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Chapter 1992 Raw 2089 : Come with Me

Chapter 1992 (Raw 2089): Come with Me

One moment earlier, a resounding slap echoed throughout the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s main peak.

In the next moment, Xiao Chen’s furious shout overwhelmed the sound of the slap.

Before everyone could recover from the shock of Xiao Chen defeating Bai Yunfeng, he did something else shocking—he challenged a heaven-class Elder.

Xiao Chen had long felt that things were not quite right.

Even though he had fought Bai Yunfeng for so long, no sect Elder had appeared to stop the fight. This had to be Elder Tian Yun’s doing.

Xiao Chen had kept an eye out while fighting. Several times, he sensed someone secretly spying on him.

That person hid very well. Xiao Chen could not figure out where or how.

He only sensed that the other party wanted to make a move a few times but did not do so due to some concerns.

Now that things had gotten this far, Xiao Chen was sure that Elder Tian Yun had been hiding somewhere from the start.

“According to the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s rules, I can execute you for being disrespectful to an Elder. Considering your ignorance, this old man will not argue with you. Get down!” Elder Tian Yun said with a sullen expression as he appeared in the air and landed on the Heavenly Dragon statue.

Xiao Chen turned around and eyed Elder Tian Yun. “I am ignorant? Although this Bai Yunfeng is stupid, he would not seek trouble for me for no reason at all. This is especially so when he knew that the three Palace Masters spent some time to guide me. He would not have the confidence to offend me unless he had someone supporting him from behind.”

Feeling very confident, Elder Tian Yun smiled coldly. “What are you trying to say? Are you saying that I instigated him to do this? Brat, don’t think that you can challenge an Elder just because the three Palace Masters guided you. Not to mention me instigating Bai Yunfeng, even if I openly got him to test your strength, what can you do to me?

“Do you think you can get the three Palace Masters to come and teach me a lesson? The three Palace Masters guided you for only one day. Don’t think that you are someone important.”

Elder Tian Yun took pride in his age and experience. He did not worry about Xiao Chen at all.

His actions already clearly said that he did do it.

“Scram. This is not the place for you. This Elder still has something important to announce.”


Elder Tian Yun’s figure flashed, arriving before Xiao Chen and throwing a palm strike.

Xiao Chen could not see this fast palm strike at all. He could only rely on his body’s instincts to dodge at the very last moment.

“I missed?”

This surprised Elder Tian Yun. Feeling anger in his heart, he said, “This Elder is teaching you a lesson, so just stay still!”

Right after Elder Tian Yun spoke, he launched an even faster and stronger palm strike.

The disparity between the two’s cultivations was too large. Elder Tian Yun was a Great Perfection Sovereign Personage who comprehended a Dao Domain.

Even among Great Perfection Sovereign Personages, few could rival him.

Xiao Chen was far inferior to Elder Tian Yun; he was not on the same level. Being able to dodge a palm strike was already extremely difficult.

Xiao Chen’s instincts could not even react to the second palm strike. Thus, the palm strike landed.

Several of Xiao Chen’s ribs immediately broke as he fell vomiting blood.

“Bang!” Xiao Chen crashed into the ground.

Li Luo quickly went over to help Xiao Chen up.

Xiao Chen’s expression remained calm as he wiped away the blood at his lips. Then, he raised his eyebrows as he looked at Elder Tian Yun.

Elder Tian Yun had a cold smile, showing no fear at all.

Naturally, Elder Tian Yun was not afraid. He was a heaven-class Elder, and he had known the three Palace Masters for decades.

The three Palace Masters only guided Xiao Chen for one day. They had not taken him as their disciple. He was not even a nominal disciple. For the past four months, he also did not interact with the three Palace Masters.

Furthermore, Elder Tian Yun did not commit a big mistake. Even if Xiao Chen called a Palace Master, he would just be given a verbal warning.

To think that this Xiao Chen is so reckless. He should have stopped at defeating Bai Yunfeng. Unexpectedly, he dared to challenge me.

If I don’t teach him a lesson today, how am I going to maintain my prestige as a heaven-class Elder in the future?

“Xiao Chen, just let him have his way and continue with his random babble. After all, we are disciples. Disciples are just disciples, and Elders are Elders. There is no need to squabble with them,” Li Luo advised when she saw that Xiao Chen had no intention of giving in.

In Li Luo’s opinion, Xiao Chen was just asking for it. How could a disciple challenge an Elder? Even the unruly talented disciples within the past few thousand years did not dare to do this.

“Xiao Chen, do you know your mistake?” Elder Tian Yun asked as he looked at Xiao Chen coldly from the top of the Heavenly Dragon statue.

“Where is the mistake?”


Elder Tian Yun expressionlessly waved his hand. Immediately, a sword wind pulled Xiao Chen away from Li Luo.

After the sword wind passed, many crisscrossing bloody wounds appeared on Xiao Chen’s body, inflicting incredible pain.

Elder Tian Yun’s sword intent was very hard to eliminate. It lingered in the wounds, continuously deepening them.

“Do you know your mistake yet?!” Elder Tian Yun shouted coldly. Then, with the flip of his hand, he sent out more sword winds at Xiao Chen.

This put Xiao Chen in intense pain, but he gritted his teeth and endured.

Xiao Chen remained silent and gave Elder Tian Yun a deep look before turning to leave.

“The Elder is asking you a question.”

Just at this moment, Bai Yunfeng, whom Xiao Chen slapped down, blocked Xiao Chen.

Bai Yunfeng showed a mocking smile as he said, “You are too inexperienced to be fighting with me. Weren’t you very arrogant up there earlier? Now, let me ask you: how vast are the skies? Speak. If you don’t, I won’t allow you to leave today!”

The other disciples on the Profound Dragon Platform could not help feeling disturbed.

Xiao Chen simply should not have offended Elder Tian Yun. No matter what, Elder Tian Yun was a heaven-class Elder.

This resulted in the situation completely reversing in an instant.

Bai Yunfeng, who was initially trampled on, returned and seemed like he wanted to take revenge.

Disdain flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. He could not be bothered with Bai Yunfeng. Just because Tian Yun is supporting you, you think that I do not dare to attack you?


Huge mistake!

Xiao Chen replied to Bai Yunfeng with a lightning-quick strike. He instantly erupted with one hundred Cauldron Force, sending the other party flying with a punch.

Bai Yunfeng flew backward in a sorry state and crashed into the cliffside. His face scrunched up in incredible pain.


Just as Elder Tian Yun was about to make a move, Xiao Chen directly jumped off the main peak.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Just at this moment, several Elders appeared around the Heavenly Dragon statue. They said worriedly, “Tian Yun, isn’t this inappropriate?”

Tian Yun replied indifferently, “What is inappropriate about this? He is just a disciple. Do you think that he can get the three Palace Masters to come and teach me a lesson?”

The other Elders thought about it and agreed. They all knew how busy the three Palace Masters were. A random disciple could not possibly get them to do anything.


Xiao Chen, who jumped off the main peak, remained silent with a cold expression.

Although he was angry, he did not get agitated. If he were an ordinary person, the anger would have gotten to his head after such humiliation, and he would have directly gone all-out against Elder Tian Yun.

If one could not vent the grievances in one’s heart, it would result in a heart demon, making this even more painful.

However, since Xiao Chen dared to challenge Elder Tian Yun, he naturally had his confidence.

Actually, Elder Tian Yun’s thoughts were right. Even if Xiao Chen complained to the First Palace Master or the Second Palace Master, they would only give Elder Tian Yun a warning.

There would not be any substantial punishment. After all, Elder Tian Yun was a heaven-class Elder. His strength spoke for itself.

However, the Third Palace Master was different.

Xiao Chen moved quickly, flying to the Third Palace Master’s secret realm.

The area near the secret realm was heavily guarded. However, the Third Palace Master had left instructions not to stop Xiao Chen.

When the guards saw Xiao Chen, they immediately let him through, so he successfully entered the secret realm.

At this moment, a smile filled the Third Palace Master’s face. As he studied the medicine cauldron engraved with divine characters, his eyes sparkled.

After four months, he had finally achieved slight control over this medicine cauldron. He felt that he would be able to use it to refine Medicinal Pills soon.

At that time, the Third Palace Master would not only be able to refine Medicinal Pills but also raise his Medicinal Pills’ quality by another level.

He might even break through the bottleneck in his alchemy, reaching new heights.

When thinking of breaking through his bottleneck, the Third Palace Master could not help smiling.

“Haha! Xiao Chen, good timing. Did you bring wine? Accompany me for a few drinks.”

The Third Palace Master sensed Xiao Chen enter the secret realm. On seeing Xiao Chen arrive, he welcomed Xiao Chen with a smile.

Who knew, Xiao Chen ignored him. He walked over, waved his hand, and collected the medicine cauldron into his Divine Universe Stele.

“Brat, what do you mean by this?” the Third Palace Master asked in a rush. He was about to be able to refine Medicinal Pills in this medicine cauldron. Now that it was gone, how could the Third Palace Master just sit still?

Xiao Chen waved his hand and said, “I’m unable to remain in this Heavenly Dragon Palace anymore, so I’m putting my things away and leaving. Naturally, I have to take back this medicine cauldron as well.”

Only now did the Third Palace Master notice the sword wounds on Xiao Chen’s body. He felt shocked when he realized that Xiao Chen was not joking.

“That is that Tian Yun brat’s sword intent… What’s going on? Tell me what happened. This old man will get justice for you.”

Xiao Chen turned and replied, “I’ve already said all that I should to him. There is nothing more to say. He already injured me to this extent, so how could I have the face to remain here?”

The Third Palace Master studied the injuries on Xiao Chen’s body. He felt shocked at the wounds and immediately flew into a rage.

Not to mention the gratitude the Third Palace Master felt for Xiao Chen telling him about the secret of the Divine Rank medicine cauldron, Xiao Chen, with just his talent and aptitude, should not have been treated like that in the first place.

“How audacious! Don’t say anything. Come with me. This old man refuses to accept this. He is just an Elder. How bold of him to do this!”

The Third Palace Master showed a serious expression as he grabbed Xiao Chen and left the secret realm.