Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1976 Raw 2074 : Race against Time

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Chapter 1976 Raw 2074 : Race against Time

Chapter 1976 (Raw 2074): Race against Time

The moment the Tyrant Saber was drawn, it had to meet blood.

Zhen Yuan, who was not far away, suddenly recalled what Xiao Chen said to him. When the saber is drawn, it must meet blood.

“That saber!”

Zhen Yuan’s gaze fell on the Tyrant Saber, and his expression immediately turned grave. He had seen that saber before. Now that he saw it again, it felt like it had been reborn.

The Tyrant Saber!

Zhen Yuan was very familiar with the history of that saber. Back then, he had the opportunity to obtain it as well.

Unfortunately, the saber ended up in Xiao Chen’s hands instead.

At first, Zhen Yuan had not been afraid of Xiao Chen. However, based on the feeling he got now, he was fearful. Had Xiao Chen used this saber back then, Zhen Yuan would have been caught off guard and died.

This was what happened to Yan Cangming. His death was truly undeserved. In the first place, he had already been severely injured and had just reversed the Death Dao.

When Xiao Chen arrived, Yan Cangming even hesitated, not retreating immediately.

When the Death Dao’s mysteries started to rebound on Yan Cangming, Xiao Chen did not give him any chance to retreat.


Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and landed beside Situ Changfeng to check on Situ Changfeng’s injuries.

Xiao Chen frowned at the horrifying Death Dao’s mysteries. The Death Qi in Situ Changfeng’s body was invisible and formless, yet it continuously tortured him, his lifeforce corroding like flowers wilting.

In order to treat Situ Changfeng, one had to find the Death Dao’s mysteries in his body.

Among the group, Duan Fei, who was the most proficient at healing, had already tried his best. However, he could not find the Death Dao’s mysteries. He bluntly said that only the Elders of the Green Dragon Palace would have a way.

However, given this situation, Situ Changfeng could not hold out for that long. His lifeforce ebbed rapidly.

“Xiao Chen, do you have a way to save him?” Murong Yan asked sullenly. He felt extremely grave. He was simply not willing to see Situ Changfeng die.

Xiao Chen pondered and nodded. “Don’t worry. I have a way. First, we need to stabilize his injuries. If any of you have Medicinal Pills for drawing out his bloodline power, let him consume them. With the bloodline being continuously drawn out and the resilience of the Dragon Race bloodline, it can stave off the ebbing of his lifeforce.”

This move would only increase Situ Changfeng’s lifeforce and not stop his lifeforce from trickling away.

This was just treating the symptoms and not a cure. However, as long as Situ Changfeng could pull through for a period, Xiao Chen had the means to temporarily suppress the Death Qi in his body, to help him last until he could get to the Green Dragon Palace.

Given the strength of the Green Dragon Palace Elders, it would not be difficult to remove the Death Qi in Situ Changfeng.

“I have some.”

“I have some too.”

The group rushed to take out their precious Medicinal Pills and hand them to Situ Changfeng.

“Xiao Chen, is there really a way?” Liu Ruyun’s eyes turned red, making her valiant face look somewhat pitiful.

This girl had been overly stimulated on this trip.

Xiao Chen and the others were already used to the parting of life and death.

No matter how intense the competition was within the sect, it would not reach the extent of death. However, once one went out of the sect, death was very common.

At every moment, there would be cultivators falling along the path to the peak, falling and dying.

“There’s a way. Trust me.”

Xiao Chen looked at Liu Ruyun seriously. Liu Ruyun, who always trusted in Xiao Chen, nodded, feeling somewhat consoled.

Xiao Chen carried Situ Changfeng on his back. Then, he looked around. Cracks in the barrier made it look like it would crumble at any moment.

The thousands of shards of the Divine Crystal in the air attracted all the cultivators’ attention.

No one had expected Xiao Chen to leap out of the Divine Crystal and destroy Yan Cangming with one saber strike.

All the more they had not expected the Divine Crystal to explode into pieces.

Some people rejoiced and some people raged.

Those who rejoiced were mostly the loose cultivators. They now had a chance to fight for some of the many pieces.

The ones who raged were the stronger ones. Now that the Divine Crystal was no longer intact, the complete True God’s mysteries no longer existed.

Even if all the pieces were put together, its value would be far less than a complete Divine Crystal’s.

“Let’s go. This place will turn chaotic very soon. We should leave this place of trouble.”

After the barrier fell, this place would turn into a river of blood because of the Divine Crystal shards.


Indeed. Soon, someone used a Soul Tool to shatter the barrier. Many Sovereign Personages flew up and charged at the shards of the Divine Crystals in the air.

Xiao Chen and the others quickly moved to the side. The moment the barrier shattered, they left.

The Dragon’s Gate disciples did not notice that the headless corpse of Yan Cangming silently turned into a wisp of smoke.

The black smoke turned into a formation and infused into a Divine Crystal shard.

The Divine Crystal shard turned black. Amid the chaos, it flew to Zhen Yuan.

Zhen Yuan felt slightly stunned. He received the Divine Crystal shard, feeling somewhat confused, a doubtful expression on his face.

When Zhen Yuan saw a strange talisman script in the Divine Crystal shard, enlightenment flashed across his face.

“I just knew that you wouldn’t die so easily.”

After carefully putting away the Divine Crystal shard, Zhen Yuan carefully looked around and quickly left.

“Brat! Stop there!” On the other side, Xiao Chen’s group ran into trouble. Someone had targeted them long ago.

This was a Sovereign Personage Elder of the Ruling Sword Gate. The moment the barrier shattered, he was sent to block Xiao Chen.

This was an Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage Elder. His cultivation was similar to that of Liu Yuanzong, whom Xiao Chen interacted with before. However, he came from a large sect and should be much stronger than Liu Yuanzong.

When blocked by a Sovereign Personage, Murong Yan and the others turned grave.

During the earlier battle, Murong Yan and the others had activated their Great Desolate Eon bloodline and no longer had any combat prowess.

Even if Murong Yan and the others still did, it would not be useful against a Sovereign Personage, so there was no difference at all.

“You are the one who killed Qi Yunfeng, right?” the old man asked while looking at Xiao Chen with a gloomy expression.

Clearly, this old man had to have a reason to seek trouble for Xiao Chen when the other Sovereign Personages were chasing after the Divine Crystal shards.

“You are full of nonsense!”

Since Xiao Chen knew that there was no way to resolve this matter peacefully, he did not even have to think. The moment the old man blocked them, the God Shadow Bow appeared in Xiao Chen’s hand.

A clump of Heart Flame appeared at Xiao Chen’s fingertips and spread all over the arrow, the simplified Heart Force merging with the arrow.

Xiao Chen nocked the arrow and drew the bowstring while continuously pouring in his Veritable Essence Energy and Soul Energy.

When facing a Sovereign Personage, Xiao Chen had no intention of holding back. Except for activating his bloodline, he brought out his full strength with the God Shadow Bow.

“A Soul Tool? Interesting. This old man wants to see how much of its might an insignificant Holy Venerate can bring out,” the old man said calmly, then laughed softly. Mockery shone in his eyes.

The old man was familiar with the strength of Soul Tools. He was also very familiar with the requirements to use a Soul Tool. A Holy Venerate would not be able to draw out much of a Soul Tool’s might.


However, as a vast might and pressure swept out from the God Shadow Bow, the Sovereign Personage old man slowly turned graver.

“Damn it!”

After clearly seeing the grade of that Soul Tool, the old man cursed and turned to flee.

Without question, even a Sovereign Personage would not dare to clash head-on with Xiao Chen using the God Shadow Bow at full power and Heart Flame as well.

However, it was already too late for the old man to flee from the moment he tried to block Xiao Chen.

The God Shadow Bow never missed!

The instant Xiao Chen released the arrow, a miserable shriek rang out. There was no way to dodge; the arrow struck its target. After that, it did not lose any momentum, continuing forward and destroying several buildings, forcefully carving out a path.

“Let’s go!”

After Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy strengthened, he could now use this God Shadow Bow at its full power and still have some strength left over.

It would not be like the past when after bringing out the full power of the God Shadow Bow, he would not have any strength left, reduced to a state of near collapse.

Xiao Chen carried Situ Changfeng once again and quickly led the group away. They were far from resolving the danger.

“Xiao Chen, thank you.”

Situ Changfeng, who was on Xiao Chen’s back, was dizzy and delirious, his consciousness fading in and out.

At this moment, Situ Changfeng endured his dizziness and ebbing lifeforce to speak a complete sentence.

Xiao Chen was extremely familiar with Situ Changfeng’s state. The Death Qi eroded his lifeforce. He had to watch his own lifeforce ebb away but could not do anything about it.

Situ Changfeng was in such incredible pain yet still spoke words of gratitude. This made Xiao Chen somewhat sad in his heart. He replied softly, “Situ Changfeng, stop speaking. Save your strength.”

Situ Changfeng babbled deliriously while on Xiao Chen’s back, “No, I need to say it. Otherwise…I might not have any more chances to say it. That would be too regretful.”

Murong Yan choked up, and tears flowed out. Crying, he howled, “Stop speaking already. Xiao Chen says that he can save you. He definitely can save you!”

Murong Yan thought of many things. He had known Situ Changfeng for much longer than Xiao Chen did.

Often, Situ Changfeng would stick his neck out for Murong Yan without expecting anything in return.

Murong Yan thought about how Situ Changfeng saved him in Violent Flame Desert when he was in danger while facing Demonic Venerate Mu Yun.

Today, if not for Situ Changfeng blocking Yan Cangming’s Death Like Wind, they all would have died, unable to last until Xiao Chen appeared.

Situ Changfeng was always kind. However, Murong Yan had been thoughtless, not even saying a word of thanks.

Murong Yan could not bear Situ Changfeng’s words. He should be the one saying thank you.

Wei Hongfei and the others all also showed unsightly expressions. Their eyes turned somewhat moist.

Xiao Chen’s expression turned grave. He could feel the weight on his back. It was not because Situ Changfeng was very heavy. Instead, he felt the weight of responsibility. He felt everyone placing their hopes on him, hoping that he could save Situ Changfeng.

Killing Yan Cangfeng with one saber strike, forcing a Sovereign Personage to retreat with one arrow—these looked very casual to others. However, who knew how much Soul Energy, Veritable Essence Energy, and effort Xiao Chen put in?

Xiao Chen did not say anything. He silently carried Situ Changfeng and killed the damned corpses along the way.

After moving around for a while, they reached the place where they initially fought with Yan Cangming. Xiao Chen needed to go to the southern sector, to the herb garden there.

Whether Situ Changfeng could live or not all depended on Xiao Chen.


When facing the damned corpses blocking the way, Xiao Chen did not hold back his Veritable Essence Energy and Soul Energy, chopping down all the obstacles in the way.

When it looked like hope was right before them, Xiao Chen’s eyelid twitched. He glanced up and saw a white-clad monk and a mysterious person shrouded in a bloody shadow standing on a roof in front.

“Ming Xuan!” Xiao Chen said through gritted teeth as he stopped walking. He had not expected to meet with this person at this moment.