Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1999 Raw 2095 : Seeing the Sky with the Hear

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Chapter 1999 Raw 2095 : Seeing the Sky with the Hear

Chapter 1999 (Raw 2095): Seeing the Sky with the Heart

Xiao Chen’s words set the flower-filled island abuzz.

Xiao Chen wanted to fight two on one.

Furthermore, one of the two was an expert from the Golden Dragon Palace. Did everyone hear wrong?

Had Yuan Xi or the White Dragon Palace’s Ling Xiao said this, it would be fine. After all, they were cultivators with Divine Dragon bloodlines.

However, Xiao Chen was a Heavenly Dragon Palace heaven-class core disciple. Furthermore, he had a mixed-blood dragon bloodline. Where did he get his confidence?

Even Yuan Xi could not help feeling slightly stunned. He asked seriously, “Xiao Chen, do you know what you are saying?”

Xiao Chen nodded. “I am very clear on that. Your Silver Dragon Palace’s Xu Fuguan wants to fight with me, and the Golden Dragon Palace’s Li Feng wants to seek trouble with me. I can deal with both at the same time and save some trouble. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Is there anything wrong with that?

These words stunned the audience. There was indeed nothing wrong with what Xiao Chen said.

Since the trouble came together, dealing with them together would be ideal. Anyone would think the same.

However, the problem was that Xiao Chen was just a Heavenly Dragon Palace disciple, a mixed-blood dragon.

Of course, everyone would only think this and not say it. However, just based on everyone’s expressions—as if they were looking at a crazy man—their thoughts went without saying.

Li Feng said coldly, “When the Golden Dragon Palace is working on something, we do not need the other outer palaces to help.”

These words stifled Xu Fuguan, upsetting him somewhat. He said, “I am the one challenging this fellow. I do not need you to interfere. This is the Silver Dragon Palace, not your Golden Dragon Palace. You can deal with your matter after our exchange is over.”

Yuan Xi got a headache. He impatiently waved his hand and said, “Cut the crap and attack together. Let me see how strong the person who comprehended the Supreme Dragon First is.”

Yuan Xi’s words contained some displeasure.

This displeasure came from Liu Ruyun being close to Xiao Chen. It also came from Xiao Chen’s attitude, which provoked his disdain.

Since Yuan Xi already expressed his stance, Li Feng and Xu Fuguan hesitated for only a moment longer before leaping up at the same time and landing on the lake surface.

Li Feng only needed to retrieve the Dragon-Patterned Battle Suit and give an account to Qin Mu.

Although Li Feng disliked having to work with Xu Fuguan, it would be good to finish this fight quickly.

As for Xu Fuguan, he had sensed his first senior brother’s displeasure. He knew that his wishy-washiness had angered his first senior brother. This made him feel some hatred for Xiao Chen.

Right now, there was nothing to think about. The two just needed to work together to humiliate Xiao Chen to vent their anger.

When the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s group saw this situation, they felt worried for Xiao Chen.

Li Luo looked at Xiao Chen and asked, “Junior Brother Xiao Chen, isn’t this too risky?”

Bai Yunfeng added softly, “I also feel that you should be cautious.”

Xiao Chen raised his head to look at Bai Yunfeng and replied, “When I fought with you, I used only fifty percent of my strength.”


This revelation shocked Bai Yunfeng. Xiao Chen used only fifty percent of his strength to beat me helpless?


Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and landed on Twin Moon Lake. Then, he looked calmly at the Silver Dragon Palace’s Xu Fuguan and the Golden Dragon Palace’s Li Feng.

“Senior Brother, beat him to death!” Qin Aotian roared as he watched from the side.

Li Feng appeared displeased, but he moved instantly, without hesitation.

Li Feng was the kind of person who never underestimated an opponent. When he attacked, he showed no mercy.

As Li Feng’s feet moved, a Golden Dragon’s roar echoed in the surroundings. The lake water exploded and poured down like rain.

When Li Feng punched, a golden dragon image wound around his arm. A round golden plate materialized in front of his fist.

Dense, complicated formations covered the round golden plate. With a thought from Li Feng, a terrifying fist light burst out from the plate. In the blink of an eye, the fist light elongated and rushed towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, dodging easily.

In that instant, the water where he had stood vaporized, covering the place in fog.


Xu Fuguan had been watching and waiting. The moment Xiao Chen moved, Xu Fuguan made his move as well.

Xu Fuguan’s figure turned into a ghostly sword image piercing through the falling water. As it thrust at Xiao Chen, not a single drop of water fell on it.

Xiao Chen could not dodge. His eyes narrowed, and his gaze focused on the tip of the sword.

Then, Xiao Chen silently spread out his Thunder Great Dao.

The sword before Xiao Chen could not be evaluated by just what appeared on the surface. The hidden sword move within it had to be taken into account as well.


Just as the tip of the sword was about to touch Xiao Chen, he flicked his finger at the sword in the time it took for a spark to fly.

A melodious sword hum rang out, echoing in the surroundings. A hazy sword intent rang out endlessly.


In the next moment, Xu Fuguan’s sword move changed directions, and the falling water changed all of a sudden, turning into boundless sword Qi that flew at Xiao Chen.

However, the Thunder Great Dao that Xiao Chen had quietly laid out activated at the same time. Startling thunder suppressed the sword hums echoing in the sky.

Amid horrifying thunder, the sword Qi in the sky shattered, producing tinkling sounds.

Xu Fuguan revealed a strange expression. He had not expected Xiao Chen to use the Thunder Great Dao to break his sword move.

Just as Xu Fuguan wanted to retreat, he discovered that Xiao Chen’s fist light seemed to have predicted where he would retreat to.

One hundred Cauldron Force gathered in the fist light. The immense pressure made Xu Fuguan feel asphyxiated.

Xu Fuguan’s figure flashed as he hastily tried to change his position.


One hundred Cauldron Force exploded. When the shock waves swept out, it forced out Xu Fuguan.

Then, Xiao Chen unhurriedly threw another punch.

At such a close distance, the sword was useless. Xu Fuguan was somewhat enraged at being pressed like this. “You are too overbearing!”

Xu Fuguan formed a hand seal with his left hand, and a resplendent sword light erupted to clash with Xiao Chen’s fist light.


The fist light and sword light were equally matched. Xu Fuguan moved back one hundred meters. Just as he was about to release his bated breath, he was horrified to discover another horrifying fist light charging over like it was following him.

Xiao Chen accurately predicted every single one of Xu Fuguan’s movements. Xu Fuguan could not shake free at all.

“Senior Brother Xu!”

Several Silver Dragon Palace disciples goggled at the sight. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen was so strong. With just two or three moves, he had forced Xu Fuguan into dire straits, unable to catch his breath.

At the crucial moment, a calm figure appeared in front of Xu Fuguan.

As that figure looked at the fist light containing one hundred Cauldron Force and putting a mountain-like pressure, he calmly countered with a punch.


The two fists clashed, but neither moved back at all. Shock waves radiated out.

The water below the two sank.

More than ten thousand water pillars erupted from the enormous Twin Moon Lake, which was about the size of a midsize city.

In this clash of punches, aside from Veritable Essence Energy and Vital Qi, there were also the two’s auras and Great Dao.

It looked like the two were clashing in this small space, but in reality, the battle had already spread throughout Twin Moon Lake.

Auras clashed all over the place.

The two’s Veritable Essence Energies, wills, mental states, and many other aspects infused into their auras. Whoever wavered first would suffer.

The two had a rather perfect grasp of their auras, seemingly equal. It was hard to find any opening.

Hence, this strange scene appeared above Twin Moon Lake. The fists of Xiao Chen and Li Feng met, and they stopped moving above the lake.

As the two locked gazes, sparks seemed to fly out of their eyes and meet in the middle.

A strong opponent, but the winner will only be me!

Li Feng gave a war cry, and Golden Dragon roars came from his body. The Golden Dragon’s Dragon Might spread out behind his body and lit up the night sky behind him, looking dazzling.

When the Golden Dragon’s Dragon Might washed over the spectators, they all felt a chill. The Golden Dragon was the noblest bloodline of the Six Colored Divine Dragons.

Naturally, the Golden Dragon’s Dragon Might was stronger than that of the other five Divine Dragon bloodlines—what more that of a mixed-blood dragon.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen did not lose to this practically substantial Golden Dragon’s Dragon Might. He appeared calm and even more at ease than the people on the flower-filled island.

“The Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries!”

Xiao Jinyu, Li Luo, and the other people familiar with Xiao Chen were shocked. At the same time, they felt proud.

It turned out that the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries were really strong. Xiao Chen did not show any fear even when facing a Golden Dragon’s Dragon Might. A fervent light blazed in everyone’s eyes, especially the mixed-blood dragon Lu Feng’s.

Can the Dragon Might of a mixed-blood dragon be this strong?

The one under the most pressure was Li Feng. His Golden Dragon’s Dragon Might was like a tall mountain, like the vast sea. It even gave off a might and pressure like that of a divine being.

However, Xiao Chen, whom Li Feng faced, seemed boundlessly ethereal and indistinct. While he was clearly nearby, it felt like he was far away.

While witnessing this standoff, Bai Yunfeng suddenly felt startled. Out of the blue, he remembered what Xiao Chen once asked him.

How vast are the skies?

It is equally useless if you see the skies with your eyes after coming out of the well but are unable to surpass your own heart. When seeing the skies with your eyes, the sky will always be extremely far away. You would only feel insignificant and helpless.

See the skies with your heart!

Bai Yunfeng turned deathly white. This instant of comprehension allowed him to see something no one else could see.

A gigantic dragon image was coiled around Twin Moon Lake. The dragon head looked like it dropped down from the sky, its mouth gaping open above Li Feng’s head, ready to bite down at any time.

However, at this moment, Li Feng was searching for Xiao Chen’s boundlessly ethereal Dragon Might, which was moving about mysteriously.

Bai Yunfeng thought, How is he going to find it? Li Feng is still fixed on the clash in auras, searching for Xiao Chen’s openings.

However, Xiao Chen’s heart went beyond the battlefield long ago.

After a while, as long as Li Feng shows any decline, he will instantly lose.

When Bai Yunfeng thought about the horrifying strike from the eruption of Xiao Chen’s Dragon Might, he felt some fear.


At the crucial moment, the forgotten Xu Fuguan appeared once more and turned into a straight sword that was like a lone peak.

That lone peak seemed to stab into the skies, parting the clouds and fog.

This horrifying sword strike, launched after storing up power, carried the state of a lone peak, containing the boldness to break the sky.

On seeing this sword strike, the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s people all felt restless.

“Xiao Chen!” Liu Ruyun cried out. She felt an impulse to rush over to save Xiao Chen.

The main thing was that no one expected Xu Fuguan to launch this sword strike at the crucial moment of the clash in auras.

Even the Silver Dragon Palace’s people felt embarrassed about this. However, they all remained silent, as though nothing had happened.