone else alone in the sky. He tried to fool them and seize the Five Element Divine Lightning.

Naturally, the various experts would not just sit and wait. A free-for-all immediately ensued.

Inside the Propping Mulberry Tree, which no one paid attention to, Xiao Chen supported the pale Sang. He fed the Thundercloud Fruit to Sang before continuously infusing Veritable Essence Energy into him to extend Sang’s life.

At the last moment of the Five Element Divine Lightning’s descent, Sang, who had looked relaxed all this time, could no longer endure and finally made a move.

Sang helped the Propping Mulberry Tree withstand the lightning tribulation.

Otherwise, the Five Element Divine Lightning would have immediately destroyed the Propping Mulberry Tree; there would not be any chance for the Five Element Divine Lightning to scatter.

Even so, the Propping Mulberry Tree still broke. Its lifeforce plummeted horrifyingly quickly.

Sang smiled with some difficulty. “Everyone is showing their abilities outside for the sake of the Five Element Divine Lightning, fighting to the death. Why are you not going?”

Xiao Chen took a glance and slightly shook his head. “I specialize in the Saber Dao. Although my Thunder Dao is strong, compared to these people who specialize in the Thunder Dao, I am still a distance away. It is fine not to compete. However, you already separated from the Propping Mulberry Tree. Why did you still risk your life? Don’t you consider it foolish? In the end, you could not change anything.”

Sang said somewhat desolately, “Indeed. Why was I so foolish? In the end, I changed nothing. Cough…cough… Don’t bother about me. Listen. If you leave now, you can still survive. If you wait any longer, you will die.”

“We’ll go together.”