Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2011 Raw 2107 : Five Element Divine Lightning

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Chapter 2011 Raw 2107 : Five Element Divine Lightning

Chapter 2011 (Raw 2107): Five Element Divine Lightning

Everyone thought that Xiao Chen was already dead. However, was Xiao Chen really dead?

Naturally not.

If the tribulation lightning struck Xiao Chen, even if he had many trump cards, he could not possibly survive.

However, if it were just the shock waves, he could activate his Great Desolate Eon bloodline, or execute his Dharmic World, or use the protective Heavenly Dragon Talisman that the First Palace Master gave him.

Xiao Chen could avoid death with any one of these. Of course, he would still sustain severe injury.

However, he did not use any of these trump cards.

Xiao Chen simply did not have any time to execute any of them. A tree branch shot out and grabbed him. Just as the tribulation lightning was about to land on him, the tree branch pulled him into the sea of branches.

This force was incredibly huge; Xiao Chen could not resist at all. He felt the world spinning around, and space turned blurry.

When Xiao Chen returned to his senses, he found himself in a mysterious space.

This space felt incredibly hot. Dense fire-attributed energy hung in the air.

The surrounding walls of this space were incredibly hard, looking like fiery-red rocks with smooth patterns. However, they did not feel like rocks to his touch.

As Xiao Chen walked around, he felt dizzy. After moving about for a while, he found that this place was like a maze.

As for his Spiritual Sense, it was obstructed. It could not go beyond one meter from his body.

Just as Xiao Chen was planning to use force to break through the walls, a shout rang out behind him.

“What are you trying to do? Do you think that you can pierce through ancient divine wood?”

Startled, Xiao Chen looked back and saw a familiar face. He said in confusion, “Sang?”

The youth that appeared before Xiao Chen was the strange youth Sang that he interacted with for a period.

“Yes, it’s me.” Sang nodded slightly, identifying himself. “If it was not me, why would I save you?”

Xiao Chen immediately understood. After some thought, he looked at Sang and said, “That means that you are the Propping Mulberry Tree?”

Xiao Chen had long felt that this youth was somewhat strange. He was so young, yet his lifeforce accumulation was strangely vast.

Sang knew Thundercloud Ancient Marsh like the back of his hand. Not only could he easily find herbs to suppress poison, but he could even predict the appearance of the Bloodsucking Vines.

Furthermore, Sang knew the location of the Propping Mulberry Tree’s tribulation location.

When Sang appeared before Xiao Chen once more, everything became clear.

“I am, and I am not. I inherited the Propping Mulberry Tree’s memories but have my own physical body. However, this is something that happened in the recent decade. You can treat me as the Propping Mulberry Tree’s soul, although I am not… However, it is sufficient for your understanding. You won’t be able to understand anything more complicated.”

Clearly, Sang did not want to explain too much. Fortunately, Xiao Chen was not very concerned with this. “Where am I now?”

“Inside the Propping Mulberry Tree.”

Confused, Xiao Chen asked, “Isn’t the Propping Mulberry Tree undergoing a tribulation? How come there are no reactions here at all?”

“Naturally, there are no reactions. This is the root area of the Propping Mulberry Tree. It is still buried and has not appeared yet. This is also thanks to you. If you had not called down the lightning tribulation early, the Propping Mulberry Tree would not have been forced to deal with the lightning tribulation before the main trunk appeared.”

Feeling slightly embarrassed, Xiao Chen apologized softly, “Sorry.”

Sang waved his hand and said, “It’s fine. Blessings come together with misfortune. This is both a bad thing and a good thing. The Propping Mulberry Tree had never been through a tribulation like this before. If it successfully clears this tribulation, it will be born anew, reaching a new level.”

Sang showed a calm expression, appearing quite at ease as he chatted with Xiao Chen.

This demeanor confused Xiao Chen somewhat. “The Propping Mulberry Tree is undergoing a tribulation. Why are you not anxious? From the looks of you, it seems you won’t be affected even if the Propping Mulberry Tree fails the tribulation.”

Sang said softly, “That is natural. Now, I am an independent lifeform separate from the Propping Mulberry Tree, seeking my own path to True God. Although my cultivation can advance rapidly in the Propping Mulberry Tree, I cannot remain long, either. I will have to leave sooner or later. However, I personally hope that it will clear the tribulation. Otherwise…it would be bad if other troubles appear.”

“What troubles?”

Xiao Chen recalled Sang saying that there would be some trouble with this Propping Mulberry Tree’s tribulation when Sang left the Demon Blood Vulture. However, when he asked Sang about it, the other party did not answer him, leaving directly.

“I cannot tell you about it now.”

Sang looked at Xiao Chen and asked, “What are your plans now? If you want to leave, I can send you out. If you want to witness the Propping Mulberry Tree’s lightning tribulation from inside, I can bring you to watch it as well. However, it will be somewhat dangerous.”

Xiao Chen thought for a moment, then chose the latter. The people outside probably thought he had died already.

Xiao Chen might as well remain and watch the lightning tribulation from the Propping Mulberry Tree’s point of view.

After Xiao Chen made his choice, Sang said softly, “Come with me.”

The surroundings were strangely hot and labyrinthine. Xiao Chen followed closely, not daring to be careless.

If he got lost, he might end up trapped here forever.

The insides of the Propping Mulberry Tree seemed like a small world. There were vast desolate plains with tree sap forming rivers and lakes. There were even some fire-attributed beasts living within it.

The two rode on some beasts and traveled most of the way on them. After one hour, Xiao Chen and Sang finally sensed the shocking Thunder Might.

“Lord Sang, we will leave first.” The Thunderflame Spirit Eagles carrying the two spoke in the human tongue.

“Go on and leave. Make your preparations. The situation later may change at any time.”

“We know.”

When only the two remained, Sang gently tapped the wall in front, which suddenly turned transparent. Just by looking up slightly, they could see the scene outside.

The two saw tribulation lightning falling relentlessly.

From this point of view, it looked like the tribulation lightning fell on them. Adding in the Thunder Might that they felt, it was no exaggeration to say that it felt like they were taking the tribulation.

Xiao Chen felt breathing somewhat difficult. Horror spread in his heart. He managed to calm down only after a while.

On the other hand, Sang remained incredibly calm. From the very start, he observed and seriously worked on comprehending.

Xiao Chen did not dare to miss out on the opportunity before him. He calmed himself and carefully observed. At the same time, he drove the sealed Ten Thousand Tribulation Divine Lightning in his sea of consciousness.

He vaguely felt that this was an excellent opportunity to make a breakthrough in his Divine Lightning Eye. If he missed it, it might not appear again.

Perhaps he could use this opportunity to raise his Divine Lightning Eye to another level.

Xiao Chen’s Thunder Dao could also improve.

At the same time, Bai Lixuan, You Yuanliang, Chen Yun, and the other experts outside were likewise observing the lightning tribulation, carefully comprehending.

They were all Thunder Dao experts. They would not easily give up this rare opportunity.

However, the effect on Xiao Chen, who was in the divine tree, was much better than on those outside, more than a hundred times better.

The water-like light barrier in the sky looked smooth like a mirror spreading out further and covered a larger area.

Before the brilliant Thunder Might, the colossal Propping Mulberry Tree endured wave after wave of tribulation lightning before its trunk finally appeared.

The tribulation lightning contained the horrifying Destruction Dao’s mysteries, continuously chopping off the thick tree branches.

The Propping Mulberry Tree’s leaves flew about in the storm. Occasionally, tree sap spurted into the air like blood splatter.

Many people found this unfortunate. That was the essence of the divine tree and incredibly valuable.

However, no one dared to run into the range of the lightning tribulations and try to snatch up the divine tree essence.

The sun set and rose. Three days passed, but the Propping Mulberry Tree’s lightning tribulation still did not end, continuing interminably like before.

If it were a cultivator’s lightning tribulation, lasting half a day would already be unusual.

However, to the ageless Propping Mulberry Tree, a lightning tribulation of three days was very ordinary.

Sometimes, its lightning tribulation could even last for half a month.

The lifeforce accumulation of the Propping Mulberry Tree was utterly different from cultivators Naturally, its lightning tribulation could not be judged by the same standards.

In three days, everyone gained plenty of benefits, feeling their Thunder Dao advance further.

However, Xiao Chen was naturally the one with the most improvement.

Xiao Chen was in the Propping Mulberry Tree, observing the lightning tribulation from the tribulation taker’s point of view. It was as though he was the one undergoing the tribulation.


On this particular day, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. Twenty-four purple flowers appeared in the vast space of his right eye. When the flowers merged, they formed one gorgeous purple flower.

Xiao Chen’s Divine Lightning Eye had reached the sixth layer.

A brilliant light flashed in the eyes of Sang, who was across Xiao Chen. He said, “No wonder you wanted to take the risk to work on comprehension. Your Secret Technique probably has a close connection to tribulation lighting. Unexpectedly, in a short three days, you made another breakthrough. Truly startling.”

The purple flower scattered, and Xiao Chen said softly, “If not for you giving me this chance, I would not break through so quickly.”

Within a few days, Xiao Chen had broken through two layers of the Divine Lightning Eye. Before this, he would never even dare to dream of it.

Being inside the Propping Mulberry Tree was like taking the tribulation with it, giving Xiao Chen this opportunity.

Sang was about to say something when his expression suddenly changed. He sighed, “The Five Element Divine Lightning you want is here!”

This startled Xiao Chen, prompting him to look up.

A different light appeared in the four cardinal directions and the center of the light barrier that looked like an upside-down lake in the sky. Each of these lights released ripples.

The ripples collided, producing interference, and the entire world started shaking violently.

The Five Element Divine Lightning appeared!