Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2009 Raw 2105 : Imminent Appearance

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Chapter 2009 Raw 2105 : Imminent Appearance

Chapter 2009 (Raw 2105): Imminent Appearance

After Xiao Chen chased away the two White Marsh Beast Empire cultivators making trouble, he ignored the Mental Energy that many people sent to check out the situation.

He sat down on the Demon Blood Vulture, then closed his eyes and started cultivating.

The entire Thundercloud Ancient Marsh was rich in dense lightning-attributed Spiritual Energy. Although there was plenty of fire-attributed Spiritual Energy as well, it posed no problem for lightning-attributed existences.

Cultivating here resulted in more gain for less effort.

Xiao Chen’s Divine Lightning Eye had been stuck at the fourth layer for very long already. It was time he broke through the bottleneck and reached the fifth layer.

He used this opportunity to cultivate it properly.

There was a total of ten layers to the Divine Lightning Eye. The first layer could only call down one bolt of tribulation lightning. The second layer could call down two bolts of tribulation lightning simultaneously. The third layer could apply the first two layers for a total of three coincident bolts of tribulation lightning.

When it came to the fourth layer, it could apply the first three layers, calling down six bolts of tribulation lightning at the same time.

Once the Divine Lightning Eye broke through to the fifth layer, there would be a significant change. It could call down twelve simultaneous bolts of tribulation lightning.

With each succeeding layer, its might would multiply dreadfully. Hence, the bottlenecks were hard to break through.

When Xiao Chen thought about the Ten Thousand Tribulation Divine Lightning in his sea of consciousness, he felt somewhat depressed. It was something very heaven-defying, the ancestor of tribulation lightning, which the Thunder Immortal Ancestor grasped in the previous epoch. However, Xiao Chen could not use all of it.

He could only rely on a Magic Skill like Divine Lightning Eye to bring out its might. It was somewhat wasteful.

If Xiao Chen’s Firmament’s Rage could access the Ten Thousand Tribulation Divine Lightning like the Divine Lightning Eye could, the two, executed together, would be superior to even the First Palace Master’s Firmament’s Rage. No one in the entire Divine Dragon Empire could compare to it.

Xiao Chen quieted his heart as he focused entirely on the cultivation of the Divine Lightning Eye.

He temporarily forgot about the Five Element Divine Lightning and forgot about the Ten Thousand Tribulation Divine Lightning left by the Thunder Immortal Ancestor. He calmly let the surrounding cultivators see him.

“This fellow actually started cultivating here!” a White Marsh Beast Empire middle-aged cultivator exclaimed in incredulity when he saw this scene on the desolate plain.

This person was You Yuanliang, a famous Thunder Dao expert of the White Marsh Beast Empire.

You Yuanliang had a Purple Mark Lightning Shrub around him. With a cultivation at Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage, his strength was extremely terrifying.

He also had an Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage beside him, a helper he invited over.

A team of two Initial Perfection Sovereign Personages was rather strong; no one dared to come and challenge them.

“Should we finish off this fellow? Although his cultivation is low, he is skilled with his physical body and Vital Qi. That Demon Blood Vulture is also somewhat strange. Nonetheless, we might still stand a chance.”

You Yuanliang replied indifferently, “There’s no need. No matter what, we don’t have to worry. The one who needs to worry is Old Fogey Chen. This fellow tossed out two of his subordinates. Let’s see if he can endure this frustration. Furthermore, it is still not certain whether the Five Element Divine Lightning will appear or not. There is no need to make enemies for ourselves.”


On the other side:

Chen Shaoze and his companion stumbled back to their group. Then, they reported to a middle-aged man seated cross-legged on a Thunder Vulture. “Second Uncle, you have to get justice for us. That mixed-blood dragon actually dared to attack our Chen Clan’s people!”

The middle-aged man on the Thunder Vulture suddenly opened his eyes, and an electrifying gaze fell on the two.

That middle-aged man scolded coldly, “You good-for-nothings! I asked you to scout the situation and see if you can form any alliances, yet you two went to target another person’s demonic pet, completely embarrassing yourselves. Just stay here and stop causing trouble.”

This middle-aged man was Chen Yun, a member of the Chen Clan, one of the White Marsh Beast Empire’s four Rank 6 Noble Clans. He was also an Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage.

This was the Old Fogey Chen that You Yuanliang mentioned.

However, this time Chen Yun did not bring any companions. Not everyone was willing to make a trip over to Thundercloud Ancient Marsh.

After all, the chances of a Five Element Divine Lightning appearing were too low. It would just be a waste of time.

Unless one were good friends with someone coming or were promised valuable gifts, one would not come.

Left without a choice, Chen Yun could only bring some juniors from his clan. These juniors could form formations for battle. With that, they could suppress an Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage.

Aside from these two teams, there were four other Thunder Dao experts from the White Marsh Beast Empire on the desolate plains, as well as some loose cultivators from the vicinity of Thundercloud City.

Everyone here came to try their luck, to see if they could run into the Five Element Divine Lightning.

Even without the Five Element Divine Lightning, as lightning-attributed cultivators, they would not consider this trip wasted if they could observe the Propping Mulberry Tree undergo its tribulation.

Aside from Thundercloud Ancient Marsh, few other places could gather so many Thunder Dao experts as this place did now.

Even in the Central Great Realm, although there were many outstanding talents, few could comprehend a Great Dao.

Those that could become Sovereign Personages would be considered experts no matter where they were.

Even in the four dynasties, as long as one became a Sovereign Personage, one could be conferred with nobility and enjoy the protection of the dynasty’s luck.

Of course, just being an Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage would be insufficient to be conferred a marquis like the Soaring Dragon Marquis.

Time slowly passed. No one knew when the Propping Mulberry Tree would come.

Waiting was a form of torture. Few could remain as calm as Xiao Chen, entering a blank state at such a critical moment and focus on cultivating.

Many people felt bored.

Hence, these people started hunting ferocious beasts in the desolate plains or searching for hidden mutated fruits.

These people had been waiting for rather long. Those who had waited the longest had been here for half a month. They could not possibly keep waiting.

On this particular day, when night was about to fall, a piercing cry came from the sky. Everyone looked towards the origin of the sound and saw a blurry, black dot at the limits of their vision.

However, in the next moment, before that piercing sound faded, that blurry, black dot appeared before them.

What speed!

This speed startled everyone. Even the peak speed of an Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage would not match it.

As that black dot approached, everyone finally saw that it was a Heaven Suspending War Chariot.

“It’s a 3-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot!”

A 3-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot was already the best personal war chariot that the Pirate Alliance sold. Any higher would be a 4-Star warship.

One could already be proud to own a 1-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot. To be able to own a 3-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot, one had to have an extraordinary identity.

The people present, including the Chen Clan’s Chen Yun and You Yuanliang, all showed somewhat grave expressions.

They all understood what being able to own a 3-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot meant.

That 3-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot had an appearance like that of an Underworld Ghost Bird. However, it could not shift between reality and illusion.

Every part of this 3-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot was made with tempered divine materials. Its sleek and streamlined appearance was very eye-catching. It flickered with a purple light and some sparks.

Suddenly, the top of the war chariot opened up and moved to both sides. A throne engraved with a White Marsh Beast slowly rose.

When the throne appeared, a youth was sitting on it.

This youth wore a purple cloud shirt with a white silk and jade belt at his waist. His face looked handsome and delicate. Three scarlet spots on his forehead formed a distinctive mark.

The White Marsh Beast Empire cultivators were extremely familiar with this mark.

This was the mark of the White Marsh Beast Empire’s royal clan—the mark of the Bai Clan, a Rank 7 royal clan bloodline that surpassed the four Rank 6 Noble Clans’ bloodlines.

“It’s Bai Lixuan!”

Several of the White Marsh Beast Empire’s people immediately recognized this purple-clad youth, Bai Lixuan, the royal clan’s genius outstanding talent.

Bai Lixuan was a famous up-and-coming youngster in the royal clan. He had not reached the age of twenty yet, but he already reached the Holy Light Stage.

Bai Lixuan’s talent was even scarier than that of the strongest demonic geniuses of the White Marsh Beast Empire.

Rumor had it that he would shake up the entire northern region in a few years, becoming the true leader of the White Marsh Beast Empire.

The only aspect where Bai Lixuan fell behind in comparison to those demonic geniuses was his young age. However, his greatest advantage was his even scarier potential.

After Bai Lixuan jumped down and looked at the White Marsh Beast Empire cultivators around, he nodded slightly and did not say anything.

“Second Uncle, what should we do?” Chen Shaoze asked uncertainly. Who could have thought that Bai Lixuan would come as well?

Chen Yun took a look, then ignored the newcomer. He said indifferently, “What are you panicking for? This Five Element Divine Lightning does not belong to the royal clan. Anyone is entitled to it. Since he did not say anything, he does not plan to use his royal clan identity to pressure us. There is no need to worry.”

Although Chen Yun said that, he still felt somewhat discouraged in his heart. After all, this was the Bai Lixuan that the royal clan upper echelon placed their hopes on.

Chen Yun hoped that the Five Element Divine Lightning would not appear this time. That would be good for everyone as no one would bother to fight.

Chen Yun showed a grave expression; no one knew what he was thinking.

At the same time, there were two hidden figures on the desolate plains. When one of them saw Bai Lixuan, he thought to himself that this was bad.

These two were the mysterious person shrouded in bloody shadows and his White Marsh Beast Empire companion.

“What’s wrong?” the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows asked when he noticed the strange behavior of his companion.

The middle-aged man replied, “Bai Lixuan would not come alone. He definitely has someone protecting him. Adding in that Demonic Dao expert hiding somewhere, we can forget about competing for the Five Element Divine Lightning; we stand no chance.”

The expression of the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows sank. “As long as a Divine Vein Realm expert does not appear, I am fully confident of obtaining this Five Element Divine Lightning.”


Just as that mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows spoke, something strange happened. The ground of the desolate plain cracked.

The ground shook, and the sky trembled. Space fluctuated, and various mysterious phenomena appeared overhead in endless succession.

This startled all the experts—both overt and covert. All of them turned anxious.

Everyone knew that the Propping Mulberry Tree was about to appear.