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Chapter 1982 Raw 2080 : Beat Him Up

Chapter 1982 (Raw 2080): Beat Him Up

“The First Palace Master is looking for me? What’s the matter?”

“Stop asking questions and go quickly. If you still did not return, he would have issued a convening order.” The Elders rushed Xiao Chen to a large palace hall on the main peak of the Heavenly Dragon Palace.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat confused. The three Palace Masters were rarely seen in the Heavenly Dragon Palace. Many people had been in the Heavenly Dragon Palace for more than ten years already but never met the three Palace Masters before.

Of the three Palace Masters, the First Palace Master was the most mysterious, practically never showing himself.

The Second Palace Master, Jue Yang, normally managed the Heavenly Dragon Palace and was the one that the heaven-class core disciples got to see the most often, so he was not too mysterious. The Third Palace Master managed the Refining Pill Pavilion. The people who frequently went there could occasionally see him.

As for the First Palace Master, he did not seem to manage anything. Aside from the heaven-class Elders, even regular Elders rarely saw him, what more disciples. Xiao Chen felt puzzled. He wondered why the First Palace Master was looking for him so urgently.

The First Palace Master was the one that Xiao Chen had heard the most about. He was the one person to have actually practiced Firmament’s Rage to perfection in the past several thousand years.

As for other things, Xiao Chen was unaware. After thinking about it, he still could not figure anything out, so he could only go.

After about fifteen minutes, Xiao Chen saw the mysterious First Palace Master sitting in the center of the large palace hall. Unexpectedly, the other two Palace Masters were there as well.

When the Second Palace Master and the Third Palace Master saw him, they nodded slightly.

Xiao Chen sized up the First Palace Master and found the First Palace Master’s aura unfathomable. He could not estimate the First Palace Master’s strength at all. The First Palace Master wore gray dragon robes and had an extraordinary air. However, he looked fatigued. Who knew what the First Palace Master had recently experienced?

“Greetings to the three Palace Masters!” Xiao Chen greeted, bowing slightly with cupped-fist salutes.

On seeing Xiao Chen, the First Palace Master revealed a smile. Then, he said softly, “You are too polite. Since you can stand at the top of the Heavenly Dragon statue, you no longer need to bow to anyone in the Heavenly Dragon Palace. My name is Yi Yun; you can just address me as Senior Yun. There is no need to feel awkward.”

“Many thanks, First Palace Master.”

Even so, Xiao Chen still felt somewhat awkward and did not dare to be unbridled.

The First Palace Master did not pay this any mind. He said seriously, “You must be curious about why I called you over so urgently, even meeting you together with the other two Palace Masters. Actually, the three of us seriously and cautiously discussed your matter two months ago.”

When Xiao Chen heard that, he could not help feeling some surprise. He wondered what shocking thing he had done.

“The Supreme Dragon Fist!” the Second Palace Master Jue Yang said simply when he saw Xiao Chen’s confusion.

“That is just a Fist Technique, right? Although it is very heaven-defying, its deficits are rather clear as well. I believe there should be Martial Techniques that are not weaker than the Supreme Dragon Fist, right?”

Xiao Chen found this slightly strange. One Fist Technique prompted the three Palace Masters to have a serious and cautious discussion. This was too ridiculous.

“Of course. The mighty Dragon Race has a long heritage. We have countless Cultivation Techniques and Martial Techniques. We are constantly digging up powerful Martial Techniques of our forefathers or powerful outstanding talents are creating shocking Martial Techniques.”

A brilliant light flashed in the First Palace Master’s eyes. It looked like he was recalling the past. After a pause, he continued, “Just based on what I know, there are at least four Fist Techniques that are not weaker than the Supreme Dragon First. However…the Supreme Dragon Fist is unique. In the hands of someone who managed to become a Heavenly Dragon, the horrifying might of this Fist Technique would surpass your expectations.”

Xiao Chen knew that the Supreme Dragon Fist would be mightier if he became a Heavenly Dragon.

When Xiao Chen infused the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries into the Supreme Dragon Fist, he instantly overpowered Yan Cangming. That was the best proof.

However, Xiao Chen did not expect that when wielded by a true Heavenly Dragon, the Supreme Dragon Fist’s might would daunt even the First Palace Master.

However, what did all this have to do with calling Xiao Chen here?

Feeling suspicious, Xiao Chen asked, “Could it be that you want to disable my Supreme Dragon Fist?”

If the Heavenly Dragon Palace wanted to disable his Supreme Dragon Fist, Xiao Chen would begrudge the decision. However, he still could accept it. After all, the Supreme Dragon Fist was a Heavenly Dragon Palace’s Secret Technique in the first place.

If it were something that Xiao Chen created himself, he would fight to the end, no matter who it was, if they wanted to disable it.

When the First Palace Master heard that, he hesitated for a moment before saying seriously, “Let’s not talk about that for now…the one that truly wants to meet you this time is not us. It is a member of the Golden Dragon royal bloodline.”

When mentioning the Golden Dragon royal bloodline, a look of disgust flashed in the First Palace Master’s eyes. However, this look was extremely fleeting; no one noticed it.

“You are Xiao Chen, the mixed-blood dragon who succeeded in practicing the Supreme Dragon Fist?!”

Just at this moment, an arrogant voice rang out from outside. A middle-aged man with extraordinary air and dressed lavishly appeared, decked in Golden Dragon armor with royal Dragon Qi coiling around him.

This person’s cultivation was not very high, just a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage. However, the air that this person gave off was much stronger than that of the Small Perfection Sovereign Personages whom Xiao Chen saw before.

Clearly, with the support of a Divine Dragon bloodline, this person was not an ordinary Small Perfection Sovereign Personage.

The First Palace Master said softly, “This is Lord Qin Yu, Monarch Yu from Ancestor Dragon City.”

[TL Note: This Monarch Yu is different from the one that first appeared in Chapter 1863 (Raw 1875). The character for Yu here is different from the previous one. This one has the meaning of feather, while the one in the previous one has the meaning of rain.]

At the same time, the Third Palace Master’s voice rang out by Xiao Chen’s ear. Xiao Chen, whether the Supreme Dragon Fist is disabled or not will depend on this person.

When Xiao Chen heard that, he immediately felt upset. If it was the Heavenly Dragon Palace that wanted to disable his Supreme Dragon Fist, he would not resist. However, if it was some random person from the Golden Dragons that wanted to do it, he absolutely would not agree.

“To think that you did not even bow when meeting this monarch.”

When Qin Yu did not see Xiao Chen moving at all, he smiled coldly and said, “You are indeed the mixed-blood dragon who practiced the Supreme Dragon Fist. Your temper is truly extraordinary, completely forgetting your own identity.”

“Greetings, Monarch Yu,” Xiao Chen said calmly, neither servile nor arrogant.

Qin Yu snorted coldly and looked Xiao Chen straight in the eye. He said indifferently, “Cut the crap. Show me the Supreme Dragon Fist now. After I see it, I will decide whether you can continue practicing it or not.”

“Sorry, I cannot follow that instruction.” Xiao Chen felt speechless. Do I have to show it just because you said so? What do you think I am, a pet monkey?

Qin Yu appeared stupefied; then, he became angry. To think that a mixed-blood dragon really showed his temper at me.

“I’ll count to three. If you do not show it, I’ll disable your Supreme Dragon Fist now,” Qin Yu threatened coldly with an icy expression.

Xiao Chen revealed a chilly smile. “Who do you think you are? If it were the three Palace Masters who wanted to disable my Supreme Dragon Fist, I would not even complain. What are you? Do I owe you any favors? I won’t practice it for you today. If you can, then try disabling it now!”

Everyone had their own temper and bottom line; they had their pride and things that they clung to. These were the principles that they lived by and used to deal with things.

Even if Xiao Chen died here today, he would not practice his Supreme Dragon Fist for this Qin Yu.

When the three Palace Masters heard that, they felt shocked. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen spoke to Qin Yu in such a manner.

After all, Qin Yu was from the Golden Dragon’s royal bloodline. Even though he was just a Sovereign Personage and was nothing to the three Palace Masters, he still had his bloodline. In terms of status, he technically ranked higher than the three Palace Masters.

“You are seeking death!”

Qin Yu leaked killing Qi. This insignificant mixed-blood dragon actually dares to scold me! He truly has no idea how vast the heavens are and how deep the seas are.

He immediately threw a punch at Xiao Chen.

This was the Emperor Dragon Fist that only the royal bloodline of the Golden Dragons could practice. This punch contained Dragon Emperor Might as it flew at Xiao Chen at lightning speed, carrying heavy might and pressure.

Divine Dragon War Body!

The other party was a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage, one substage higher than the Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage Liu Yuanzong.

Qin Yu also had a Divine Dragon bloodline to support him. Hence, Xiao Chen did not dare to underestimate this attack, immediately activating the Divine Dragon War Body.

Thunderous sounds came from the bones all over Xiao Chen’s body, and his body instantly swelled up. Then, Xiao Chen launched an attack using the Supreme Dragon Fist.


The two fists clashed, and Xiao Chen was sent flying, vomiting blood.

Xiao Chen was no match at all for Qin Yu. After landing, he had to move back a few steps before he could stand firmly.

However, Xiao Chen gritted his teeth, and his eyes showed an unwillingness to yield. He had no intention whatsoever of shrinking back. Instead, his fighting spirit blazed even stronger.

He is actually not dead yet!

This shocked Qin Yu. Earlier, he already used thirty percent of his strength, wanting to kill Xiao Chen at lightning speed before the three Palace Masters could react.

However, based on the current situation, while Xiao Chen was injured, he clearly could still put up a fight. His aura had not weakened at all.

Qin Yu felt humiliated. He was a Sovereign Personage, while the other party was merely a Holy Venerate.

Nevertheless, he had failed to kill the other party with one punch; the other party was not even severely injured.

If this matter were to spread, he would become a huge joke. Inevitably, a murderous intent stirred in his heart.

“Stop!” the First Palace Master shouted coldly. He turned enraged, directly standing up. This Qin Yu was getting increasingly overboard.

However, Qin Yu pretended not to hear, showing no signs of stopping.

Qin Yu knew that the three Palace Masters would not dare to make a serious move on him or do anything to him. Otherwise, the Heavenly Dragon Palace would be punished by Ancestor Dragon City and end up in a miserable state.

“Screw your grandfather! How dare you hurt my brother?! You bastard must be tired of living!”


Just as the three Palace Masters were feeling enraged, helpless to do anything, a scarlet figure suddenly appeared outside the palace hall. Then, this figure entered at an unusually fast speed and extremely tyrannically kicked Qin Yu away.

It was the Blood Dragon Guards’ Vice Hall Master Li.

“Who?! Who dares to injure me?!”

Qin Yu, who fell on the floor, was stunned, incredulous that someone really dared to attack him.

“Beat him up!” Vice Hall Master Li ordered coldly. Immediately, a group of Blood Dragon Guard experts rushed in. Without even thinking, these experts surrounded Qin Yu and rained down all sorts of attacks on him.