Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1991 Raw 2088 : Seeing the Sky with Eyes

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Chapter 1991 Raw 2088 : Seeing the Sky with Eyes

Chapter 1991 (Raw 2088): Seeing the Sky with Eyes

The Profound Dragon Platform turned utterly silent. Many people were so shocked, their jaws dropped.

Xiao Chen directly slapped Bai Yunfeng flying.

When considering whose expression was the calmest, it was naturally Lu Feng. From the very beginning, he showed a cold and indifferent expression.

Even when Bai Yunfeng appeared and gave his evaluation of Lu Feng, Lu Feng remained expressionless, not showing any change in expression.

It was as though Lu Feng was not the topic.

When Xiao Chen slapped Bai Yunfeng flying, Lu Feng still showed no change in his expression.

Bai Yunfeng pressed his hand to his stinging, red face as some blood leaked out of his mouth. Even he was somewhat stupefied.

My Gliding Cloud Art already reached peak Great Perfection. Why can he still see me? Not only that, but he could even attack so accurately.

The crucial point is that he attacked in the most humiliating fashion, slapping me!

“You are seeking death!”

Bai Yunfeng turned thoroughly enraged. Initially, he just agreed to Elder Tian Yun’s request and intended to stop at humiliating Xiao Chen.

Previously, Bai Yunfeng did not care about Xiao Chen at all. However, rage filled his heart now. He only wanted to trample on Xiao Chen mercilessly.

Rage burned in Bai Yunfeng’s heart as his momentum soared wildly. Dragon Might spread out, venting his murderous intent and fierce rage.

“Quickly move away, quickly move away. This aura already rivals that of a Sovereign Personage!”

“First Senior Brother’s improvement over the past two years is really terrifying!”

“Even an Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage would not have an edge on First Senior Brother.”

“His anger is terrifying. We’d better move farther away and not get embroiled in it.”

Everyone could feel Bai Yunfeng’s rage. Aside from Lu Feng, everyone else left in a hurry lest they get swept up in the shock waves.

Worry appeared in Li Luo’s heart. She raised her head and looked around. Why are the sect Elders not here yet?

It must be Elder Tian Yun!

Elder Tian Yun must have sent them away. He still has not put down the grudge between himself and Xiao Chen from back then. It looks like he does not intend to give up this chance to deal Xiao Chen a blow.

“Xiao Chen, you are the one forcing me to do this. You are just a toad in a well, seeing only the sky above you. Today, I will show you how vast this sky is!” Bai Yunfeng roared. Then, his Holy Venerate Will appeared and merged into his aura.

Bai Yunfeng’s strong Soul Energy materialized his invisible Dragon Might.

Many dragon images wandered around in the surroundings, not only placing intense pressure on the physical body but also shaking the soul.

“Gliding Dragon Fist, Soaring Flame Meteor!”

Bai Yunfeng soared into the air like a dragon gliding in the sky. Then, he turned into a meteor and tore through the sky. When he threw a punch, it felt like a meteor streaking down. He carried a strong momentum, looking like a star falling.

The fist light looked like a star, lighting up the surroundings. The piercing light made it hard for people to keep their eyes open.

Not only was this move mighty, but it was also terrifyingly swift. After Bai Yunfeng soared up, he charged over to Xiao Chen in the next instant.

Xiao Chen’s left shoulder shifted slightly, and his body tilted as he nimbly dodged this punch.

The horrifying fist light struck air and immediately exploded. Sparks flew everywhere, and the entire Profound Dragon Platform shook.

“Glistening Starlight!”

Bai Yunfeng frowned and roared furiously. His fists flashed as he punched continuously. Motes of light like flickering stars crackled as he rained attacks on Xiao Chen.

The barrage, combined with the overwhelming momentum, meant that evasion was impossible.

“Let’s see where you’ll dodge to now.”

After the lesson from the previous punch, Bai Yunfeng immediately changed his strategy, not giving Xiao Chen a chance to dodge.

However, Bai Yunfeng seemed to have misunderstood. Did Xiao Chen need to dodge?

Was it necessary?

Naturally, it was not necessary.

Containing it without unleashing it, raging without showing it.

Xiao Chen planted his feet on the ground. No shocking aura erupted from his body; he merely launched a simple palm strike.

This was Firmament’s Rage.

However, most of the people here would not recognize this Firmament’s Rage.

There was no rage burning the skies, no humongous hand, and no fury that inspired fear.

There was only a palm wind. “Bang!”

When the palm strike shot out, it did not betray any might. However, the electricity, boundless saber Qi, and the rage of a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon were all vented.


Xiao Chen’s palm strike clashed with thousands of fist lights from Bai Yunfeng’s fist, which produced a loud noise.

The fist lights with motes of starlight scattered. Bai Yunfeng stumbled ten steps back before he managed to stabilize his footing.

Showing might without rage.

Xiao Chen stepped forward. As his foot gently touched the ground, he had a calm and indifferent expression. However, an overwhelming might and pressure encased Bai Yunfeng.

Bai Yunfeng found this unbearable. To think that Xiao Chen suppressed his aura.

Refusing to submit to his situation, Bai Yunfeng shouted, “Dragon Subduing Fist, Fire Burning Clouds!” His aura forcibly soared by fifty percent.

Only then did the pressure on him ease a little.

Flaming clouds surrounded Bai Yunfeng as he charged at Xiao Chen furiously. He rained fist lights, not believing that he could not clash head-on with Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen calmly dealt with the situation, stably countering each move as it came.

In the blink of an eye, the two exchanged more than one hundred moves. Unexpectedly, Bai Yunfeng could not seize the upper hand; he merely looked like a raging monkey jumping about Xiao Chen.

“I don’t believe I can’t injure you at all. Gliding Dragon Profound Chop!”

Bai Yunfeng’s rage went to his head. He used a knifehand to launch an attack. Flames spread out in the sky and coalesced into a three-hundred-meter-long saber light.

When seen from afar, the flame burning on the saber light daunted people, deterring them from clashing head-on.

This was a Martial Technique that merged Soul Energy and Veritable Essence Energy. No wonder it was so scary.

The moment this move appeared, the spectating Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples retreated even farther. They all sensed that this move was extremely terrifying.

“Sun and Moon Shining Together!” Xiao Chen shouted. Then, without needing to bring out the Sun and Moon Shining Together mysterious phenomenon, he merged the light of the sun and the moon into his body.

Immediately, day and night cycled around Xiao Chen’s body.

The pressure that the Gliding Dragon Profound Chop placed on Xiao Chen’s soul disappeared. That was all there was to it; he did not need to pay further attention to it.


Xiao Chen punched, executing Firmament’s Rage again. However, this time, he produced a fist light.

An Ancestor Dragon’s rage, boundless saber Qi, and electricity instantly erupted with the fist light.

This punch shattered that terrifying Gliding Dragon Profound Chop into thousands of pieces shooting out in all directions.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Explosions kept erupting in all directions. The expressions of the heaven-class core disciples who already moved far away changed drastically. They hastily executed attacks to neutralize the flames and shock waves spreading out. Even so, they found the situation challenging.

Only Lu Feng reacted calmly, gently flicking his finger without any fluster.

Strands of sword intent shattered the flames and shock waves flying at him, turning them into gentle, hot winds that brushed by him. These winds only blew the long bangs over his forehead to the side, not harming his body at all.

“How can it be like this?!”

Seeing Xiao Chen perfectly break his killing move dealt a massive blow to Bai Yunfeng’s confidence. His momentum paused, and he seemed somewhat stupefied.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen did not give Bai Yunfeng any time to recover. Stepping forward, he took the initiative to attack the other party for the first time.

In merely three moves, Xiao Chen cornered the other party badly enough that Bai Yunfeng turned pale.


After ten moves, a punch struck Bai Yunfeng, putting him in incredible pain. The blow knocked him into the air, sending him flying towards the top of the Heavenly Dragon statue.

At this moment, regret already filled Bai Yunfeng’s heart. He used his Movement Technique to get to the top of the Heavenly Dragon statue, wanting to open a distance and ask Xiao Chen to stop.

However, who knew, Xiao Chen moved first. He turned into a lightning dragon and arrived ahead of Bai Yunfeng.

When Bai Yunfeng stood stably and looked down, he could not find Xiao Chen.

Suddenly, he felt a strong might and pressure above him. When he looked up, he saw a lightning dragon charging at him.

This frightened Bai Yunfeng into nearly falling off the Heavenly Dragon statue.


Bai Yunfeng did his best to punch, wanting to shatter the lightning dragon. In the end, this lightning dragon knocked him back a few steps to the edge. He looked like he would fall.

Then, Xiao Chen revealed his true form and mercilessly executed Firmament’s Rage again. This time, he turned his palm into a claw and grabbed at Bai Yunfeng.

At this moment, Bai Yunfeng forcefully brought out all his strength. He dodged left and right and managed to evade a few times, leaving Xiao Chen to grab nothing.

This boosted Bai Yunfeng’s confidence. He seized this opportunity to throw a punch.


Bai Yunfeng was truly worthy of his title as First Senior Brother. Even under such difficult circumstances, he managed to remain calm and face the danger.

This all-out punch struck Xiao Chen’s shoulder at lightning speed before everyone’s eyes.

Is the situation going to turn around?

The two had fought each other at shocking speeds from the very start. The battle had all the spectators feeling like their hearts were in their throats.

No one expected that at the last moment, Bai Yunfeng would be able to seize an opportunity.


The fist light landed firmly on Xiao Chen’s shoulder. However, before Bai Yunfeng could smile, his expression froze.

Vital Qi surged in Xiao Chen’s body and gathered at his left shoulder. Then, he suddenly shrugged.

One hundred Cauldron Force surged out. The one who moved back was not Xiao Chen but Bai Yunfeng.

However, Xiao Chen did not give Bai Yunfeng a chance to fall. He executed Firmament’s Rage once more and turned his palm into a claw, attacking again.


Xiao Chen’s five fingers grabbed Bai Yunfeng’s head in an instant, causing Bai Yunfeng to freeze in fear.

The fear and horror that Xiao Chen once experienced at the hand of the First Palace Master now appeared in Bai Yunfeng but amplified by ten—one hundred—times.

This claw contained boundless saber Qi, electricity, and a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon’s rage. All of these encased Bai Yunfeng’s entire body.

As long as Bai Yunfeng resisted, he could be ripped apart in an instant.

Bai Yunfeng’s life and death depended on just a single thought from Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen looked around, taking in the view of the entire Heavenly Dragon Palace. Then, he asked indifferently, “So, how vast do you think the skies are?”

How could Bai Yunfeng dare to answer now? He begged, “Junior Brother Xiao, please let me go. Senior Brother did this in a moment of folly—”

“I’m asking you how vast the skies are!” Xiao Chen coldly interrupted the other party.

Bai Yunfeng’s legs trembled; he felt that his life was hanging by a thread. Earlier, he had said several times that Xiao Chen was a frog in a well. Now, he could not even muster an answer.

“Let me teach you something at the top of this Heavenly Dragon statue: there is nothing laughable about a frog in a well. As long as one’s heart is greater than the skies, it is fine. The laughable thing is seeing the skies with your eyes after coming out of the well but still failing to surpass your own heart!”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he drew his hand back and slapped Bai Yunfeng down from the top of the Heavenly Dragon statue. Then, he shouted into the surroundings, “Old fogey Tian Yun, how long are you going to keep sneaking around?!”