Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1977 Raw 2075 : Fortune from Misfortune

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Chapter 1977 Raw 2075 : Fortune from Misfortune

Chapter 1977 (Raw 2075): Fortune from Misfortune

The Black Lotus Church’s Holy Son Ming Xuan!

Xiao Chen’s heart sank. To think that the Holy Son Ming Xuan showed up at the most unwelcome time and place.

“Who is this?”

The appearance of the Holy Son Ming Xuan and a mysterious person shrouded in bloody shadow beside him stunned Murong Yan and the others and worried them somewhat.

The auras of the two clearly indicated that they were extraordinarily strong Holy Venerates.

Xiao Chen looked at Ming Xuan and said, “Ming Xuan, before your master died, I had the chance to kill you. However, I let you go. Will you return me the favor now and let my friends leave? I’ll remain behind.”

The current situation was not suitable for Xiao Chen to fight with people like Ming Xuan.

In Xiao Chen’s life, he rarely acknowledged defeat. Even if he was not as strong as the other party, he would not beg the other party to let him off.

At the very least, this had not happened within the same generation.

If Xiao Chen were alone, he would just die at worst. That was no big deal; he did not fear that.

However, now, Situ Changfeng’s life hung in the balance. Xiao Chen still wanted to save him.

“Naturally, I can agree,” the Holy Son Ming Xuan said with a smile, looking calm and peaceful. Just based on his expression, it was hard to imagine him having any deep grudges with Xiao Chen.

“However, I will not agree,” the mysterious person shrouded in bloody shadow said seriously in a hoarse voice.

From the Holy Son Ming Xuan’s expression, it seemed like he had anticipated his companion’s objection. He waved his hand and said, “Sorry, I can only speak for myself. I have already repaid the favor, so please don’t mention it again in the future.”

On hearing this, Xiao Chen could not help getting angry. Ming Xuan was simply toying with him.

Ming Xuan was not sincere at all. He had never thought of letting the people by Xiao Chen’s side go.

I can still shoot one more arrow. However, the current Ming Xuan is somewhat unfathomable.

One arrow might not be sufficient to kill him.

There is also a person who is even more difficult to deal with at his side. That person’s aura feels even more terrifying than Ming Xuan’s.

“Don’t worry. Just let it go. When one dies, it is like a lamp being extinguished. It becomes nothing. There won’t be any lingering attachments.”

The two had secretly given chase from the center of the ancient city to this place.

Presented with such an excellent chance to kill Xiao Chen, Ming Xuan definitely would not let go of it. He might not get such a good chance again.

How could Ming Xuan give this up?

Xiao Chen never feared battles or fighting. However, at this moment, he truly desired to resolve the situation before him without fighting.

When Ming Xuan saw Xiao Chen’s upset expression, he smiled and asked, “Are you still not giving up? Do you think someone will come and save you? Just surrender to your fate.”


Just at this moment, a sharp bird cry came above. This cry echoed in the sky, conveying pride and arrogance.

Xiao Chen was incredibly familiar with this sound.

His heart skipped a beat as he looked up and saw the Demon Blood Vulture flying high in the sky. Due to who knew what fortuitous encounter it obtained, its entire body burned with flames. It was like a Blood Phoenix filled with divinity.

“Xiao Chen, your stupid bird is here!”

Murong Yan rejoiced when he saw the Demon Blood Vulture turn into a burning cloud covering the sky as it swooped down towards Ming Xuan.

The Demon Blood Vulture did not say anything at all. After its strength soared, it became like a flash of scarlet lightning.

Ming Xuan’s smile froze. He exclaimed, “What in the world is this?!”

“Quickly, move,” the mysterious person at the side shrouded in a bloody shadow warned hastily. He could feel how extraordinary the Demon Blood Vulture was.

However, right after that person spoke, the Demon Blood Vulture crashed into where Ming Xuan and that person stood. With a huge explosion, a pillar of flame soared into the air.

The two had no time at all to dodge. This disrupted their positions. They did not know what was happening.

The two appeared to be in a somewhat sorry state in the fire. They did their best to charge out, but the more they did so, the more flustered they became.

“Let’s go.”

When the Demon Blood Vulture appeared to block the two, Xiao Chen relaxed. Carrying Situ Changfeng, he made a mad dash for the herb garden, chopping down all the damned corpses in the way.

Four hours later, the herb garden reappeared before Xiao Chen’s group.

However, the breathing of Situ Changfeng, who was on Xiao Chen’s back, was very weak. He had already fainted, his lifeforce completely corroded by the Death Qi.

Situ Changfeng’s body felt increasingly lighter, but Xiao Chen felt his footsteps becoming heavier.

“Quick. Quick. Quick. Quick.”

The group reentered the herb garden in a panic. Xiao Chen hastily put Situ Changfeng down and looked at the Coiling Dragon Tree that had already stopped growing.

Without even thinking, he leaped to where one of the roots was.

“Take care of Situ Changfeng and wait for me to come back up.”

Xiao Chen’s expression was grave as he slid down the tree root. The medicinal spring had nearly dried up, absorbed by the Coiling Dragon Tree.

Xiao Chen’s rate of descent was much faster than before.

Right now, he placed all his hope on the Great Desolate Ten Thousand Beast Pill.

The birds that Xiao Chen made with the Life Bestowal Spell and left here had seen the Coiling Dragon Tree succeed in suppressing the Pill Demon. The tree had swept away the overwhelming demonic nature, turned it into filth, and flushed it out.

The Great Desolate Ten Thousand Beast Pill should be completely cleansed by now. Only its essence remained.

If Situ Changfeng consumed the Great Desolate Ten Thousand Beast Pill, it would rebuild his lifeforce and strengthen his bloodline, digging out a steady stream of lifeforce.

The vast Medicinal Energy of the Great Desolate Ten Thousand Beast Pill would be more than enough to rush him to the Green Dragon Palace.


Soon, Xiao Chen arrived back at the medicine cauldron. The Coiling Dragon Tree had already absorbed most of the flame for its own nourishment. However, the remaining flame in the medicine cauldron was still extremely scary.

Using his Veritable Essence Energy to protect his body, he dashed into the fire to search for the Great Desolate Ten Thousand Beast Pill amid the fierce flame, not caring about anything else.

However, the space in the medicine cauldron seemed to have formed its own world; it was vast and boundless.

Flames filled his sight in all directions. There were no signs of the Great Desolate Ten Thousand Beast Pill.

“How could it be like this?”

Xiao Chen felt extremely anxious. As far as he knew, a Medicinal Pill of the same level as the Great Desolate Ten Thousand Beast Pill should not be difficult to find; even if most of its Medicinal Energy were dispersed with the demonic nature, it should still be dazzling like a star.

Where is the Divine Pill?

Xiao Chen calmed himself in the depths of the fierce flame. Blindly searching around would not yield any results.

Since it was a Divine Pill, no matter how weak it became or how much Medicinal Energy had scattered with the demonic nature, there should still be a strand of divine nature.

“I know!”

Although the Pill Demon was suppressed and its demonic nature eliminated, it still had its divine nature and intelligence. It knew that Xiao Chen was searching for it, so it hid. If he did not figure this out, he would never find the Great Desolate Ten Thousand Beast Pill.

“I only want to borrow ten percent of your Medicinal Energy to save my friend. I will not erase your intelligence or draw out your Divine Might,” Xiao Chen shouted in the medicine cauldron. He knew that the other party would understand what he meant.

However, there were no movements from the surrounding flames, no reply at all.

I tried reasoning with it nicely, but it actually did not give me any face at all.

Xiao Chen inevitably got angry. He said, “Since you are not willing to show yourself, it shows that your divine nature is weakened and cannot even stand a strike. If you want to keep wasting time, even if it takes ten years or one hundred years, I will sweep away all of the flames here and find you. Get out here and offer up ten percent of your Medicinal Energy!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The Heavenly Snow Divine Flame appeared in Xiao Chen’s left hand, and the Primal Chaos Grade Heavenly Flame appeared in his right hand: one Yin and one Yang. No flame in the world could deviate from these two attributes.

Xiao Chen released the Heavenly Snow Divine Flame and the Heavenly Flame to absorb the flame in the medicine cauldron relentlessly.

Immediately, the flames surged in the medicine cauldron, becoming like constantly roaring waves.

Xiao Chen did not move at all, and his expression remained calm. After a while, a flash of bright light suddenly flew over in front.

It was a grain of the Great Desolate Ten Thousand Beast Pill that contained a strong Medicinal Energy but no intelligence or Divine Might.

The true Great Desolate Ten Thousand Beast Pill must have heard what Xiao Chen said and took out ten percent of its Medicinal Energy to refine into a Medicinal Pill.


Xiao Chen stopped absorbing the flame in the medicine cauldron and snorted coldly. The Great Desolate Ten Thousand Beast Pill refused a toast, only to drink a forfeit. Then, he shouted sullenly, “If I end up being too late, I will return and settle the score with you.”


Xiao Chen took the Medicinal Pill and flew straight up. He soon arrived back at the herb garden.

The others were shocked when they saw Xiao Chen, unable to look straight at him.

Xiao Chen could not care about that. He took out the Medicinal Pill and handed it to Liu Ruyun, saying, “Feed it to him!”

This stunned Liu Ruyun for a moment. Then, she took the Medicinal Pill and fed it into Situ Changfeng’s mouth.

Murong Yan asked nervously, “Xiao Chen, will this Medicinal Pill work?”

“It should.”

Actually, Xiao Chen was not certain, either. After all, it had only ten percent of the Divine Pill’s Medicinal Energy; he could not guarantee anything.

Who knew, no sooner had the two spoken than the Great Desolate Ten Thousand Beast Pill took effect. A vigorous lifeforce surged up in Situ Changfeng’s body. His complexion recovered, and his lips turned red again. He was directly pulled back from the gates of hell.


The strong effect made everyone rejoice. They had all despaired already, but Xiao Chen actually managed to pull Situ Changfeng back from the brink of death.

“Xiao Chen, what Medicinal Pill is this?”

Wei Hongfei sighed and said, “Why do I feel that his bloodline is growing stronger? What rank of Medicinal Pill is this? Even the Rank 6 Heavenly Pills that I have seen cannot strengthen the bloodline this quickly.”

No matter what, Situ Changfeng managed to snatch his life back and even gain a fortune through this misfortune.

As for what Medicinal Pill it was, Xiao Chen naturally would not reveal this. If the matter of the Divine Pill were to spread, it would cause a huge problem.

Demonic Dao cultivators had a vicious method to refine a person’s blood into a Medicinal Pill. Hence, if word of the Divine Pill circulated, it would be very dangerous for Situ Changfeng.

Relaxing slightly, Xiao Chen sized up his surroundings, taking in the pill river, the herb fields, the Coiling Dragon Tree, and the humongous medicine cauldron.

Previously, he did not have any suitable treasures to collect them. However, it seemed that he could collect everything into the Divine Universe Stele that he obtained inside the Divine Crystal.