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Chapter 2001 Raw 2097 : Seeking Defea

Chapter 2001 (Raw 2097): Seeking Defeat

Under the Sun and Moon Shining Together mysterious phenomenon, Xiao Chen used the moon as a saber, bringing out a sevenfold killing Qi and executing a Buddhist forbidden technique, the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s Resolving the Mundane.


An eternal and inextinguishable saber light came out from the saber flickering with cold moonlight. It chopped apart the three-eyed Golden Dragon and shattered Xu Fuguan’s supernova-like sword light.

His opponents’ forbidden techniques were very horrifying, no matter which it was.

They could severely injure an Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage, even instantly kill one with a surprise attack.

If one had to pick the better of the two, it naturally was Li Feng’s World Destroying Dragon Fist.

Li Feng had perfectly merged his will of soul into his attack in much more detail and more perfectly than Xu Fuguan had. Xiao Chen would not dare say that he could suppress this move without bringing out his Sun and Moon Shining Together mysterious phenomenon, even if he had the Buddhist sect’s Seven Kill Seal and improved cultivation.

However, Xiao Chen had stopped the suppression from the other party’s will of soul with the Sun and Moon Shining Together mysterious phenomenon, blocking the infiltration of the Destruction Dao’s mysteries.

After bringing out the Seven Kill Seal and combining it with Resolving the Mundane, the effects were considerably different.

The eternal and inextinguishable saber light swept out, crushing the two powerful forbidden techniques.

The Silver Dragon Palace managed to avoid a scene of terrifying destruction, which was a good thing for it.

However, Li Feng and Xu Fuguan encountered something of a disaster. The saber light sweeping out continued without losing any might after destroying the three-eyed Golden Dragon image and sword light. It struck the two and chopped them in half at their waists.

The lifeforce of the two drained extremely quickly.

When fighting at such a level, Xiao Chen could not possibly hold back. Otherwise, he might be the one to die from the forbidden techniques.

“Senior Brother Xu!”

“Li Feng!”

The Silver Dragon Palace disciples and Qin Aotian cried out at the same time.

Yuan Xi said, “Stop shouting. They won’t die.”

Indeed, the two would not die. The heaven-class Elders of the Silver Dragon Palace had been startled by the forbidden techniques much earlier.

The instant Xiao Chen chopped the two in half at the waist, the heaven-class Elders rushed over and stabilized the two’s souls before sending a message to Yuan Xi, leaving the rest for him to handle. Then, the heaven-class Elders raced to the Supreme Elder’s residence.

Typically speaking, when one reached the Holy Light Stage, as long as one could get treatment immediately and prevent one’s soul from scattering, survival was guaranteed, regardless of the gravity of one’s injuries or how much lifeforce one lost. Of course, this required the help of a Divine Vein Realm expert from a large sect.

However, one could not delay for too long.

Otherwise, even a Faux God could not pull one back from death. Only some legendary Great Desolate Eon mutated fruits could resurrect the dead.

Seeing the heaven-class Elders take away the two, the disciples here all released their bated breath.

If someone died, then things would become somewhat problematic.

After all, the two were Divine Dragon bloodline cultivators and had noble statuses. If they were not careful, a large number of major characters might appear.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The group landed back on the flower-filled island. As they looked at Xiao Chen, horror flashed in their eyes.

Just when everyone thought that the two powerful forbidden techniques would blast Xiao Chen to bits, Xiao Chen executed a powerful counterattack, using the moon as a saber to defeat the two powerful forbidden techniques. No one dared to believe it.

“Xiao Chen, are you alright?” Liu Ruyun asked softly after walking over.

The others worried about Li Feng and Xu Fuguan, who were chopped in half by Xiao Chen. However, they were unaware that Xiao Chen did not have it easy, either, after dealing with the two powerful forbidden techniques.

Xiao Chen could not eliminate the sword intent of Star Extermination and the Destruction Dao’s mysteries right away.

“I’m fine. It’s not a big problem. There should not be any major problems after I rest and recover.”

Liu Ruyun relaxed on hearing that. Then, she said, “My father asked you to make a trip to the White Dragon Palace when you have time. He has something to discuss with you.”

Xiao Chen shook his head. “I will not speak to him. If he wants to speak, get him to come to me.”

He found the White Dragon King’s actions unacceptable, even if the other party did not truly harm Liu Ruyue.

If Xiao Chen could avoid meeting the other party, it would be best not to.

He would not take the initiative to seek the other party out while he was weaker than the other party. If the other party sought him out, then it would be unavoidable.

Liu Ruyun frowned and remained silent in confusion.

This scene upset Yuan Xi for some reason.

“Xiao Chen, return my Dragon-Patterned Battle Suit!” Qin Aotian demanded loudly after pushing past a few people and arriving before Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen replied coldly, “I said it earlier. If Li Feng won, I would naturally give it to him. Since he lost, you can forget about it.”

Qin Aotian turned sullen, and he barked furiously, “Good! Save those words for my big brother, then!”

Qin Aotian felt utterly embarrassed by Li Feng. However, he was not a match for Xiao Chen, either, so he turned to leave in a huff after threatening him.

“Brother Qin, are you not going to stay for a while?” Yuan Xi politely urged Qin Aotian to stay on account of Qin Mu’s face.

“If I can’t see him, I won’t feel frustrated.” Qin Aotian left directly without even turning his head back.

Qin Aotian already considered Xiao Chen an eyesore. Furthermore, he could not do anything to Xiao Chen. If he remained here, he would feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Xiao Chen, his big brother is Qin Mu, the strongest person in the Dragon’s Gate’s outer palace. Although I am known as one of the four outer palace great expert disciples, I still have to admit to being significantly weaker than his big brother. It is best if you personally went to return the Dragon-Patterned Battle Suit. In any case, you can’t use it,” Yuan Xi suggested in a neutral tone after turning his head to look at Xiao Chen.

“I have my own plans,” Xiao Chen answered vaguely, not explaining.

When Yuan Xi saw the situation, he snorted coldly in his heart and ignored this matter. Then, he said sullenly, “Let’s end this gathering between our three outer palaces here, then. After such a huge incident, there is no need to continue with exchanges.”

Three powerful forbidden techniques had clashed in the earlier fight, resulting in a significant impact.

If they continued holding exchanges and accidentally caused trouble, it would not be worth it.

“Wait a moment!”

Although the others felt regretful, they could understand this. However, Lu Feng did not feel satisfied. He looked at Yuan Xi and said, “I came here to know how strong exactly Yuan Xi, one of the four outer palace great expert disciples, is in the Sword Dao. I am not satisfied with leaving like this.”

Yuan Xi revealed a mocking smile. “You are not qualified to fight with me. However, he is sufficient. Even so, I believe he would not challenge me in his current condition.”

Yuan Xi pointed to Xiao Chen, acknowledging Xiao Chen’s strength.

With a stubborn expression, Lu Feng argued, “How do you know if you have not tried?”

Yuan Xi said indifferently, “I do not want to waste my time. I already made it very clear. You are not a match for me. I have no interest in having an exchange with you.”

These words were quite harsh.

Although Xiao Chen did not like how Yuan Xi put on airs and showed his arrogance, he admitted that Lu Feng would not stand much of a chance against Yuan Xi.

Xiao Chen could figure out the strength of everyone here. He was even confident of defeating the White Dragon Palace’s Ling Xiao.

However, Xiao Chen did not feel that same confidence with this Yuan Xi.

“Send off the guests!”

Yuan Xi waved his hand to call for some disciples to see the people here off.


Lu Feng felt utterly enraged, unable to resist and wanting to force the issue.

Xiao Chen stepped forward and blocked Lu Feng, placing his right hand on Lu Feng’s shoulder.

“Brother Yi, take it as Lu Feng seeking advice from you. This request from a fellow dragon is not overboard, right?” Xiao Chen suggested softly as he looked at Yuan Xi.

Yuan Xi pondered. “In my opinion, mixed-blood dragon cultivators cannot go far. You are an exception. Today, I will give you face. Come, I accept your challenge.”

Lu Feng snorted coldly, and the others quickly moved aside when they saw the situation.

Yuan Xi, known as one of the four outer palace great expert disciples, had always been mysterious. After seeing the newcomer Xiao Chen’s strength, everyone also felt curious about Yuan Xi’s strength.

If everyone could see Yuan Xi’s strength before leaving, this trip would be worth it.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Lu Feng did not overthink. After storing up power for a while, he took seven steps forward.

With every step, everyone could feel the blazing sword intent on Lu Feng’s body flourish even further, impressing them.

Seven steps later, the many flowers on the flower-filled island bloomed, looking like spring arrived, and they grew at a crazy pace.

Flower petals filled the air, dancing as they soared up.

On the seventh step, Lu Feng’s hand grabbed his sword’s handle. When the many flowers bloomed, reaching their peak, Lu Feng brought his sword move to the peak as well.

“Move back!” Yuan Xi shouted coldly, and a bleak sword intent spread out, together with a cold wind.

When autumn arrives, I will kill off the flowers after they have bloomed!

With Yuan Xi’s shout, the flowers wilted, and the flower petals dancing in the air withered.

Only a lone proud and beautiful flower monarch remained on the entire island. That was Yuan Xi himself.

“Pu ci!”

Lu Feng vomited a mouthful of blood, and the hand holding the sword handle relaxed. He stumbled backward, nearly falling over.

Not only was Lu Feng’s sword move utterly destroyed, but Yuan Xi’s sword intent also infiltrated his mind.

While Lu Feng’s injuries were not severe, what upset him more than the injuries was that this was the result of his stubborn insistence. Before he could even draw his sword, he had lost.

Furthermore, Lu Feng had not underestimated the other party. This happened when he brought out his full power—an unacceptable outcome.

Lu Feng howled in grief, showing a pained expression and looking very gloomy. He pushed past the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s group trying to stop him and ran away with a sullen expression.

“You shouldn’t have given him the chance for this battle. His future is now ruined. I hope you won’t regret it,” Yuan Xi said meaningfully as he looked at Xiao Chen with an indifferent expression.

Xiao Chen had already turned around. He stopped and said, “I only gave him a chance for defeat. Don’t underestimate the resilience of Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples. I hope you will not regret it when he defeats you one day because of this battle.”

Yuan Xi showed a disdainful smile when he heard this. I will feel regret?