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Chapter 2007 Raw 2103 : A Gamble

Chapter 2007 (Raw 2103): A Gamble

“Who are you?”

The White Marsh Beast Empire cultivator and the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows on the Flying Dragon Snake appeared somewhat grave. They did not act rashly.

However, the gigantic Flying Dragon Snake under the two did not show any fear.

It released a light from its scarlet eyes as its forked tongue flicked in and out, looking like it was mockingly threatening Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly under the mask. The Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant in his hand glimmered with light.

Immediately, the ancient Great Desolate Eon Qiongqi Beast embroidered on the ghost pennant released some of its Might, scaring that Flying Dragon Snake into immediate submission.

The Flying Dragon Snake was also an incredibly ancient ferocious beast. However, the one here was not a pure-blooded Flying Dragon Snake.

This was just a ferocious beast that inherited a trace of the Flying Dragon Snake bloodline, not a real Flying Dragon Snake. Frightened by the Qiongqi Beast, it trembled, nearly shaking the two off.


The pale, middle-aged man stomped on the Flying Dragon Snake’s head to steady its body. Then, he looked at Xiao Chen with even more caution.

Mister Gong, what should we do now? the pale middle-aged man asked in a voice projection.

The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows replied indifferently, He is just acting mysterious. If he really were an expert of the older generation, he would have attacked long ago.

Great minds think alike. Let’s fight him. Attack together and try to figure out his bottom line.


The two made up their minds. Then, the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows looked at Xiao Chen, and said, “You are holding a ghost pennant. Might you be an expert disciple of the Soul Devouring Hall, one of the top ten Demonic Dao sects?”

“Trying to delay? Unfortunately, I have no patience.”

Xiao Chen revealed a mocking expression under his mask. He had guessed that the two could not hold themselves back.

If that was the case, Xiao Chen might as well take the initiative to attack.

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, he quickly unleashed the attack that he had been preparing all this time.

The Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant in his hand flared with light. Demonic Might suddenly surged from his body, soaring into the clouds.

The terrifying Qiongqi Beast Demonic Soul flew out of the ghost pennant, and an ancient ferocious beast’s overwhelming Demonic Might rushed out.

“A Soul Tool!”


The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows showed a horrified expression when the Qiongqi Beast Demonic Soul appeared. He did not have a physical body and feared the attacks of such Demonic Souls the most.

If the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows was not careful, his soul might scatter, and he would die without a body.

The pale, middle-aged man also knew how incredible this attack was. He moved no slower than the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows.

The two were confident of blocking this attack. However, they feared that the other party was really a Demonic Dao expert.

That person even had a Soul Tool. What else was impossible?


Although the two moved quickly, the Demonic Might still struck them, severely injuring their souls. They just continued running without looking back, fleeing at an even faster speed.

The two feared the Qiongqi Beast Demonic Soul giving chase.

After scaring away the two, Xiao Chen did not send the Demonic Soul in pursuit. After all, the ghost pennant was a Soul Tool. It was not easy to control, and it consumed too much Soul Energy.

With a gentle shake, the Qiongqi Demonic Soul returned to the ghost pennant.

Compared to when he first activated it, Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy could support it this time.

Xiao Chen’s usage of Soul Tools had already improved considerably. After bringing out the Qiongqi Demonic Beast attack, he could control his Soul Energy and did not get significantly affected.

As he looked in the direction that the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows had taken, he had a contemplative expression under the mask.

Who exactly is this mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows? Why was he with the Black Lotus Holy Son back then?

Today, he is also targeting the Five Element Divine Lightning like me. I wonder if the Black Lotus Holy Son will appear as well.

If he does, it will be somewhat problematic.

Xiao Chen shook his head, turned around, and soared into the air. Now, he had more important things to do. He had instructed the Demon Blood Vulture to keep an eye on the fleeing youth Sang.

Now that he knew where that youth was, his priority was obtaining the Thundercloud Fruit.

Xiao Chen turned into a black lightning bolt and streaked through the forest.

Soon, he sighted the Demon Blood Vulture’s figure. He gently leaped up and landed on its back.

The Demon Blood Vulture carried Xiao Chen over the forest before stopping somewhere and slowly circling that spot.


Xiao Chen firmly landed on the ground. After communicating with the Demon Blood Vulture, he learned that the youth Sang managed to find a herb in the forest to stabilize the Flying Dragon Snake’s venom in his body.

Not far away, the delicate youth Sang leaned against a large tree. He opened his eyes and looked at Xiao Chen. “Why did you save me?”

Xiao Chen replied sullenly, “Don’t make too much of it. I only did it for the Thundercloud Fruit in your hands. Hand it over to me. I need it more than you do.”

“Indeed.” Sang smiled coldly as he somewhat reluctantly handed over the Thundercloud Fruit to Xiao Chen.

This time, Sang did not suppress the Thundercloud Fruit’s Dao. Its strong Dao Might surged out, together with piercing and dazzling electric light.

Xiao Chen released his own Thunder Dao’s Dao Might, easily suppressing the Thundercloud Fruit’s Dao Might before the other party’s surprised eyes.

“Great Perfection Thunder Dao. You do require this Thundercloud Fruit more than I do,” Sang murmured, giving Xiao Chen a cold look before turning to leave.

Who knew, Sang had just taken a few steps when he stumbled and collapsed.

Xiao Chen was toying with the Thundercloud Fruit, about to put it into his storage ring when he saw this scene. He stepped forward and sighed.

When Xiao Chen noticed this person’s lifeforce aura, he was shocked. This youth did not look old, but his lifeforce accumulation was vast and boundless.

Sang’s lifeforce was even stronger than Xiao Chen’s. If not for this extraordinary lifeforce accumulation, the Flying Dragon Snake’s venom would have poisoned him to death long ago.

The Flying Dragon Snake’s venom was still corroding the other party’s lifeforce. However, based on the speed, this venom would need much more than ten years to corrode his lifeforce completely.

Furthermore, this was without the youth suppressing the venom.

Xiao Chen carried Sang, leaped into the air, and landed on the Demon Blood Vulture. Then, he placed Sang on the bird’s back.

He pondered, If the Demon Blood Vulture appears, I can no longer hide my identity.

However, if the Demon Blood Vulture does not appear, I can’t save this youth. After thinking about it, Xiao Chen removed his mask and used his cloak to cover himself up.

Three days later, the youth woke up slowly on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back.

Sang felt an intense headache. When he saw Xiao Chen, who had changed clothes, he felt shocked for a while before recognizing Xiao Chen.

“You woke up already?” Xiao Chen turned around and asked casually.

“What do you want?”

Sang warily eyed Xiao Chen, taking a few steps back.

This youth had quite a lot of secrets in his body. Xiao Chen said casually, “You must have grown up in this Thundercloud Ancient Marsh, right? Where are your parents or seniors? I’ll send you back. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to remove the venom in your body by yourself. Although it is not fatal, things like sudden fainting will happen frequently.”

Sang’s expression softened somewhat before Xiao Chen’s sincere attitude. He shook his head and said, “I do not have any parents. Let me off, then. I have my ways to get rid of the venom.”

Seeing this youth being so stubborn, Xiao Chen did not force it. “We’ll arrive at my destination soon. I’ll let you off there.”


Soon, the Demon Blood Vulture swooped down, bringing Xiao Chen to the red spot on the map.

He looked around casually and met with disappointment. Everything here was ordinary. The Spiritual Energy did not appear particularly rich, and the greenery was not luxuriant.

Clearly, this was not the Propping Mulberry Tree’s tribulation location.

“You can go.”

Xiao Chen returned to the Demon Blood Vulture’s back. Then, he looked at the youth and said, “If you want me to give you a ride, I can do that as well.”

Sang looked around and suddenly asked as he turned back to Xiao Chen, “Are you looking for the Propping Mulberry Tree’s tribulation location?”

Xiao Chen looked at the other party without changing his expression. “How did you know?”

Sang smiled mysteriously. “I have seen a few groups of people like you already. How can I not know? You are somewhat late. If you continue bumbling around like this, you won’t even know when the Propping Mulberry Tree’s tribulation is over.”

Although Xiao Chen used the trans-realm transportation formation to come here immediately after receiving the information, according to Master Bai, several waves of people had already arrived before him.

This youth’s words were credible. Xiao Chen eyed the other party and said dubiously, “You know where the Propping Mulberry Tree’s tribulation location is?”


The youth leaped nimbly onto the Demon Blood Vulture. Then, he patted the Demon Blood Vulture’s back and replied softly, “Naturally, I know. Tell your Demon Blood Vulture to follow my directions. I’ll bring you over. Otherwise, by the time you find it, it will be over already.”

Xiao Chen only hesitated for one second before choosing to believe this youth.

Since Xiao Chen was late already, he might as well take a gamble.