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Chapter 2010 Raw 2106 : No Corpse

Chapter 2010 (Raw 2106): No Corpse

Xiao Chen, who was on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back, also sensed the commotion. He roused from his blank state, slowly opening his eyes.

Purple electric light flickered in their depths, crackling endlessly.

Many cultivators on the desolate plain soared into the air and moved away hastily.

Now that the Propping Mulberry Tree had appeared, no one could predict when the lightning tribulation would fall.

Dodging in advance was the right choice, avoiding risk and waiting for an opportunity.

Even the White Marsh Beast Empire royal clan’s Bai Lixuan retreated in his 3-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot.

Bai Lixuan held an advantage in speed because of his 3-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot. He could move about nimbly, coming and going like the wind and lightning.

Xiao Chen planned to come out of his state of cultivation and retreat with everyone first before making plans.

However, he was somewhat shocked to discover an opportunity when the mysterious phenomena appeared, together with the thunderclouds in the parting sky, while strong winds blew and lightning flashed.

The lightning-attributed Spiritual Energy became strangely lively, reaching a state that would typically be impossible.

“Good chance!”

Xiao Chen looked around and then looked up. He saw a mirrorlike screen of light materialize in the sky, looking like a lake hanging upside down.

Occasionally, ripples spread over the surface, appearing very strange.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes, wanting to grab this rare opportunity and continuously absorb the lightning-attributed Spiritual Energy through the world.

Deep in his sea of consciousness, the Ten Thousand Tribulation Divine Lightning sealed there squirmed about restlessly. Some cracks appeared in the seal.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Thunder roared in his sea of consciousness. Before the Propping Mulberry Tree’s tribulation arrived, Xiao Chen started a tribulation in his sea of consciousness first.

As lightning-attributed energy surged out, his entire sea of consciousness turned into a golden sea of electricity.


Just at this moment, a tree branch suddenly shot out from the ground.

In the next moment, countless tree branches struggled out. No one knew when this would end.

“The Propping Mulberry Tree!” Many people could not help crying out when they saw such a magnificent scene.

About fifteen minutes later, the tree branches that burst out of the ground were flourishing. The ground now looked like a green castle city.

However, the main trunk of the Propping Mulberry Tree had yet to appear.

It was hard to imagine how majestic this Propping Mulberry Tree was. With such a crown, it appeared to be as big as a mountain range.

It looked like the flourishing sea of greenery would swallow up Xiao Chen.

Once he fell in, getting out would be rather troublesome. After the lightning tribulation fell, the consequences would be dire.

At the crucial moment, Xiao Chen suddenly opened his eyes.

Twelve purple flowers spun continuously in his right eye. The world in his eye appeared deep and boundless.


With a thought, the twelve flowers suddenly gathered, overlapping into one purple flower in Xiao Chen’s eye.

Simultaneously, the sea of electricity surging in Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness quieted down.

He had attained Divine Lightning Eye’s fifth layer!

“Let’s go!”

Xiao Chen glanced behind and recalled the Demon Blood Vulture, turning it back into a ring on his hand.

He instantly executed Light of Freedom, transforming into a bright lightning bolt and soaring up.

Under the light barrier, this lightning bolt looked very eye-catching.

When the cultivators around saw this scene, it shocked them.

“What’s going on? The Propping Mulberry Tree still has not revealed itself fully, yet the lightning tribulation already started?”

“Wrong, wrong! There is the aura of life coming from the lightning. It seems to be a cultivator’s transformation.”

“He is making use of this opportunity to cultivate!”

“Who is so bold? If he’s not careful, he won’t be able to recover from it, falling here.”

Even Bai Lixuan did not dare to do this. When he saw that lightning bolt, he sighed softly in his heart, finding it strange.

Bai Lixuan had noticed the dense lightning-attributed energy under the light barrier that looked like an upside-down lake.

He had considered using this opportunity to break through some bottlenecks as well.

However, when he remembered the consequences, this thought immediately vanished in the next second; he had calmly cut it off.

To think that someone really dared to do this. Bai Lixuan had a whole new level of respect for this person.


At this moment, deafening thunder shook the sky, startling everyone. Everyone felt their senses go haywire. They could not figure out whether they were the ones shuddering or the world was. The entire world turned blurry to them.

Xiao Chen, who was the closest, immediately vomited a mouthful of blood after revealing his true form.

Just as everyone was feeling confused, they suddenly discovered a ripple in the water-like light barrier covering the vast sky.

A bolt of tribulation lightning lashed down, descending even before the Propping Mulberry Tree fully appeared.

This was the true lightning tribulation.

“That person caused the lightning tribulation to start prematurely!”

Everyone looked at the Propping Mulberry Tree with a grave expression. The Propping Mulberry Tree had yet to emerge completely, but the lightning tribulation started already. This variable had never happened in the past tens of thousands of years.

No one knew what consequences such a change would bring.

Now, no one paid any attention to Xiao Chen. To them, he was already a dead person.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed drastically. He had not pulled himself out and fled as far as the other cultivators, remaining within range of the lightning tribulation.

If the lightning tribulation fell now and the shock waves swept over, the consequences would be dire.

This lightning tribulation was for the Propping Mulberry Tree, not something that Xiao Chen could withstand.

“That person is going to die,” Chen Yun murmured, showing a grave expression.

Chen Shaoze asked in shock, “Really?”

“He overestimated himself. He wanted to use this opportunity to break through his bottleneck, overreached, and caused trouble for himself,” said You Yuanliang, who sat on the Purple Mark Lightning Shrub, when he saw this scene.

“It’s unfortunate,” sighed Bai Lixuan, who was in the Heaven Suspending War Chariot. Anyone would sigh if such a bold person died.

When the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows saw Xiao Chen under the light barrier, he could not suppress his excitement.

That mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows laughed maniacally, “Hahaha! Good! Good! Good! As long as that fellow dies, even if I do not obtain the Five Element Divine Lightning, this trip will be worth it. Delightful! Hahaha!”

The middle-aged cultivator felt greatly confused when he saw how incredibly elated the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows was.

The middle-aged man recalled that this Mister Gong was always mysterious and unfathomable, rarely showing any fluctuations in his emotions. However, Mister Gong lost control of his emotions this time over that white-clad man.

This was really strange. The middle-aged man wondered what grudge Mister Gong had with Xiao Chen.


Before the emotional spectators, the first tribulation lightning fell.

Amid loud sounds, the tribulation lightning turned into piercing, white light, dazzling everyone.

When everyone opened their eyes again, the Propping Mulberry Tree’s branches did not seem to have been affected.

However, that white-clad youth went missing. There was no aura of life.

“He died a really miserable death, not even leaving dregs behind!”

“Haha! That is a lightning tribulation prepared for the Propping Mulberry Tree. Even a Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor would not dare to go too close to the lightning tribulation.”

In such a situation, there could be only one result. The shock waves of the tribulation lighting had immediately blasted Xiao Chen’s corpse to nothing, simultaneously destroying the soul and physical body.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

As the first tribulation lightning fell, the vast, water-like light barrier in the sky started to unleash all sorts of tribulation lightning. Each bolt of tribulation lightning felt very startling, making the onlookers’ souls shudder.

This scene thrilled Thunder Dao cultivators. The blood vessels all over their bodies swelled up.

At this moment, the Heavenly Dao’s lightning showed its most ferocious side.

This was the end goal of Thunder Dao cultivators. They all dreamed of being able to have even just one percent of this power one day. Not to mention being unrivaled, they would have no difficulty ruling an area.

The Thunder Dao. This was the might of the Thunder Dao.

This majestic lightning tribulation gave everyone the impression of incredible vastness. Even the magnificent and colossal Propping Mulberry Tree, with its many branches, seemed insignificant.

The world lost its splendor beneath the tens of millions of bolts of tribulation lightning. The Propping Mulberry Tree looked like a soft little child.

The bolts of tribulation lightning were like the merciless whips of the Heavenly Dao, ruthlessly lashing down. Leaves scattered like blood spurting out.

However, that soft little child remained stubborn before this vast Heavenly Might.

The Propping Mulberry Tree proudly and continuously rose from the ground, slowly growing taller.

It did not fear, and it did not retreat.

The Propping Mulberry Tree moved upwards, facing tens of millions of bolts of tribulation lightning.

All of the Thunder Dao cultivators benefited greatly from this shocking scene; their hearts felt agitated and excited.

Even if the Five Element Divine Lightning did not appear, this trip was worth it.

As for Xiao Chen, everyone had already forgotten about him in light of the majestic scene.