Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1984 Raw 2082 : Special Treatmen

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Chapter 1984 Raw 2082 : Special Treatmen

Chapter 1984 (Raw 2082): Special Treatment

The Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s memories were incredibly vast and messy. Xiao Chen could not possibly take them all in. Hence, he had compressed and sealed most of them in a corner. When he needed something, he could just go and specially search for the related memories.

The Red Dragon’s Inheritance Palace was a good example. Xiao Chen had just thought hard about the Red Dragon’s Inheritance Palace, and related information about the Red Dragon’s Inheritance Palace in the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s memories had slowly appeared.

When Xiao Chen heard that the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor had established the Blood Dragon Guards, he started searching the memories after his shock passed. After a while, some information about the Blood Dragon Guards appeared in his mind.

It turned out that the Blood Dragon Guards was an independent organization that the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor set up for collecting intelligence when he was ruling the Dragon Race.

The Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor had indeed established the Blood Dragon Guards. However, it clearly had been passed on for many years. Back then, the Blood Dragon Guards was only in charge of intelligence gathering, stretching its tentacles to every corner of the Divine Dragon Empire.

“Hehe! You have never heard of the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor before, right?” Vice Hall Master Li said with a smile, appearing cocky when he saw Xiao Chen’s confused appearance.

Xiao Chen recovered his wits and nodded. “I have indeed never heard of him.”

How could Xiao Chen not have heard of the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor? Right now, Xiao Chen was probably the person that understood the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor best in the entire Dragon Race.

However, he could not tell Vice Hall Master Li. He could only play dumb.

Vice Hall Master Li said, “Speaking of this Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor will encroach on some of the Dragon Race’s secrets. I only heard about it by chance. Just take it as a story when you hear it. Actually, I do not really believe it myself.”

Xiao Chen sighed and said, “Big Brother Li, do go on.”

“It is said that one hundred thousand years ago, there were seven Divine Dragon bloodlines. Aside from the White Dragon, the Golden Dragon, the Silver Dragon, the Red Dragon, the Blue Dragon, and the Green Dragon, there was another bloodline—the strongest bloodline. The Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor was the Dragon King of this strongest bloodline, as well as the strongest Dragon Emperor in the Dragon Race’s history.

“Back then, the Black Dragon King nearly destroyed the Dragon Race, stirring up the entire Central Great Realm and wreaking havoc. It started a horrifying great war between righteous and demonic. However, the one that eventually sealed the Black Dragon King was the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor.”

Vice Hall Master Li continued softly, “Saying that he personally ended the previous war between righteous and demonic would be no exaggeration.”

Pretending to be curious, Xiao Chen asked, “What exactly was his bloodline? Since it was so strong, why is it no longer around, with only some rumors of it left?”

Vice Hall Master Li frowned and said, “Exactly. I find it strange, as well. I heard that this bloodline is known as the Azure Dragon bloodline. However, they have been extinct for close to one hundred thousand years already. I’m afraid that even if an Azure Dragon bloodline cultivator stood before me, I would not recognize that person’s bloodline.”

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat for some reason. After he verified that this Vice Hall Master Li was not testing him, he released his bated breath.

“However, they did not leave only rumors behind. I heard that there are some secrets that are preserved and passed down through the generations. Even so, who would care about a bloodline that no longer existed? The territory of the empire has changed several times from the various upheavals in the Central Great Realm. There are so many things that distract people.”

When Xiao Chen heard that, he felt mildly stunned. However, after he thought about it, it made sense.

As the information was passed down through the generations, those that knew about the Azure Dragon bloodline dwindled. One would not care about the Azure Dragon bloodline at all and would not know much about it unless one specifically sought information as the previous Heavenly Dragon had.

Vice Hall Master Li said seriously, “However, no matter what, this has been passed down through many generations in my Blood Dragon Guards. We have never forgotten about the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor. He is the founder of the Blood Dragon Guards; that is recorded in our history.”

Xiao Chen smiled. “That’s a pretty good story. Now that the story is over, is Big Brother Li going to bring me to the Law Enforcement Hall?”

Vice Hall Master Li guffawed, patted Xiao Chen’s shoulder, and said, “Go back to your residence and cultivate properly. Don’t overthink. The three Palace Masters are relying on you for the competition between the seven outer palaces.”

After saying this, Vice Hall Master Li left. If Qin Yu knew, he would probably be extremely depressed.

Vice Hall Master Li had claimed that he would bring Xiao Chen to the Law Enforcement Hall to interrogate him. However, the Blood Dragon Guards did not even put on a poor show, directly letting Xiao Chen go.

As Xiao Chen stared after Vice Hall Master Li, he entered deep thought. He felt that what he experienced in the past two hours or so was even more tiring than his adventure in the ancient city.

The seemingly peaceful Divine Dragon Empire was actually rife with undercurrents. Just one Supreme Dragon Fist kicked up such a commotion.

Xiao Chen vaguely felt that this commotion was far from completely resolved.

The Dragon Emperor position changed hands every five hundred years. Before the succession, candidates would first be identified.

Going by the rules, even mixed-blood dragons could fight for a candidate spot. In reality, the strongest younger-generation outstanding talents of the Six Colored Divine Dragons fought for candidacy.

The Golden Dragon bloodline had already monopolized the Dragon Emperor position for many years.

This time, only a person from the Golden Dragon bloodline came to meddle in the matter of the Supreme Dragon Fist. This showed that the other five Divine Dragon bloodlines were happy to see this happen, hoping for a variable to appear.

The other bloodlines wanted to see the superficial peace of the Divine Dragon Empire break. The more chaotic it became, the better.

The many clues came together in Xiao Chen’s mind. Then, the full picture appeared before him.

He remembered that moment when he felt like he really would die at the hands of the White Dragon King.

The White Dragons have Liu Ruyue. The other Divine Dragon bloodlines should have their own outstanding talents as well.

The Six Colored Divine Dragons are biding their time, waiting for the competition to become the Dragon Emperor.

Sooner or later, there will be an even larger storm, one that will shake the entire Divine Dragon Empire.

However, what role will I play in this?

Xiao Chen returned to reality. Then, his figure flashed as he made his way back to his residence.

He took a stroll and arrived at the mirrorlike lake in his residence.

“Splash!” Xiao Chen jumped into the lake and closed his eyes, slowly sinking deep into the water.

When Xiao Chen reached the bottom of the lake, he closed off his senses and completely relaxed, falling sound asleep.

I’m too tired. Right now, I don’t want to do anything. I just want to have a good sleep.

Many times, a good sleep during the pursuit of the Martial Dao was a luxury.


Three days later:

The tranquil lake lost its calm as a figure soared out of it. As Xiao Chen stood on the surface, drops of water gently rolled off his body and fell back into the lake.

He did not use his Veritable Essence Energy to vaporize the water, wanting to experience the sensation of being drenched.

Amid the hazy mist, Xiao Chen raised his head and looked at the rising sun in the east. It looked very colorful, displaying an extraordinary scene.

He raised a hand and wiped away the water on his face. As his vision cleared up, the scene before him brightened. He felt carefree and relaxed.

The fatigue that had built up over a long time was swept away. Then, Xiao Chen breathed out a long breath of turbid air.

His white robes and long hair clung to his body. The water had not dried off yet, making him look unkempt. Just like that, he walked back to his courtyard.

Then, he took out a bottle of wine—a bottle of Thousand Year Flame.

However, Xiao Chen was somewhat loath to drink it. He had only two or three bottles of Thousand Year Flame left. If he drank it all up, there would be no more.

He took out a crystalline cup and filled it with wine. Then, he raised the exquisite wine cup and shook it gently.

Golden stars floated out from the wine cup, slowly twinkling. After the wine fragrance spread out, the light rippled.

As Xiao Chen slowly swirled the wine cup, he brought the wine to its most perfect state. The stars flew out and formed a Golden Crow flying in the sky.

When the Golden Crow mysterious phenomenon disappeared, he drank the cup of wine in one gulp and savored the burn of the Thousand Year Flame.

Xiao Chen drank only one cup before putting away the rest of the Thousand Year Flame.

“What wine is this? It is very fragrant!”

Just then, someone came uninvited. Xiao Chen turned his head to look and saw the three Palace Masters arriving together.

He stood up and performed a cupped-fist salute. “Greetings, Palace Masters.”

During this meeting, the three Palace Masters’ expressions looked warmer, no longer as grave and fatigued as before.

Clearly, the commotion of the Supreme Dragon Fist had already come to an end.

The Third Palace Master looked at Xiao Chen and asked, “Xiao Chen, are you hiding good wine? Quickly take it out. I already smelled it!”

Xiao Chen could not help feeling a pang in his heart. If it were any other wine, sharing it would be fine. However, he really could not bear to take out the Thousand Year Flame.

“I’ll exchange it with a Rank 4 Heavenly Pill!” the Third Palace Master offered fervently with his eyes closed as he sniffed the wine fragrance.

Just at the crucial moment, the Second Palace Master saved Xiao Chen. “Third Brother, we need to speak about proper matters. Don’t go on a drinking binge here.”

The Third Palace Master was somewhat unwilling, but he still said, “Alright, alright. We three Palace Masters unanimously decided that we will give you pointers before the competition between the seven outer palaces starts.”

When Xiao Chen heard that, he exclaimed joyfully, “Really?”

This was a delightful surprise. Probably no heaven-class core disciple in the Heavenly Dragon Palace had ever received such treatment.

Having all three Palace Masters to give pointers, how heaven-defying was that?

“Of course, it’s real. I have long wanted to see your Firmament’s Rage.”

The First Palace Master revealed a faint smile as he looked at Xiao Chen. Clearly, he already knew that Xiao Chen was the second person after him to succeed in practicing Firmament’s Rage in the past few thousand years.