Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1994 Raw 2091 : Breadth of Mind

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Chapter 1994 Raw 2091 : Breadth of Mind

Chapter 1994 (Raw 2091): Breadth of Mind

“Tell it to him!”

After Elder Tian Yun heard that, he felt shocked at first. He was a heaven-class Elder. How could his fate be handed to a disciple to deal with?

However, after thinking for a while, he realized that the Third Palace Master was giving him a way out by doing this.

Elder Tian Yun turned around to face Xiao Chen and knelt. “Xiao Chen, I was wrong in this. Will you let me off? I promise not to make things difficult for you in the future.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly and said softly, “I am not worthy of you kneeling to me. Please stand up and speak.”

“Xiao Chen, many thanks!” Elder Tian Yun felt as though he had gotten free of a heavy burden. He heaved a sigh of relief, feeling cold sweat running down his back.

Seeing Elder Tian Yun with such an appearance, Xiao Chen felt his interest come to an end. He did not feel any sense of accomplishment. He walked over to the Third Palace Master and said softly, “Third Palace Master, let’s leave it at this. I won’t pursue this matter anymore. I was not seeking to do anything to him. I just wanted to say that right is right and wrong is wrong. It is enough to prove that I, Xiao Chen, was not in the wrong.”

The moment Xiao Chen said this, it startled the Third Palace Master. As he looked at Xiao Chen, he found it strange.

The Third Palace Master recalled what Xiao Chen looked like earlier in his secret realm. That anger definitely could not be feigned.

To think that Xiao Chen would let things go like that.

The Third Palace Master asked seriously, “Are you sure?”

Xiao Chen nodded and replied, “Third Palace Master, your words gave me the answer. Elders cannot be narrow-minded and abuse their authority for the sake of their delight. Why shouldn’t this apply to disciples, as well? What is the point if I made use of the authority that you, the Third Palace Master, gave me, for the sake of my delight?”

Actually, this matter did not affect Xiao Chen too much, given his mental state.

If it were in the past, Xiao Chen would have taken out all of his trump cards. He would have used the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art, the God Shadow Bow, and the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant. Even if the other party were a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage, he would opt to go all-out against the other party.

After causing a huge commotion, he would then leave the Heavenly Dragon Palace.

However, Xiao Chen had developed some feelings for this Heavenly Dragon Palace. He had wandered the Great Thousand Realms for such a long time. Now that he finally had a place to settle down, he did not want to leave.

He recalled that when he fought for the heaven-class core disciple position, he had fought against one thousand and managed to last until the end. At that time, those core disciples took the initiative to surrender. That was the pride of dragons, a respect for experts that did not go against their character.

Those people did not continue to surround and attack Xiao Chen. Instead, they took the initiative to let him become a heaven-class core disciple.

Even mixed-blood dragons had their pride and breadth of mind. Everyone here was a Dragon Race disciple. No other place could make Xiao Chen reluctant to leave.

He recalled the first time he climbed to the top of the Heavenly Dragon statue. The excitement and hot-bloodedness he felt when looking down on the entire Heavenly Dragon Palace were hard to forget, even today.

The feeling that this place gave Xiao Chen was no less than that of Qingyun Peak from back then.

Xiao Chen only wanted to find a suitable way to remain and, at the same time, to prove he was not wrong. He would not go against his character, that unyielding nature in his heart.

Now that Xiao Chen had already achieved his goal, there was no need for him to argue the point to death, relentlessly hitting Elder Tian Yun while he was down.

Elder Tian Yun, who was in the distance, felt somewhat stupefied and immediately felt ashamed.

Unexpectedly, he, an Elder, actually lost to a younger-generation disciple in breadth of mind. As he looked at the injuries on Xiao Chen, he felt his face turn hot, going red.

The Third Palace Master turned around to look at Elder Tian Yun and said, “This matter is over, then. However, even though Xiao Chen forgave you, it does not mean that you will escape punishment. Your remuneration will stop for half a year, and you will be demoted from heaven-class Elder. You may take the test to become one again only after three months.”

“Thank you, Third Palace Master!”

Elder Tian Yun knew that he was fine already. This punishment was nothing compared to the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison.

No matter what, the one that Elder Tian Yun should thank the most was Xiao Chen. He felt sure that had Xiao Chen stubbornly refused to forgive him, the Third Palace Master would definitely have thrown him into the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison.

Earlier, when the Third Palace Master turned around to look at Elder Tian Yun, he appeared unwilling to do so. This showed how disgusted he was with Elder Tian Yun.

At the same time, Elder Tian Yun felt embarrassed. Unexpectedly, the Third Palace Master had remembered him all this time. The Third Palace Master wanted to help him break through to the Divine Vein Realm within ten years.

Elder Tian Yun truly let down the other party’s expectations.

The Third Palace Master looked at the other Elders and sighed. “Let’s leave things at this, then. When I arrived, I heard you all discussing the slots for the gathering between three outer palaces. Let Xiao Chen choose. We do need to decide on the candidates.”

“Right, right, right. Xiao Chen’s strength is evident.” The other Elders quickly nodded and agreed.

“Xiao Chen, make your choice. Choose four people to go to the Silver Dragon Palace with you,” the Third Palace Master urged.

Xiao Chen looked around and fixed his gaze on Lu Feng first. He felt that this person was even stronger than Bai Yunfeng, hiding himself extremely deeply.

“Him!” Xiao Chen said as he pointed at Lu Feng, not knowing Lu Feng’s name.

Lu Feng stepped forward and performed a cupped-fist salute. He smiled casually and said, “Lu Feng. Junior Brother Xiao, many thanks for thinking highly of me.”

The others were all on tenterhooks, hoping that Xiao Chen would choose them. They did not want to miss out on this opportunity.

Xiao Chen looked around and fixed his gaze on another person. “Xiao Jinyu!”

Xiao Jinyu was slightly stunned, thinking that he had misheard. After verifying that he had not, he said in wild joy, “Many thanks, Senior Brother Xiao Chen.”

This was a pleasant surprise and completely unexpected. Given his past conflicts with Xiao Chen, Xiao Jinyu never imagined that the other party would choose him.

Naturally, Xiao Chen had his reasons. Although Xiao Jinyu’s cultivation was not comparable to those experienced senior brothers, his talent with the Sword Dao was extremely terrifying. His growth potential was very strong.

Xiao Jinyu might be able to make considerable improvements in the next two months.

Xiao Chen’s gaze continued to sweep around before landing on Li Luo. “Li Luo.”

Xiao Chen had his selfish reasons for choosing Li Luo. Earlier, when Elder Tian Yun knocked him down, she was the one who came over to help him up.

The others did not even dare to move under Elder Tian Yun’s pressure.

Naturally, Xiao Chen would remember who was kind to him. He would repay such people.

There was still one more slot. Xiao Chen’s gaze landed on Bai Yunfeng, and he said, “Him, then.”

Without embellishing or downplaying him, this Bai Yunfeng’s strength spoke for itself. Even though Xiao Chen had looked like he had walked over Bai Yunfeng, he had put in a lot of effort in reality.

The decision slightly surprised the Third Palace Master, startling him. Then, he revealed a faint smile, feeling somewhat gratified.

After the shock, Bai Yunfeng felt overjoyed. “Many thanks, Junior Brother Xiao.”

Even Bai Yunfeng himself felt that this stroke of luck was too sudden.

Initially, he thought that he definitely would not have this opportunity after offending Xiao Chen.

The others all felt somewhat disappointed at not being chosen. Going by convention, the sect would focus on nurturing them in the last two months, giving them vast resources on top of being able to observe the strength of the other outer palaces’ disciples.

This was an unwritten rule. It was not openly announced, but almost everyone here was a veteran and knew this.

While most felt disappointed, congratulations were still in order. Those who were on friendly terms with the candidates came to congratulate them.

“Go back and prepare. You will depart three days later. As for those who were not chosen, don’t be disappointed. The Second Palace Master naturally has his arrangements. We will not make everyone stay in the Heavenly Dragon Palace for two months with nothing to do.”


After everyone left, Xiao Chen and the Third Palace Master returned to the secret realm.

Due to this event, the relationship between Xiao Chen and the Third Palace Master improved further.

“Xiao Chen, when you came to look for me earlier, saying that you wanted to leave, it was seventy percent true. However, I could tell that you were truly reluctant,” the Third Palace Master said with a smile as he looked at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen nodded; he did not deny it. “My experiences are rather complicated. Before coming here, I did indeed have some other motives. However, having arrived at this Heavenly Dragon Palace, I am now somewhat reluctant to leave. Even after going to Ancestor Dragon City in the future, I will always be a part of the Heavenly Dragon Palace.”

Smiling, the Third Palace Master sighed, “If only everyone thought like you. Unfortunately…”

Xiao Chen pondered a moment before looking at the Third Palace Master. “From how Third Palace Master lectured Elder Tian Yun earlier, it seemed that you were somewhat disappointed in the Heavenly Dragon bloodline.”

The Third Palace Master said somewhat helplessly, “The Heavenly Dragon bloodline…in the end, it is still a mixed-blood dragon bloodline. The Heavenly Dragon Palace was meant to protect and house all the mixed-blood dragons. This was something from many years ago, so let’s not mention it. I feel that I truly got to know you only today. Mixed-blood dragons have humble statuses. If everyone could have a strong unyielding will as you do, how could we not rise?”

Xiao Chen said seriously, “There will be such a day.”

The Third Palace Master smiled faintly. “After saying so much, you are leaving the medicine cauldron with me, right? I can start refining Medicinal Pills with it soon.”

Xiao Chen exclaimed in shock, “So soon?”

“Oh, by the way…” The Third Palace Master seemed to have thought of something. “Do you have any way to communicate with that Divine Pill’s spirit? If it is willing to work with me, I can provide it with natural treasures when I refine Medicinal Pills. As long as it is willing to use its divine nature to help me shape the pills, the Medicinal Pills I refine will be able to gain some of a Divine Pill’s nature.”