Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1997 Raw 2093 : Provoking Lu Feng

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Chapter 1997 Raw 2093 : Provoking Lu Feng

Chapter 1997 (Raw 2093): Provoking Lu Feng

There was an empty area at the center of the flower-filled island. A group of people sat at ease on stone stools there.

Not far away, musicians played pleasing and elegant zither music, prompting butterflies to flutter about.

A person in that group wore bright silver dragon robes. The dragon motifs on his clothes were embroidered with special divine materials. They looked magnificent and elegant, very eye-catching.

That person looked handsome and had an extraordinary air. No matter how one looked at that person, he stood out from the group.

The others were like stars around the moon, surrounding this person. Needless to say, this was the pride of the Silver Dragon Palace, one of the four great outer palace expert disciples, Yuan Xi.

Aside from the Silver Dragon Palace’s people, the White Dragon Palace’s disciples were there as well, having arrived long ago.

Xiao Chen took a quick look and immediately saw three familiar faces: Liu Ruyun, Zhong Li, and Liu Yunfei, whom he injured before.

“First Senior Brother, the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s people are here!” Yuan Tai called out loudly, drawing the attention of the people from the White Dragon Palace and Silver Dragon Palace.

The zither music stopped at this moment as well.

“Senior Brother Yuan!” Bai Yunfeng said with a cupped-fist salute. He had met with Yuan Xi a few times before.

Yuan Xi nodded slightly, indicating for the group to sit down. Then, he glanced at Yuan Tai.

Yuan Tai understood what Yuan Xi wanted. Yuan Xi wanted him to introduce the people from the three outer palaces to one another.

“This is Bai Yunfeng, the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s First Senior Brother. The others…”

Yuan Tai immediately felt a headache. He did not know the names of the others. At that time, he was not meticulous enough.

So, Yuan Tai directly skipped past the rest and fixed his gaze on the White Dragon Palace’s group. “This is Ling Xiao, the White Dragon Palace’s First Senior Brother. This is Brother Zhong Li. This is Liu Yunfei…”

Yuan Tai introduced everyone until he reached Liu Ruyun. He did not know how to introduce her.

The White Dragon Palace sent six people. Conventionally, there should have been just five.

Yuan Xi smiled faintly. As he looked at Liu Ruyun, undisguised adoration flashed in his eyes. He stood up and said, “Let me make the introductions. This is the White Dragon King’s beloved daughter, Liu Ruyun. She is the White Dragon Holy Daughter Liu Ruyue’s younger sister. She does not need to take the test to enter Ancestor Dragon City. She is here on behalf of the White Dragon Palace, giving us some face.”

When Liu Ruyun heard that, she felt slightly upset. She had thought about the possibility of Xiao Chen representing the Heavenly Dragon Palace in this gathering, which was why she asked her first senior brother, Ling Xiao, to bring her along.

Indeed, it was as Liu Ruyun guessed, Xiao Chen did come.

Liu Ruyun ignored what Yuan Xi said. She stood up, looked straight at Xiao Chen, and said, “Xiao Chen, we meet again.”

Xiao Chen nodded slightly and said, “We meet again.”

This slightly stunned Yuan Xi; he took a few seconds to react. He felt somewhat embarrassed, not knowing what to say.

Does Liu Ruyun actually know a mixed-blood dragon?

The White Dragon Palace’s Ling Xiao did not feel much surprise. He had heard from Zhong Li that Xiao Chen and Liu Ruyun knew each other.

Xiao Chen did not overthink. He carefully observed the White Dragon Palace’s Ling Xiao and the Silver Dragon Palace’s Yuan Xi.

Xiao Chen felt that these two were not ordinary Holy Venerates and were extremely strong.

This was especially so for Yuan Xi, one of the four great expert disciples of the outer palaces. Xiao Chen sensed a deeply hidden sharpness in him.

However, it was not too accurate to base everything on just aura.

Even so, that did not matter. This gathering between three outer palaces would not end with just chatting. There would definitely be exchanges to test one another’s strengths.

Yuan Xi gave Xiao Chen a deep look. Then, he glanced at Yuan Tai in confusion. Yuan Tai went over and whispered in his ear.

Yuan Xi’s expression changed slowly. After he heard everything, he went over and said, “To think that you successfully practiced the Supreme Dragon Fist! I initially thought that the strongest expert of the Heavenly Dragon Palace would be Bai Yunfeng. It looks like I was wrong.”

“The Supreme Dragon Fist? I do want to see if the Supreme Dragon Fist is as exaggerated as the legends say.” A hostile-looking man from the Silver Dragon Palace eyed Xiao Chen somewhat provocatively.

“This is our Second Senior Brother, Xu Fuguan.” Yuan Tai introduced this person while sitting.

“Everyone, let’s get to know each other first. There will be opportunities for us to exchange moves later. Junior Brother Xu, there is no need to rush.”

Yuan Xi smiled faintly. Actually, he thought the same thing. He did not feel that the Supreme Dragon Fist was as strong as legend said. “Men! Bring some fine wine and Spirit Fruits over. Musicians! Music!”

The Divine Dragon disciples from the White Dragon Palace and the Silver Dragon Palace generally held some disdain for Xiao Chen’s group.

In the following interaction, Xiao Chen’s group mostly remained silent, not saying much. Only Bai Yunfeng took the initiative to speak a little.

Soon, night fell without them realizing it.

The scene of the twin crescent moon lakes at night was breathtaking. This time happened to have a few stars with the bright moon looking exceptionally effulgent.

With the full moon in the sky and the two reflected moons in the lakes, there was a total of three bright moons.

This looked quite wondrous, like a dream when one was in it.

Everything remained silent. A fragrance spread out on the flower-filled island. Compared to the day, it seemed even more refreshing.


Far in the distance, at a palace hall on a mountain peak:

A few Silver Dragon Palace Elders were secretly observing the group of people chatting at Twin Moon Lake.

“This time, the Heavenly Dragon Palace is rather surprising. To think that they managed to produce an expert who comprehended the Supreme Dragon Fist,” one of the Elders sighed as he looked at Xiao Chen.

“Being able to practice it is one thing. Being able to bring out much of its might is another. Furthermore, this Fist Technique is not that easy to execute. The side effects are pronounced.”

“That’s true. However, no matter what, our Silver Dragon Palace still holds the upper hand. Based on the strengths of these two palaces, our Silver Dragon Palace should be able to send at least five people into Ancestor Dragon City, perhaps ten people if we are lucky.”

Not to mention how strong Yuan Xi was, even Yuan Tai could defeat most of the other outer palace disciples here.


“Looks like it is time to start.”

On the island filled with flowers, Yuan Xi raised his hand, and the musicians ended their performance and slowly left.

“The weather is pretty good, and tonight’s moon is quite bright. I wonder which friend here is willing to start first.”

Yuan Tai stepped forward and said, “Senior Brother, let me go first.”

Yuan Xi nodded slightly, and Yuan Tai looked around as he asked, “This Yuan is not talented, so I will be the first to start. If anyone thinks highly of me, we may have an exchange with each other.”

Right after Yuan Tai spoke, he leaped up and landed on Twin Moon Lake.

Lu Feng was about to step forward. Unexpectedly, someone managed to do so before he did.

“White Dragon Palace’s Liu Yunfei. Please enlighten me.”


A Dao disk appeared behind Liu Yunfei, and a strong wind blew. As he flew up, he threw a palm strike.

When this palm strike surged forward, the strong wind also kicked up an overwhelmingly huge wave. The entire Twin Moon Lake seemed to soar into the sky, looking very terrifying.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, This fellow has improved significantly in the few months I have not seen him.

Just as the towering water was about to swallow up Yuan Tai, he smiled faintly, and a sword appeared in his hand.

Yuan Tai drew his sword, and a silver light flickered. Strands of silver sword Qi shot out.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Thousands of holes appeared in the towering wave, which contained Liu Yunfei’s aura and Great Dao Energy.

This was equal to shattering Liu Yunfei’s aura when the sword light swept out.


Just as the hole-riddled, towering wave was about to crash down, Yuan Tai withdrew his sword and flicked with his finger.

“Bang!” Yuan Tai pressed the towering wave back, forcing it back into the lake to reflect the full moon in the sky again.

Liu Yunfei landed on the lake surface slowly. Some sword wounds appeared on his body. He appeared dejected.

Liu Yunfei knew that he was weaker. He had already lost, and his opponent won easily.

When Yuan Tai withdrew his sword and broke the wave with his finger, he obviously was showing off.

This was not a battle to the death, just a simple exchange. There was no need to continue fighting.

“I lost.”

With just one move, Liu Yunfei took the initiative to admit defeat. Then, he returned to his seat.

However, everyone here knew that it was not due to Liu Yunfei being unable to block even one move; it was just that this one move already showed a lot of things. There was no need to continue fighting.

If the two continued fighting, Liu Yunfei would still lose after five hundred moves, so it would be pointless.

After making his opponent admit defeat with one move, Yuan Tai felt cocky and got carried away. He looked around, and his gaze landed on Lu Feng.

“That whoever. Come, let’s exchange a few moves. Didn’t you want to know how strong my first senior brother is? I will show you the difference between you and him on behalf of my first senior brother.”

When Lu Feng heard this, he felt slightly stunned. Then, a somewhat cruel smile appeared on his face.

Lu Feng had already disliked the other party much earlier. Now, the other party took the initiative to provoke him; that was truly reckless.