Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2000 Raw 2096 : Using the Moon as a Saber

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Chapter 2000 Raw 2096 : Using the Moon as a Saber

Chapter 2000 (Raw 2096): Using the Moon as a Saber

Xu Fuguan had stored up power for a long time before launching this sword move. It would not be an exaggeration to call it a killing move.

This was especially so under such circumstances. Xiao Chen would find it hard to advance or retreat. Once he retreated, his aura would decline.

At that moment, Li Feng’s fist light would severely injure Xiao Chen without any mercy.

Just the might that Li Feng currently showed already scared the people on the flower-filled island. How much more horrifying would the might that would erupt be?

If the sword move struck Xiao Chen, the consequences would be worse. Both attacks would then land on Xiao Chen’s body.

This might end up crippling Xiao Chen. If he did not die, he would be at least half-dead.

The people of the Heavenly Dragon Palace felt like their hearts were in their throats. They all stood up, feeling very anxious.

“Firmament’s Rage!”

In the time it took for a spark to fly, Xiao Chen instantly executed Firmament’s Rage.

Xiao Chen’s left palm turned into a claw as he ferociously thrust it forward. He showed might without anger. As his claw pushed forward, it felt like the entire night sky started shaking.

Every cultivator present felt a fear that came from the depths of their heart, shocking them.

Xu Fuguan showed an extremely shocked expression, considerably startled. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen blocked the move that he stored up power for so long to use.

Xu Fuguan immediately prepared to retract his sword and move away to launch another attack.

However, Xu Fuguan discovered that Xiao Chen’s claw contained a horrifying Thunder Great Dao, boundless saber Qi, and the overwhelming rage of a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon.

What made him despair even more was that Xiao Chen had already firmly locked on to him.

If Xu Fuguan moved back, Xiao Chen would turn his claw into a palm. The boundless saber Qi, electricity, and the rage of a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon would instantly rush towards him. Evasion would be impossible.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart. He had anticipated that Xu Fuguan would do this. While others had forgotten about Xu Fuguan, he had not.

The other party stored up power for a long time for the sword move containing the state of lone peaks. Xiao Chen had been doing the same for this Firmament’s Rage, just waiting for the other party to take the bait.

A strange scene appeared over the quiet lake. Xiao Chen used one fist and one claw to block Li Feng’s fist and Xu Fuguan’s sword.

When fighting one against two, Xiao Chen was not disadvantaged at all.

“This… He managed to block them!”

This stunned everyone on the flower-filled island. They did not dare to believe the scene before them.

Xiao Chen blocked the sword move that everyone thought would defeat him.

This sword move not only failed to defeat Xiao Chen but even gave Xiao Chen the upper hand.

“I’ll defeat you first!”

Xiao Chen’s gaze shifted and landed on Li Feng, which Li Feng found strange.

Initially, Li Feng could not find that ethereal Heavenly Dragon’s Dragon Might. Now, he suddenly saw it clearly.

Li Feng’s heart immediately sank. Oh no!

At this moment, Li Feng’s aura had already weakened significantly. If he clashed head-on now, he would not have any advantage at all.


The invisible dragon image hovering above Li Feng’s head closed its mouth ferociously and crushed his Golden Dragon’s Dragon Might instantly. Blood leaked out of his lips, and in the next moment, Xiao Chen’s fist light landed mercilessly on his body.

There was a crisp ‘crunch’ as Li Feng’s bones broke, and the punch knocked him into the air.

Fortunately, at the last moment, the golden, protective Veritable Essence Energy shield around his body blocked most of the damage. Otherwise, this punch would have severely injured him.

After Li Feng went flying, Xu Fuguan panicked as he would be next.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, Xu Fuguan made a decision and retreated hastily.

“You think you can run?!”

Xiao Chen snorted coldly and turned his claw into a palm, throwing a palm strike.

Suddenly, a humongous hand appeared in the sky. The five fingers were like sabers flashing with berserk electricity, and the hand carried an Ancestor Dragon’s rage that made the heavens tremble.

This humongous hand directly struck Xu Fuguan, smashing him into the water while he vomited large mouthfuls of blood.

Injuries covered his entire body; electricity and saber intent swept through him.

Xu Fuguan’s body continuously twitched as he floated on the water, clearly more severely injured than Li Feng.

Above Twin Moon Lake, the white-clad Xiao Chen knocked back two people. Then, he stood straight up with his hands clasped behind his back.

Xiao Chen’s face remained calm, showing might without showing rage. A strong aura spread out. It felt like he shone brighter than a Divine Dragon bloodline cultivator.

“Is this fellow really a mixed-blood dragon?!” the Silver Dragon Palace disciples directly exclaimed, unable to help their shock.

“Junior Brother Xiao Chen won!”

The Heavenly Dragon Palace’s people felt overjoyed. They never expected that Xiao Chen could win so beautifully when fighting against two.

It had been many years since the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples felt this delighted.

In this gathering between three outer palaces—considered a grand scene—Lu Feng first instantly defeated the Silver Dragon Palace’s Yuan Tai.

Then, Xiao Chen fought against two alone, defeating heaven-class core disciples of the Golden Dragon Palace and the Silver Dragon Palace.

This matter would definitely spread throughout the Dragon’s Gate’s outer palaces in a few days.

“Won? I have not admitted defeat yet!”

Li Feng turned extremely gloomy. He had never thought that he would suffer this much at the hands of a mixed-blood dragon.

Li Feng even had to use his life-saving trump card, the Dragon-Patterned Seal.

This could be called a great humiliation. Ever since Li Feng’s debut, he had been in fights of various sizes. However, there was not a single fight that made him feel so sullen.

Furthermore, despite cooperating with another person, Li Feng still could not defeat a mixed-blood dragon.

Li Feng could imagine that if he failed to defeat Xiao Chen today, he would become the latest joke of the Dragon’s Gate’s outer palaces in less than three days.

The pride of a Golden Dragon did not allow him to accept such shame.

“Xu Fuguan, if you are not dead yet, you’d better move for this great me. Otherwise, I will kick you away,” Li Feng barked coldly as he eyed Xu Fuguan with some disgust.

Xu Fuguan struggled to get to his feet, staggering. His expression looked extremely unsightly. After he vomited a mouthful of blood, he said, “Don’t worry. This great me is not as weak as you think.”

Xiao Chen showed a somewhat grave expression. Previously, it had been rather easy for him to deal with these two in their peak states.

Presently, he had ruthlessly blunted their sharpness. One of them was even severely injured. Nevertheless, he still felt grim.

Now that he faced two people who were pushed to the edge, the situation would not be that easy to wrap up.

“Victory is already decided. Is there even a need to continue?” Xiao Chen asked softly as he looked at the two.

“Dog shit! I have not admitted defeat yet, so it is not a defeat. Do you think that my Golden Dragon Palace is so lacking in quality? If you think that, then you are making a huge mistake!” Li Feng suddenly roared. Blood veins appeared in his eyes as he instantly overdrew on his will of soul.


A horrifying Dragon Might erupted from Li Feng’s body. The Destruction Dao’s mysteries flowed out of his body and mixed Dragon Qi with black spots into the golden fist light on his right hand.

A three-eyed Golden Dragon image appeared behind Li Feng—a Holy Venerate Will combined with horrifying Death Dao’s mysteries.

“Oh no! This is a Golden Dragon Palace forbidden technique!”

“This is a big problem. To think that Li Feng executed this forbidden technique regardless of the consequences! This is a forbidden art that represents the Destruction Dao. Once it is executed, it will sweep up Twin Moon Lake in it.”

The people on the flower-filled island felt somewhat horrified. They felt that their location was not safe.

“Sword Art, Star Extermination!”

On the other side, the severely injured Xu Fuguan executed a Silver Dragon Palace forbidden Sword Art. It seemed like he had been provoked.

“Scatter!” Yuan Xi shouted, and everyone on the flower-filled island soared up and scattered, not daring to remain.

“The loser can only be you, Xiao Chen! World Destroying Dragon Fist!” Li Feng shouted as he punched, merging his will of soul with the Golden Dragon Palace’s Destruction Dao forbidden technique.

The entire night scene seemed to rip apart. The huge, three-eyed Golden Dragon image flapped its wings. As Li Feng’s fist light flew at Xiao Chen, it turned substantial while carrying the Destruction Dao’s mysteries.

“Star Extermination!”

Xu Fuguan also unleashed his Sword Art at this moment.

In that instant, the light from the sword in Xu Fuguan’s hand looked like the resplendent light of a supernova, illuminating the entire night sky.

Two powerful forbidden techniques surged at Xiao Chen. This shocked the entire Silver Dragon Palace. Several Elders noticed the mysterious phenomena.

However, it was just noticing the mysterious phenomena. By the time those people could rush over, the two powerful forbidden techniques would have already reached him.

In the end, Xiao Chen had to depend on himself to survive.

Just as everyone flinched, unable to bear seeing Xiao Chen’s figure drowned out by the two powerful forbidden techniques, a bright moon and a blazing sun rose behind him. In that instant, his suppressed aura stabilized.

This was Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy mysterious phenomenon, Sun and Moon Shining Together.


When the two powerful forbidden techniques were about to reach Xiao Chen, he felt incredibly calm despite the risk of death. No one could see any panic in his eyes.

Everyone only heard Xiao Chen call out “saber” as he beckoned with his hand. The bright moon reflected in one of the mirrorlike crescent lakes formed a beautiful saber flickering with cold moonlight before everyone’s eyes.

Life Bestowal Spell, using the moon as a saber!

Buddhist sect’s Seven Kill Seal, Resolving the Mundane!

Xiao Chen unhurriedly brought out Sun and Moon Shining Together, made a saber from the bright moon from the Sun and Moon Shining Together, then executed the eternal and inextinguishable Resolving the Mundane.

All these seemed very slow. However, in reality, they happened in a breath. He practically completed all these simultaneously.

He was so fast that the others could not react.

Everyone only saw the white-robed Xiao Chen beneath the bright moon using the moon as a saber. Against the two powerful forbidden techniques that scared everyone away, he launched an eternal and inextinguishable saber strike augmented with sevenfold killing Qi.