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Chapter 1981 Raw 2079 : Returning

Chapter 1981 (Raw 2079): Returning

The blazing sun hung high in the sky, pouring down a resplendent light.

Desolate God Valley frequently swirled with blood sand. A clear, blazing sun like this was very rare.

After the White Dragon King left, Xiao Chen and the others did so as well. One hour later, they exited the city.

When turning their heads back, the six saw sunlight illuminating the ancient city, making it glisten with a special splendor.

The blood sand of Desolate God Valley could not cover up the elegance of this city.

It was time to go. The group had gained a lot on this trip to the ancient city.

Everyone in the group was greatly confident of being able to enter Ancestor Dragon City in the competition between the seven outer palaces half a year later.

Xiao Chen looked at the others and asked, “What are your plans after returning?”

Murong Yan stretched and covered up a yawn with his right hand. Then, he replied, “I will probably sleep for a while and properly refine the accumulations I gained during this period. After that, I might go to the Red Dragon Palace’s Inheritance Palace to see if I can get an inheritance.”

The inheritance of the Red Dragon might be quite similar to Xiao Chen obtaining the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s inheritance in the Azure Dragon Palace back then.

Every outer palace of the various Divine Dragons had similar inheritances to test their disciples.

Xiao Chen recalled some of the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s memories regarding the Red Dragon Palace. Then, he said to Murong Yan, “There is a total of nine stages to the Red Dragon’s Inheritance Palace test. If you want to get a better inheritance to go further in the future, I suggest you supplement yourself with wind-attributed Martial Techniques and work on comprehending the Wind Dao. Also, you should train your sight and judgment.”

“Nine stages? The stages of the Inheritance Palace have always been a secret. I heard that others had been through only six stages at most, and the contents of the tests are all secret. Xiao Chen, how do you know?” Murong Yan asked in shock, his lazy appearance immediately disappearing.

Xiao Chen smiled but did not say anything more. Murong Yan scratched his head and said, “I’ll listen to you. In any case, there would be no harm to it.”

“Xiao Chen, what are your plans after returning?” Situ Changfeng asked.

Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying, “I have not thought of it yet. I am already confident of entering Ancestor Dragon City. I’m considering what to do after entering Ancestor Dragon City.”

The others felt embarrassed. While they were still thinking of how to get into Ancestor Dragon City, Xiao Chen was already thinking of what to do after entering Ancestor Dragon City.

However, no one doubted that Xiao Chen did have that strength.

A sharp cry came from the sky. The six looked up and showed joy on their faces.

It was the Demon Blood Vulture.

“The stupid bird is back!” Murong Yan exclaimed happily. “This is great. We don’t have to walk back.”

The group soared into the air and landed on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back.

Now that it was time to go back, Xiao Chen gave the ancient city one last look, entering deep thought.

This was a city that materialized after a True God died. Every cultivator had such a city in their hearts.

It represented dreams, youth, and pride. However, eventually, even a True God could not withstand the merciless march of time. Before time, everything became nothing.

The city was still around, but the person was no longer.

Time took our city away, but it cannot take away our past pride, just like this city before us.

Even after many years, it still glistens under the sunlight, announcing its past glory and honor.

There was once a person who did his best, putting in the effort to fight for his dream. Eventually, he became a True God and left a city behind in this Desolate God Valley.

Given this, that was already sufficient.

“Let’s go.”

Under the sunlight, the Demon Blood Vulture, which looked like a Blood Phoenix, carried the group into the distance. There, the ancient city did not protect them. Blood sand spread everywhere, and the environment was harsh. This was how it was, year after year, never changing. However, who cared?

Fights continued in the ancient city, but most people had come out already.

The remaining fights were games between Sovereign Personages. It did not have anything to do with these people.

Zhen Yuan held a black Divine Crystal shard as he walked out from the west gate. As he turned his head to look back, his expression appeared grave.

Soon, many Flood Dragon Humans gathered where Zhen Yuan was.

“Where’s the young master?” the Flood Dragon Humans asked somewhat anxiously when they saw only Zhen Yuan and not Yan Cangming.


The black Divine Crystal shard left Zhen Yuan’s hand, and black smoke spread out, slowly materializing a vague silhouette.

Although the figure was indistinct, the Flood Dragon Humans immediately recognized it. They greeted excitedly, “Young Master!”

“Don’t worry. I am fine. The Flood Dragon Humans do not even have a place to call their own. How can I die so easily?!”

The vague silhouette did not have a clear face, only a pair of eyes that flickered with determination.

This time, Yan Cangming gained fortune through misfortune: he found life amid death. He actually comprehended some of the Life Dao’s mysteries, which were even harder to comprehend than the Death Dao’s mysteries.

I definitely have to “thank” Xiao Chen properly.

I hope he will not be too careless when he meets me again.

“Let’s go.”

With Zhen Yuan leading the way, the group of Flood Dragon Humans started on their return journey.


On the other side, the Black Lotus Church Holy Son and the mysterious person shrouded in bloody shadow walked out together from the east gate.

Ming Xuan had several wounds on his body, left by the Demon Blood Vulture, which were obviously poisoned.

Buddhist light flowed on these bleeding wounds, continuously purging black toxins.

“How unfortunate…after missing this chance, it will be harder to kill him next time,” the mysterious person shrouded in bloody shadow said softly as he sighed.

At that time, the two could clearly feel that Xiao Chen was weakened. At best, he could bring out only thirty percent of his normal strength.

Unfortunately, a Demon Blood Vulture came out from somewhere and delayed them. The two had clearly knocked away the Demon Blood Vulture a few times, but surprisingly, it just circled around and craftily attacked again.

That Demon Blood Vulture did not seem like a beast at all. Its high intelligence had the two gritting their teeth in hate.

“Holy Son, where should we go next?”

Since they already missed the opportunity, so be it. The two’s gains in the ancient city were pretty good.

This was especially so for Ming Xuan, who unexpectedly obtained some divine blood. His strength would soar rapidly in the future as he slowly brought out the benefits of the divine blood.

Ming Xuan replied softly, “I’ll break through to Sovereign Personage first. After that, I plan to go to the Xuewu Dynasty. During the most glorious period of the Black Lotus Church, it was the national religion of the Xuewu Dynasty. Even now, there are still many believers there. If we develop properly, we will definitely be able to rise up again.”

The mysterious person shrouded in bloody shadow warned, “However, I heard that the Xuewu Dynasty is now a mecca for Demonic Dao sects. Back then, the Azure Lotus Church killed off most of the Black Lotus Church’s believers. If you go there, you will surely clash with the Azure Lotus Church.”

The Holy Son Ming Xuan said indifferently, “With effort, one can achieve anything. My master told me that there are still some seniors of the Black Lotus Church in the Xuewu Dynasty. I just need to find the ancestral hall, and I can formally wield the Sect Master’s seal. As for the Azure Lotus Church, I have long wanted to test out that Azure Lotus Holy Daughter.”

The Holy Son Ming Xuan’s words dripped with confidence. As he looked at the mysterious person shrouded in bloody shadow, he asked, “What are your plans? Do you want to come with me?”

“How could I go…I don’t even have a physical body. Wait for me to find a Five Element Divine Lightning and materialize a Five Element Divine Body first. Then, I will go and join you.” The mysterious person shrouded in bloody shadow sighed softly, his words spoken in a desolate tone.

“Alright, I’ll wait for you.”

The two parted here after making arrangements to meet up in the Xuewu Dynasty in the future.


Seven days later, two figures wearing white battle armor flickering with flowing treasure light appeared in the sky above the ancient city. These two people radiated a faint divine nature.

Their battle armor actually contained a divine nature. Although it was faint, it was genuine Divine Might.

If others saw this, they would definitely be greatly startled and extremely confused.

However, if a Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor saw the insignia with the sun, moon, and stars engraved on the battle armor, they would show expressions of understanding.

“Another True God that lost to time. Look at the size of this city. I wonder how powerful he was when he was still alive.”

“Stop feeling moved and quickly do something. Those major characters in the Holy Domain are all waiting!”


As the two hovered in the air, they kept forming extremely complicated hand seals. The Divine Essence hidden in the ancient city immediately activated.

The Divine Essence sent the cultivators still exploring the city far away.

After a while, the ancient city floated up, and the two actually carried the ancient city away, flying through the sky.

When seen from afar, the two did not look like they were carrying a city. Instead, it looked like a grave with a gravestone.

The two’s expressions were solemn and filled with respect.


At this moment, Xiao Chen, who had just rushed back to the Divine Dragon Empire’s Heavenly Dragon Palace and had not had time to rest yet, received a message from many Elders: the First Palace Master had been waiting for him for a long time already.