Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1993 Raw 2090 : Bitter and Hateful

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Chapter 1993 Raw 2090 : Bitter and Hateful

Chapter 1993 (Raw 2090): Bitter and Hateful

The Profound Dragon Platform on the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s main peak:

Elder Tian Yun slowly descended from the top of the Heavenly Dragon statue. He seemed to be in a pretty good mood.

In fact, Elder Tian Yun had planned all this to seek trouble for Xiao Chen. He had guessed that if Bai Yunfeng lost by chance, Xiao Chen might end up mocking him.

At that time, he could righteously teach Xiao Chen a lesson, leaving him unable to complain. He had figured out Xiao Chen’s character and knew that Xiao Chen absolutely would not let things be.

Indeed, Xiao Chen demanded an explanation after he defeated Bai Yunfeng, as Elder Tian Yun expected.

After Xiao Chen fell into the trap, Elder Tian Yun did not bother bickering with Xiao Chen at all. He directly attacked and taught Xiao Chen a lesson.

At this moment, Elder Tian Yun felt very cocky. As he faced the many heaven-class core disciples, he said, “I gathered everyone here today because there is a major matter to discuss. The competition between the seven outer palaces is at hand. Going by the usual practice, some of the outer palaces have organized small gatherings to allow the participants to see the younger generation’s strength.

“This time, we were invited by the Silver Dragon Palace. The heaven-class core disciples of our Heavenly Dragon Palace and the White Dragon Palace will gather at the Silver Dragon Palace to give the younger generation a chance to have a mutual discussion.”

Elder Tian Yun paused here for a moment before continuing seriously, “This is a rare opportunity. There are limited slots. Those who go will get to observe the strength of heaven-class core disciples from the other outer palaces. This will be a great help in the competition between the seven outer palaces. I believe everyone understands what this means.”

Three outer palaces gathering together was rather surprising. The other four outer palaces would probably have their own gatherings as well.

Even so, the heaven-class core disciples here still valued this information. As Elder Tian Yun said, knowing the strength of heaven-class core disciples from the other outer palaces before the competition between the seven outer palaces would be very useful.

However, there were limited slots. The heaven-class core disciples present wondered how Elder Tian Yun would choose the candidates.

Everyone immediately felt some anxiety and anticipation. They forgot about the commotion caused by Xiao Chen and Bai Yunfeng for now.

“Bai Yunfeng!”

“Present!” Bai Yunfeng replied loudly after tidying himself up a little.

Bai Yunfeng looked to be in good spirits. He did not look like Xiao Chen had taught him a miserable lesson not long ago.

Elder Tian Yun pointed to the crowd and said, “Yunfeng, you are everyone’s First Senior Brother and have deep friendships with inner sect disciples. You are also very knowledgeable. You shall take the lead in this gathering between three outer palaces. Including you, there is a total of five slots. You make the choice.”

Unexpectedly, Elder Tian Yun handed the vital job of choosing candidates to Bai Yunfeng.

Immediately, everyone felt some sympathy for Xiao Chen in their heart.

It looked like Xiao Chen was right. This Bai Yunfeng had a deep connection to Elder Tian Yun. The earlier matter was a trap laid by Elder Tian Yun.

Unfortunately, Elder Tian Yun was a heaven-class Elder.

Even if Xiao Chen suffered grievances and knew that the other party was in the wrong, he should have temporarily endured.

However, Xiao Chen spoke so straightforwardly on the top of the Heavenly Dragon statue in front of Elder Tian Yun.

There probably was not a second person with such courage in the entire Heavenly Dragon Palace, aside from Xiao Chen.

Bai Yunfeng felt self-satisfied, his demeanor as if he was passing judgment on everything in the world. He said seriously, “As for this gathering between three outer palaces, the people going cannot be weak. We absolutely cannot embarrass the Heavenly Dragon Palace. Hence, the first person I choose is…”


Just at this moment, a horrifying might and pressure encased the entire Profound Dragon Platform, inspiring fear in everyone.

Bai Yunfeng started stammering in confusion, unable to form a complete sentence.

Everyone was shocked. Their expressions dramatically changed as they wondered what happened.

Elder Tian Yun quivered as he thought, This is the Third Palace Master’s aura. What’s going on? Why is the Third Palace Master here? That can’t be, right? A bad feeling awoke in his heart.

“Tian Yun!”

As Elder Tian Yun was thinking, a thunderous shout rang out in the sky. Many people shook, nearly falling to their knees in fear.

Fortunately, this thunderous shout targeted Elder Tian Yun. Otherwise, half of the heaven-class core disciples here would have vomited blood and suffered severe injury.

At the same time, many of the hidden Supreme Elders in the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s ancient main peak showed confused expressions.

“Third Palace Master?”

“What’s going on with the Third Palace Master? It has been many years since he lost his temper like this. This is really strange!”

“I recall that the Third Palace Master was famous for his fiery temper and unruly character. However, after he became the Third Palace Master, he toned down considerably. Although he is still eccentric, he has not lost his temper since then.”

“This is really strange!”

At the Profound Dragon Platform, Elder Tian Yun’s expression still appeared fine. However, the expressions of the Elders behind him all changed dramatically.

As for Bai Yunfeng, his earlier cockiness disappeared, leaving utter stupefaction.

“It’s the Third Palace Master!”

“It’s over. The Third Palace Master is angry. What is going on? The Third Palace Master has never questioned the administration of the sect. Why did he lose his temper like this?”

The many Elders recalled the Third Palace Master’s past fiery temper, and they paled slightly, feeling that things were out of control.


The Third Palace Master landed on the Profound Dragon Platform in the next moment with Xiao Chen in tow.

The other heaven-class core disciples quickly made way. When they saw Xiao Chen beside the Third Palace Master, their jaws all dropped.

It’s Xiao Chen!

The Third Palace Master personally brought Xiao Chen over. This… The many heaven-class core disciples felt somewhat confused.

Initially, everyone thought that Xiao Chen could only endure his humiliation. After all, the other party was a heaven-class Elder. Even if he was angry, he could only swallow it back. No matter how he argued, he could only endure meekly, even possibly take the initiative to apologize.

Who could have imagined that the Third Palace Master, who never interfered in sect matters, would come to get justice for Xiao Chen?

Today’s string of events took everyone’s emotions on a roller coaster ride, leaving them in a daze.

Damn it!

When Elder Tian Yun saw Xiao Chen by the Third Palace Master’s side, his heart immediately sank. He felt somewhat flustered as he did his best to think of a way to deal with this.

“Greetings, Third Palace Master!”

“Greetings, Third Palace Master!”

Elder Tian Yun took the lead, and the others bowed and greeted the Third Palace Master, as well. The three Palace Masters held high authority. No matter how low profile they were, the Third Palace Master was still one of the Palace Masters. His strength and position far surpassed everyone else’s here.

The Third Palace Master showed a gloomy expression, not responding to the Elders. He looked straight at Elder Tian Yun and said, “Answer this question: were you the one who inflicted the injuries on him?”

Indeed…indeed, he is here because of Xiao Chen.

Elder Tian Yun instantly became utterly flustered. His cockiness disappeared completely. He could only brace himself and answer, “Yes. However, Third Palace Master, please let me explain—”

“Shut up!”

The Third Palace Master shouted coldly, interrupting Elder Tian Yun. Then, he looked around at the people behind Elder Tian Yun before fixing his gaze on a particular Elder. He said, “I have some impression of you. Tell me everything. If you dare to hide anything, I will cripple your cultivation!”

That person immediately trembled in fear. Before the Third Palace Master, he did not show the dignity of an Elder.

Elder Tian Yun’s heart plunged to rock bottom. He knew that it was over. The Third Palace Master was furious. This time, he had gone too far.

That person protested with a bitter expression, “Third Palace Master, this matter really has nothing to do with us. Elder Tian Yun told us that he wanted to suppress Xiao Chen, so he got Bai Yunfeng to test Xiao Chen. He said that it would be best to teach Xiao Chen a small lesson and that we should not show ourselves.

“However, Elder Tian Yun did not expect Xiao Chen to grow significantly stronger; Bai Yunfeng was not a match for Xiao Chen. At that time, we saw his expression change. When Elder Tian Yun appeared, Xiao Chen tried to reason with him. However, before much was said, Elder Tian Yun knocked Xiao Chen off the top of the Heavenly Dragon statue with a palm strike. After that, he personally made a move to teach Xiao Chen a lesson, asking Xiao Chen if Xiao Chen knew his mistake. We really did not do anything. Third Palace Master, you also know that he is a heaven-class Elder, higher ranking than us. We had to follow his instructions.”

“It really is not our fault. We were forced into this,” the other Elders called out at the same time, trying to absolve themselves of responsibility.

Bai Yunfeng startled to his senses and knelt down quickly. He said, “Third Palace Master, I’m innocent too. Elder Tian Yun enticed this junior, giving me fifty thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills and a Rank 5 Heavenly Pill to teach Xiao Chen a lesson. I did not dare to disobey.”

Elder Tian Yun felt so angry that his face turned green. However, he could not refute this, as it was true.

The scariest thing was the discovery that the Third Palace Master had started smiling. Elder Tian Yun felt somewhat giddy, feeling that matters were spiraling out of his control.

The Third Palace Master smiled in his anger. “My Heavenly Dragon Palace’s heaven-class Elders are truly awe-inspiring. I wonder if you are still going to be as awe-inspiring in the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison.”

After the Third Palace Master spoke, he turned away to leave.

This scared Elder Tian Yun silly. The Third Palace Master was furious. If he were just helping Xiao Chen get justice, the Third Palace Master would only teach Elder Tian Yun a lesson.

However, the Third Palace Master only mentioned the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison before turning to leave.

The terror-stricken Elder Tian Yun fell to his knees and cried, “Third Palace Master, Tian Yun knows his mistake. Please give me a chance.”

The Starry Heavens Dragon Prison was the nightmare of every Dragon Race cultivator. After being locked up in there, no one would come out intact.

Most people went crazy.

The Third Palace Master stopped walking and said to Elder Tian Yun, with his back to him, “I recall that fifty years ago, when you were still a Holy Venerate, I thought highly of your Sword Dao cultivation. When you were trying to break through to Sovereign Personage, I gave you three extra Disaster Breaking Pills, Rank 5 Heavenly Pills. I did indeed make the right judgment. After you entered Ancestor Dragon City, you successfully broke through to Sovereign Personage. When you returned, you worked alongside Second Brother. Although I do not bother with administration these days, I still felt very happy for you when I heard that you comprehended a Dao Domain. Promoting you to heaven-class Elder was my suggestion.

“Among the heaven-class Elders, your improvement in strength is the most stable. When you asked me for Medicinal Pills, although I spoke harshly, I actually gave you extras. I hoped that you could break through the bottleneck within ten years and become a Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor.”

Elder Tian Yun, who was kneeling on the ground, was dumbfounded, not having expected the Third Palace Master to remember him all this while.

He had thought that the Third Palace Master had already forgotten the matter of the three Rank 5 Heaven Rank Disaster Breaking Pills from back then. Who knew, the other party had been placing hope on him all the while.

“My Heavenly Dragon bloodline has humble statuses and limited resources. It has great difficulty cultivating a Sovereign Personage who comprehends a Dao Domain. First Brother and Second Brother also secretly helped you a lot. However, that should not become a reason for you to commit mistakes. If the Elders were this narrow-minded and scheming, suppressing a younger-generation disciple for their own pleasure, there would really be no need for this Heavenly Dragon Palace to continue existing. If it cannot protect the younger-generation disciples and let the Heavenly Dragon bloodline rise up, what is the point of it?!”

“Plop!” Elder Tian Yun’s forehead knocked on the ground as he kowtowed. His forehead bled as he said seriously, “Third Palace Master, Tian Yun really knows his mistake now. Please give me a chance! Tian Yun guarantees not to disappoint Third Palace Master anymore.”

“Tell it to him. I don’t want to see you.” The Third Palace Master simply pointed at Xiao Chen without turning.

Initially, the Third Palace Master had thought that it was just a minor matter; perhaps Xiao Chen offended Elder Tian Yun because of his bad temper, resulting in Elder Tian Yun teaching him a lesson. Hence, the Third Palace Master had thought that he just needed to stand up for Xiao Chen.

Unexpectedly, this matter ended up being so shocking. The Third Palace Master felt somewhat tired.

After thinking a lot, he even felt lost and just wanted to leave.