Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2012 Raw 2108 : What Is the Thunder Dao

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Chapter 2012 Raw 2108 : What Is the Thunder Dao

Chapter 2012 (Raw 2108): What Is the Thunder Dao

“It appeared!”

The moment the mysterious phenomena in the light barrier in the sky appeared, they immediately caught the attention of all the cultivators.

Five lights of different colors materialized at five different spots of the light barrier: the scarlet Heptagold Divine Lightning, the azure Greenwood Divine Lightning, the red Gamma Flame Divine Lightning, the blue Kappa Water Divine Lightning, and the black Earth Dirt Divine Lightning.

Metal, wood, fire, water, and earth, the five elements gathered.

Bai Lixuan, the White Marsh Beast Empire’s royal clan disciple, let out a soft cry in startlement.

Surprise flashed in his eyes. He had been observing the Propping Mulberry Tree’s tribulation for three days in this desolate plains, wholly immersed in it and forgetting his purpose here.

The appearance of the mysterious phenomena in the lake-like light barrier in the sky startled Bai Lixuan awake. Then, wild joy closely followed.

“Five Element Divine Lightning!”

It really appeared! The Five Element Divine Lightning that can only be found and not sought. To think that it really appeared in the Propping Mulberry Tree’s tribulation this time.

Bai Lixuan swept his gaze through his surroundings. Then, his eyes lingered on Chen Yun and You Yuanliang.

These two people posed the most significant threat to him. They were Initial Perfection Sovereign Personages, famous Thunder Dao experts of the White Marsh Beast Empire.

These two people were already famous when Bai Lixuan was young. At that time, he had heard a lot about the two’s talent in the Thunder Dao.

However, time was merciless. These two had limited talent and remained stuck at Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage.

The up-and-coming youngster outstripped the older generation. Although Bai Lixuan’s cultivation was not high—middle-stage Holy Light Stage—he did not fear these two.

Of course, he could not easily defeat them all by himself.

Furthermore, these two were not alone; they had helpers.

Even so, Bai Lixuan did not lose any of the confidence on his face. He sent a voice projection, Uncle Qin, help me later.

Haha! Young Master, don’t worry. This Five Element Divine Lightning will be Young Master’s. No one here is a match for this old man. A voice projection rang out in reply to Bai Lixuan.

Bai Lixuan nodded with some regret. Had he known that a Five Element Divine Lightning would definitely appear, he would have brought along the Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperors of the royal clan. That way, he could guarantee that nothing unexpected would happen.

However, he did not feel too regretful. Who could have thought that the Five Element Divine Lightning would appear for sure?

Just this Uncle Qin alone could deal with this situation.

Uncle Qin, show up only at the critical moment. I sense that there are some other people in hiding.

“I sense them, as well. It’s fine. With this old man around, we will not lose the Five Element Divine Lightning.”

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows, hidden in the darkness, showed an extremely excited expression. He even felt like laughing out loud.

This was the proudest moment in his life.

His most hated enemy had died; not even scraps were left. The treasure that he needed the most appeared at this most crucial moment. Heaven truly cared for him.

“Mister Gong, calm yourself. Don’t get discovered,” the pale, middle-aged man at the side warned in dissatisfaction.

The man shrouded in bloody shadows smiled coldly. “If they discover us, so be it. If anyone dares to stop me from obtaining the Five Element Divine Lightning, all under Sovereign Emperor will die!”

The cold murderous intent in Mister Gong’s voice and the strong confidence scared the pale, middle-aged man somewhat.

The middle-aged man pondered before asking, “When will you make your move?”

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows looked at the five kinds of divine lightning slowly gathering in the sky and said, “Soon. When the Heptagold Divine Lightning, the Greenwood Divine Lightning, the Gamma Flame Divine Lightning, the Kappa Water Divine Lightning, and the Earth Dirt Divine Lightning merge, forming the true Five Element Divine Lightning.

“Just wait until the Propping Mulberry Tree has withstood the wave of Five Element Divine Lightning. The gathered Five Element Divine Lightning will scatter. At that time, whoever’s Thunder Dao is strongest will absorb most of the divine lightning. Then, you just act according to the situation and protect me.”

This mysterious person shrouded in bloody shadows showed extremely strong confidence in his Thunder Dao.

The pale, middle-aged man pondered, then asked, “What if the Propping Mulberry Tree cannot withstand this tribulation? What should we do then?”

The cloaked, mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows felt stunned. He had not thought of this problem. He shook his head and replied, “That should not happen. The Propping Mulberry Tree is ancient, and it should be able to withstand it.”

Even though that mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows said that, he did not feel very confident.

The Propping Mulberry Tree had never undergone a lightning tribulation when it had not completely appeared yet.

In the situation before everyone, the Propping Mulberry Tree was clearly weaker than it had been in previous tribulations.

Whether it could withstand the Five Element Divine Lightning was questionable.

If the Propping Mulberry Tree could not endure and the Five Element Divine Lightning did not scatter, no one would dare absorb the complete Five Element Divine Lightning.

One could only absorb the scattered Thunder Might of the tribulation lightning and then merge the five elements in their body, perfectly merging it with one’s body.

This pale, middle-aged man was also rather knowledgeable. Otherwise, he would not ask this question for no reason.

At the same time, Chen Yun, the Elder of the White Marsh Beast Empire’s Chen Clan, showed an extremely grave expression.

“It really appeared!”

Chen Shaoze whispered, “Second Uncle, are we really going to try and snatch it? Bai Lixuan is here. If we offend the royal clan…”


Chen Yun snorted coldly. “Why not? Even if the Clan Head were here, he would support my decision. Offending this Bai Lixuan for the sake of the Five Element Divine Lightning is worth it. If it were something else, it would be fine. Only this Five Element Divine Lightning cannot be given up. This Bai Lixuan is wise. He does not use his royal clan status to suppress others; what are you afraid of?”

“Yes,” Chen Shaoze replied with a lowered head after being lectured.

“You all, make your preparations and prepare to form the formation at any time to help protect me. Thunder Dao!”

A resolute expression flashed in Chen Yun’s eyes. After the Propping Mulberry Tree withstood the tribulation lightning, the Five Element Divine Lightning’s might would decrease and scatter; then, it would depend on whose Thunder Great Dao was stronger and whose understanding of the Thunder Dao was deeper.

By unleashing their Thunder Dao’s Dao Might, whoever’s Dao Might was stronger would have the opportunity to attract the Five Element Divine Lightning into their body.

Everyone would contest not in strength but in the Thunder Dao.

Chen Yun already cultivated his Thunder Dao for more than one hundred years. Back then, he was a Thunder Dao genius as well. He had deep feelings for the Thunder Dao, so he did not believe that he would lose to anyone here.

All the Thunder Dao experts focused and stored power, waiting for the situation to develop further, waiting for the five elements to merge and the tribulation lightning to fall.


Inside the Propping Mulberry Tree, Sang said somewhat worriedly, “This is problematic. I cannot guarantee that the Propping Mulberry Tree can withstand this Five Element Divine Lightning now.”

This was the first time Xiao Chen saw Sang worried. This proved that matters reached a tricky stage.

“What happens if the Propping Mulberry Tree cannot withstand it?”

Sang rolled his eyes at Xiao Chen and retorted, “What happens to you if you fail a tribulation?”

Of course, the consequences of failing a tribulation were dire. In most cases, it resulted in death.

The few that survived ended up crippled.

Xiao Chen asked somewhat awkwardly, “Is it because of me?”

Xiao Chen had sensed that the Propping Mulberry Tree had been struggling even before the Five Element Divine Lightning arrived.

Now, it was already considerably weakened. After three days of lightning tribulation, it suffered from significant damage.

Had it not been a divine tree, it would have turned to ashes.

“Its fate was decided long ago. Whether you appeared or not makes no difference.”

Sang sighed, “Even if it failed the tribulation, the Propping Mulberry Tree could undergo Nirvanic Rebirth from its ashes, returning to its original state. However, I’m afraid of other variables. This Thundercloud Ancient Marsh has not been very peaceful.”

“What do you mean?” Xiao Chen asked. The other party had mentioned this trouble several times before but never elaborated.

Sang avoided answering. “The tribulation lightning is going to descend.”

It was already too late to dodge. The five elements gathered in the sky, and the Five Element Divine Lightning revealed its true form.

The five-colored light streaked down and startled the entire Thundercloud Ancient Marsh. Even the people in Thundercloud City, which was millions of kilometers away, felt startled upon seeing this.

The Heavenly Dao’s Thunder Might displayed its most ferocious side at this moment.

Bai Lixuan and the others, who were outside the range of the lightning tribulation, felt deep fear. However, they showed no intention of retreating.

These people all had fanatical expressions as they accumulated lightning-attributed energy at faster speeds.

Pride filled the bodies of the Thunder Dao cultivators. They absolutely would not back off in the face of this opportunity.

They were like the lightning of nature, which only advanced and never retreated. It worked very hard only for that one flash.

When the lightning flashed, the entire world knew of its existence.

What was the Thunder Dao?

Either one lived, or one died. It sought only vigor and strength. Even if it crushed one’s body, one would not regret it.

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows, Bai Lixuan, You Yuanliang, Chen Yun, and the other Thunder Dao experts were all confident of victory, placing their Dao on the line.