Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1980 Raw 2078 : Good to Have a Daughter

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Chapter 1980 Raw 2078 : Good to Have a Daughter

Chapter 1980 (Raw 2078): Good to Have a Daughter

The White Dragon King! It really is the White Dragon King!

That figure was dressed in long robes of alternating blue and white. However, he appeared to be quite young, looking handsome and dashing. With close scrutiny, one would notice the same valiant facial features as Liu Ruyun had. She had likely inherited them from her father.

The Sovereign Emperor Hua Qin felt somewhat shocked. He could not figure out why someone like the White Dragon King would come to this insignificant place.

“White Dragon King, why are you here?!”

The White Dragon King laughed and said, “Hua Qin, you are the same as ever. Can’t you understand me? I already said that I am her father. Do you need me to repeat that?”

The Sovereign Emperor Hua Qin immediately fell speechless. When he thought about what he said earlier, he wished that he could slap himself.

This girl’s father really was the White Dragon King. His casual words actually struck the mark.

Hua Qin said, “Since she is your daughter, I won’t care about her. However, this fellow is just a mixed-blood dragon. He bound up my grandson. I want his life. That is not overboard, right?”

“How irritating!”


The White Dragon King revealed an impatient expression. Then, his figure flashed as he threw three palm strikes.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Each palm strike forced Hua Qin one step back. After the three palm strikes, his face started twitching slightly, like he was enduring something.

In the end, he failed to hold out, vomiting a mouthful of blood that contained ripped pieces of his internal organs.

A Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperor already materialized a divine body, and their physical bodies could be considered immortal.

However, the three palm strikes from the White Dragon King had actually shattered the other party’s internal organs.

This showed how big the gap between the two’s strengths was.

The White Dragon King seemed like he had not moved at all. He said indifferently, “Hua Qin, did you not hear what my daughter said? Touch him, and you will pay the price? You are so old already, but your intelligence is like when you were young. I wonder how you managed to surpass Sovereign Personage?”

Hua Qin felt humiliated. The Divine Vein Realm was split into nine Veins, with a great chasm separating each Divine Vein opened.

However, Hua Qin was just an initiate Sovereign Emperor. He was too weak compared to the White Dragon King.

Hua Qin also did not expect that the White Dragon King would not give him any face, not even letting him touch a mixed-blood dragon.

This humiliation reminded Hua Qin of the past when the White Dragon King suppressed him when Hua Qin was young. This made him even more sullen.

“Let’s go!”

Hua Qingyun felt stunned. “Grandfather, why are we going? He is just a mixed-blood dragon. Can’t you deal with him?”

The White Dragon King guffawed, “Hahaha! Hua Qin, your grandson is just like you. He inherited all your intelligence. No wonder you care so much for him, running all the way here to this insignificant place to attack some juniors.”

Hua Qin’s complexion changed continuously until he could no longer bear it, and he vomited another mouthful of blood.

Hua Qin quickly left, carrying Hua Qingyun with one hand. If he remained here, he would be either beaten to death by the White Dragon King or frustrated to death.

“Greetings, Lord White Dragon King!” Wei Hongfei and the others greeted respectfully, going down on one knee.

The White Dragon King nodded slightly before shifting his gaze to Xiao Chen. He smiled and said, “Come, come, come, let me take a look at the person that my daughter is interested in. Let me see what you look like. What is your name?”

The moment the White Dragon King said that, Murong Yan and the others blushed with shame. This White Dragon King was truly unbridled with his words.

These words rendered Liu Ruyun speechless. She also blushed with shame, feeling embarrassed.

“You should know my name.”

Xiao Chen raised his head and looked at the White Dragon King. He gritted his teeth, yet his voice shook somewhat. He could not hide the anger and dissatisfaction in his heart.

He previously thought that with his mental state, he would be able to conceal the emotions in his heart. He had believed that he could keep his expression placid, showing neither joy nor anger.

However, now that Xiao Chen saw this person who wiped away Liu Ruyue’s memories, he still lost control.

The White Dragon King’s smile froze. As he looked at Xiao Chen’s face, many scenes appeared in his mind.

It’s him!

This is the person that Liu Ruyue married in the abandoned land, the person that she could not forget—to the extent that I had to erase her memories personally.

The White Dragon King never expected that this person would find his way here someday, accomplishing this step by step.

The White Dragon King was very clear on how difficult it was to reach this step from an abandoned land and how many obstructions and dangers there would be.

Before Liu Ruyue’s memories were wiped, she said that Xiao Chen would definitely come out of the abandoned land and seek her out in the Divine Dragon Empire.

Back then, the White Dragon King just laughed it off, not taking it seriously. It seemed practically impossible to him.

To the White Dragon King, an abandoned land could not even compare to a Rank 2 sect; it was too insignificant.

However, right now, Xiao Chen actually appeared before him, the same person as the one in Liu Ruyue’s memories: the delicate and handsome face, the determined and unyielding expression, and the sharpness hidden behind his face.

No words could describe the White Dragon King’s current shock.

The White Dragon King had been in the Divine Vein Realm for many years already. He had seen countless grand scenes, but he had never shown such an expression before.

“You are excellent!”

After a long time, the White Dragon King said these three incomprehensible words.

The others could sense that the atmosphere had turned somewhat strange. The White Dragon King and Xiao Chen seemed to have a history together.

When Xiao Chen spoke to the White Dragon King, he did not use any honorifics. From there, Murong Yan and the others already felt that something was wrong.

Even a thoughtless person like Murong Yan knew to use honorifics when meeting the White Dragon King. Xiao Chen could not possibly be unaware.

However, it was impossible for the group to imagine Xiao Chen and the White Dragon King having a grudge with each other.

The strengths of the two differed by too much. They should not have any interactions.

In reality, no matter how hard the group thought about it, they would never imagine that the White Dragon Holy Daughter was Xiao Chen’s lover and that the White Dragon King erased her memories.

The somewhat stunned Liu Ruyun felt that something was wrong. Compared to the others, she knew a little more.

At this moment, Liu Ruyun was finally certain that Xiao Chen was the person in her Elder Sister Liu Ruyue’s painting.

The more terrifying thing was that Liu Ruyun saw a trace of murderous intent on her father’s face.

No one else noticed this murderous intent. Only Liu Ruyun knew that her father would only show such an expression when he truly wanted to kill a person.

Even when facing the Sovereign Emperor Hua Qin earlier, using horrifyingly powerful attacks, the White Dragon King had not revealed any murderous intent at all.

Feeling afraid for some reason, Liu Ruyun asked, “Father, what are you two talking about? Why are you not fixing Xiao Chen’s legs?”

Xiao Chen refused, “There’s no need. They will heal eventually.”

The White Dragon King’s expression finally showed some changes. He smiled and said, “It’s fine; it’s a small matter.”

Upon seeing the White Dragon King’s murderous intent disappear, Liu Ruyun released her bated breath.


No one saw the White Dragon King move at all, but he arrived beside Xiao Chen and tapped him twice. Xiao Chen’s shattered calf bones healed rapidly.

Then, the White Dragon King went to Situ Changfeng and gently patted the Blue Dragon Palace disciple’s shoulder twice.

Strands of black Death Qi immediately leaked out of Situ Changfeng’s body. Finding this strange, the White Dragon King said, “What exquisite Death Qi! Who did this?”

After the hidden damage in Situ Changfeng’s body was removed, he felt significantly more comfortable. He replied gratefully, “Many thanks to Lord White Dragon King for helping. This was the work of the Flood Dragon Human outstanding talent, Yan Cangming.”

“Is he still in the ancient city?”

An obvious murderous intent flashed in the White Dragon King’s eyes. Clearly, he did not wish to leave such potential danger be. He was decisive in wanting to kill Yan Cangming.

“Xiao Chen already killed him.” Situ Changfeng felt that he said something wrong the moment he spoke. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

When the White Dragon King heard that Xiao Chen killed Yan Cangming, not only did the murderous intent in his eyes not vanish, but it even became heavier instead.

The White Dragon King turned around and looked at Xiao Chen. He discovered that while Xiao Chen was not respectful to him, Xiao Chen was not stupid to the point of telling him what to do, wanting him to restore Liu Ruyue’s memories.

How unfortunate… the White Dragon King sighed in his heart.

He looked at Xiao Chen and said, “You are very smart. Unfortunately, I like dealing with stupid people, like that Hua Qin and this foolish girl and her mother…”

These words sounded very casual, but in reality, they contained hidden meanings, filled with murderous intent. If Xiao Chen were stupid, the White Dragon King would deal with him like how he dealt with Hua Qin, sparing Hua Qin’s life and showing he was a great threat to Hua Qin.

Liu Ruyun pouted. “How am I foolish?”

“In every way,” the White Dragon King retorted unhappily.

Naturally, Xiao Chen understood what the White Dragon King meant. He countered calmly, “However, I prefer interacting with smart people. Smart people think more. When one thinks more, one will feel more apprehensive.”

When the White Dragon King heard that, his heart sank. He almost could not resist killing Xiao Chen on the spot.

Like the White Dragon King’s words, Xiao Chen’s words also had hidden meanings. Xiao Chen could see the White Dragon King’s apprehension. If the White Dragon King were like Hua Qin, he would kill Xiao Chen on the spot without any qualms.

Unfortunately, he was the White Dragon King and not Sovereign Emperor Hua Qin.

“Brat, you have guts!”

The White Dragon King felt incredibly frustrated. No longer wanting to remain here, he pulled on Liu Ruyun and said, “Come back with me.”

However, Liu Ruyun continued to support Xiao Chen and hold his arm. She feared that if she left, her father would return to kill Xiao Chen. She lowered her head and said, “I’ll go back myself.”

The White Dragon King started laughing in frustration. He said, “I said you were foolish, and you refused to admit to it. Hah! A grown woman can’t be kept at home. I should have known long ago. I should have had a son. Wait, no…if I had a son this stupid, I would be frustrated to death.”

These words came as a surprise, forcing Murong Yan and the others to stifle their laughter, as they did not dare to laugh.

The White Dragon King let go and shook his head, no longer intending to linger here. He directly left.

As the White Dragon King walked away, he suddenly felt very sullen—even more sullen than the Sovereign Emperor Hua Qin.


About seven minutes later, the Sovereign Emperor Hua Qin was running while carrying Hua Qingyun, heading out of Desolate God Valley. Along the way, Hua Qingyun complained endlessly. Hua Qin just ignored Hua Qingyun, pretending not to hear anything.

Suddenly, Hua Qin stopped, and his expression flickered.

The White Dragon King had appeared in front of the two at some point in time, blocking them with a smile.

Hua Qin felt chills under the White Dragon King’s gaze. He asked somewhat weakly, “White Dragon King, why are you blocking me? Are you going to kill me?!”

The White Dragon King smiled happily. “Indeed, it is better to interact with stupid people. The moment they speak, they make me laugh. What is the point of killing you? I am only feeling somewhat gloomy and need a place to vent it. Wait, that’s not right, that’s not right. I’m just here to exchange a few moves. Come, come, come, let’s exchange a few moves. Let me beat you up for a while.”

“Screw your grandfather,” Hua Qin cursed loudly, feeling so frustrated that he vomited blood. Then, he turned and ran, not even caring about Hua Qingyun.

“Hahaha! You have no growth at all. Don’t you know that my principle in beating people up is to beat them harder the farther they run?”

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The White Dragon King guffawed. Before he set off in pursuit, he glanced at Hua Qingyun, leaving a line that Hua Qingyun found strange.

“It is still better to have a daughter; they are cute when stupid. A stupid son would really frustrate me to death.”