Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1996 Raw 2092.5 Missing from Raws : Silver Dragon Palace

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Chapter 1996 Raw 2092.5 Missing from Raws : Silver Dragon Palace

Chapter 1996 (Raw 2092.5 Missing from Raws): Silver Dragon Palace

Three days later:

Xiao Chen, Bai Yunfeng, Lu Feng, Li Luo, and Xiao Jinyu gathered, ready to head for the Silver Dragon Palace.

Bai Yunfeng would function as the leader during this trip. After all, he was the First Senior Brother in name among the heaven-class core disciples.

The people in the Silver Dragon Palace might not recognize Xiao Chen if he took the lead.

Furthermore, Bai Yunfeng frequently adventured outside and was skilled at befriending people.

Of course, the other reason was that no one else was willing to take on this role, so everyone was happy for Bai Yunfeng to do it.

Bai Yunfeng waved his hand, and a 1-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot appeared before everyone.

“A Heaven Suspending War Chariot? Senior Brother Bai, you are making quite a big deal of this. With this Heaven Suspending War Chariot, we will be able to get to the Silver Dragon Palace faster.”

The group felt surprised. A Heaven Suspending War Chariot was tough to obtain. Even when considering all of the Dragon’s Gate outer palaces, few disciples possessed even a 1-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot.

However, everyone noticed that Xiao Chen remained calm; his expression did not change at all.

“A 1-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot is still too slow. Put it away.”

A red light flashed on Xiao Chen’s finger, and the Demon Blood Vulture appeared. A strong Demonic Might spread everywhere.

The Demon Blood Vulture’s feathers looked like they burned with a scarlet flame, making it look noble. It gave off a regal might that only overlord-class ferocious beasts had.

“It’s a Demon Blood Vulture!”

“No, it’s a Demon Blood Vulture with a mutated bloodline!”

Even the normally calm Lu Feng, who rarely responded to external stimuli, could not help sighing, “Junior Brother Xiao is truly a hidden talent. With such a demonic pet, everyone will envy us.”

“Get on, then.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The group climbed onto the Demon Blood Vulture and sat down. Bai Yunfeng felt slightly embarrassed. He glanced at his Heaven Suspending War Chariot before quickly putting it away. Then, he jumped onto the Demon Blood Vulture’s back, as well.


A strong wind blew, and the Demon Blood Vulture turned into a beam of scarlet light, instantly soaring into the clouds in the sky.

A barrier of faint blood mist appeared around the Demon Blood Vulture, allowing the people riding it to stand stably as though on solid ground. The barrier also protected them from the strong wind.

When seen from the ground, the Demon Blood Vulture looked like a flaming scarlet arrow shooting through the clouds.

The Demon Blood Vulture flew significantly faster than a 1-Star Heaven Suspending War Chariot.

After traveling for half a month, pressing forward both day and night, the group finally arrived.

Like the other outer palaces, the Silver Dragon Palace sat on top of an inherited ancient dragon city. They chose to build the Silver Dragon Palace where the Spiritual Energy was lushest.

As the Demon Blood Vulture flew over the city, it slowed down and headed for the Silver Dragon Palace.

It drew the eyes of many cultivators in the city, who wondered which faction the group was from.

A Demon Blood Vulture was rare in the first place, but a handsome mutated Demon Blood Vulture with crystalline scarlet-flame-like feathers was even rarer.

After a while, the main gate of the Silver Dragon Palace appeared before the group.

A chain of majestic and never-ending mountain ranges lay behind the gate. There were lush mountains and lively rivers everywhere. Towering trees abounded, filling the area with greenery.

The most eye-catching thing was an indistinct wavy silver light in one of the mountain ranges.

It was like a Silver Dragon hiding in the mountains, showing a contrast with the main gate. It looked majestic, vast, and elegant without losing any dignity.

Xiao Chen pondered this. He had been to the White Dragon Palace before and now came to the Silver Dragon Palace.

Now that he had a baseline, he found that the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s mountain range paled in comparison to these treasured lands that the Divine Dragon outer palaces occupied.

For many years, the Divine Dragon outer places had suppressed the Heavenly Dragon Palace. Aside from bloodline, the difference in foundations played a part. Even if the Heavenly Dragon Palace had good seeds, it had difficulty cultivating them.

“We’ve arrived.”

Bai Yunfeng showed a grave expression. While he appeared knowledgeable and prideful while in the Heavenly Dragon Palace, he did not dare to show any arrogance when he came out.

As for the rest, Lu Feng remained rather calm, while Li Luo and Xiao Jinyu showed grave expressions, even feeling nervous.

This was the first time Li Luo and Xiao Jinyu encountered such a grand scene. Furthermore, their bloodlines were not comparable. Hence, they could not help feeling nervous.

“Everyone from the Heavenly Dragon Palace, welcome. Thank you for traveling such a long way to come here.”

An Elder leading a disciple under the Silver Dragon Palace’s mountain tablet received the group from the Heavenly Dragon Palace.

This Elder was a white-haired old man with a slightly ashen complexion, dressed in Silver Dragon robes. He exuded a terrifyingly strong aura.

Bai Yunfeng stepped forward and said, “Greetings, Senior.”

The white-haired old man glanced at the five, and a look of slight disappointment flashed in his eyes. “Your Third Palace Master did not come?”

In reality, the Silver Dragon Palace invited the Heavenly Dragon Palace mostly because of the Third Palace Master.

The Third Palace Master’s alchemy was the best in the Divine Dragon Empire. He was someone at the peak, even in the entire northern region. Although he was of a mixed-blood dragon bloodline, no one in the Divine Dragon Empire dared to look down on him.

Countless people wanted to befriend the Third Palace Master.

Bai Yunfeng understood what was going on and felt somewhat embarrassed. With the Third Palace Master’s temper, who could convince him to do anything? Even if the Silver Dragon King personally sent an invitation, he might not come.

How could the Third Palace Master come to such a gathering? However, the group had made preparations before coming.

Bai Yunfeng proffered a brocade box, saying, “The Third Palace Master asked us to pass this on to your honored outer palace’s Palace Master. This is the Rank 5 Disaster Breaking Pill that he asked for half a year ago. There is a total of five pills.”

Although the Third Palace Master did not come, he still had to make a polite gesture.

The white-haired old man happily received the brocade box and said softly, “Yuan Tai, properly entertain these honored guests from the Heavenly Dragon Palace. I still have matters to attend to and will take my leave first.”

The moment that Elder said this, Bai Yunfeng and the others felt slightly upset.

To think that Silver Dragon Palace put on such airs. After receiving the gift, the Elder immediately left, only assigning a disciple to entertain them.

Yuan Tai also wore long silver robes. However, there were no dragons embroidered on it. He looked prim and proper with a treasure sword on his back, radiating sharpness from his face.

“Everyone, please follow me.”

Yuan Tai did not show any displeasure. He revealed a smile and brought the group in to rest.

After that, he followed the prescribed order, showing the group around the Silver Dragon Palace.

Yuan Tai’s expression was neither overly friendly nor casual. In any case, this was a mission given by an Elder. He just needed to complete it.

Occasionally, the group saw disciples practicing the sword.

All of the Silver Dragon Palace’s Cultivation Techniques and Martial Techniques seemed to center around the sword. With one casual glance, one could see many expert swordsmen.

Xiao Jinyu and Lu Feng were both swordsmen. After they entered the Silver Dragon Palace, they showed somewhat excited expressions.

This Silver Dragon Palace was indeed a good home for swordsmen. The group saw dozens of sword practice grounds of various types.

The Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples had not seen many of these training grounds before, a fresh sight that indeed expanded their horizons.

Bai Yunfeng and Yuan Tai chatted in soft voices. Yuan Tai patiently answered all the questions.

“Brother Yuan, I have long heard that your Silver Dragon Palace is famed for your swordsmen. Seeing it today is truly a great eye-opener.”

Yuan Tai said indifferently, “It’s still alright.”

In Yuan Tai’s opinion, there was nothing to be proud of. He had gotten used to it long ago. To him, these people were just a group of ignorant Heavenly Dragon Palace mixed-blood dragons.

However, Yuan Tai had pretty good self-restraint. Even though he looked down on them, he did not show it.

After chatting for a while, Bai Yunfeng lost interest. No matter how stupid he was, he could sense the deep-seated disdain of the other party.

No matter how polite Yuan Tai was, he would still make others feel somewhat uncomfortable.

However, Bai Yunfeng was the leader right now. The others did not like chatting, either, so it was up to him to chat with Yuan Tai.

“I’ve heard that the Silver Dragon Palace’s First Senior Brother Yuan Xi already reached peak Great Perfection in his comprehension of the Sword Great Dao and is close to attaining a Sword Dao Domain. Is this rumor true?” Just at this moment, the previously silent Lu Feng suddenly asked Yuan Tai.

Yuan Tai felt slightly surprised, as he could pick up a desire to fight from Lu Feng’s words.

Yuan Tai could not help laughing in his heart. You are just a Mixed-Blood Dragon Palace disciple. To think that you want to challenge Senior Brother Yuan Xi! This is interesting.

Yuan Tai did not answer the question. He smiled faintly and said, “You will know when you meet Senior Brother Yuan Xi later.”

There is no need to tell him. This person is rather stupid. Yuan Tai smiled and ignored Lu Feng.

Lu Feng felt some displeasure, but he restrained himself after some thought.

Just at this moment, they turned a corner, and a winding path appeared before them. Yuan Tai said softly, “We’ve arrived.”

After they walked down the path, two crescent-shaped lakes came into view. This was the Silver Dragon Palace’s famous Twin Moon Lake.

With the tips of the two lakes facing each other, they formed a complete silver circle.

The space in the middle of the full-moon-like circle seemed to be an island with all sorts of flowers and plants, presenting a very brilliant and beautiful scene. With the contrast of the two crescent lakes, it looked dreamy.

“Wait a moment,” Yuan Tai said softly as the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples wondered how to cross over to the island.

They were shocked to discover that the two crescent lakes were slowly spinning around. The vast lake flickered with a faint silver light, looking exceptionally entrancing.

Soon, a path appeared in the spinning lakes before them.

Yuan Tai led the way, and the five followed.