Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1975 Raw 2073 : Drawing the Tyrant Saber

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Chapter 1975 Raw 2073 : Drawing the Tyrant Saber

Chapter 1975 (Raw 2073): Drawing the Tyrant Saber

Yan Cangming’s eyes were very sharp. He noticed that Liu Ruyun had an extraordinary background, which made her extremely valuable.

He saw that capturing her would be completely worth it, even if Murong Yan and the others activated their Great Desolate Eon bloodline and extracted a heavy price from the two.

Even after considering all that, Yan Cangming still felt that it would be worth it.

Zhen Yuan had been in the Central Great Realm for some time already. He knew how horrifying the cultivators of the eight overlord-class bloodlines were after they activated their Great Desolate Eon bloodlines.

If Zhen Yuan got careless and underestimated the other party, he might lose his life here.

Zhen Yuan did not hesitate to ignite the Black Dragon King’s demonic nature, which he had absorbed and refined. A Demonic Might that was stronger than a Sovereign Personage’s erupted from his body.

Had it not been for Zhen Yuan’s inadequate cultivation and weak physical body, he could have brought out an even more horrifying might from the Black Dragon King’s demonic nature.

However, what Zhen Yuan showed now was already very horrifying. When the Demonic Might swept out, it inspired chills in Murong Yan and the others.

“Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, Entering Hell!”

The moment Zhen Yuan drew his saber, a black saber light manifested a horrifying scene of hell.

His entire being turned into the Kāśyapa Buddha that entered hell, radiating boundless Demonic Might.

He materialized tens of thousands of malicious spirits and demonic smoke circulating above Murong Yan and the others. They bore claws and fangs, giving off ghostly shrieks.

The circling malicious spirits occasionally turned into sharp saber Qi.

The saber Qi rained down like a storm, each attack fatal, carrying fear, resentment, and hate. Soon, it messed up the group’s formation.

“It truly lives up to being a Buddhist sect’s forbidden technique. If you can learn the starting stance, the Seven Kill Seal—hehe!—its might would be unimaginable. However, this move could be more perfect. In the future, I’ll bring you to the true Asura Sea for experiential training.”

Yan Cangming’s Death Dao spread out silently. Black smoke shrouded him, wriggling like tentacles.

Zhen Yuan said, “Quickly end the battle, before anything unexpected happens.”

Seeing the slightly flustered group, Yan Cangming smiled gently. “Just a group of outer palace disciples. If they were Dragon’s Gate inner sect disciples, it would be somewhat problematic. However, we do have to end this quickly. Unexpected developments are hard to avoid. Death Like Wind!”


Yan Cangming waved his hand. Then, it was like autumn arrived, bringing the autumn winds and a bleak air. The wind arrived mercilessly, sweeping away all the fallen leaves and withering everything.

The wind of autumn was the wind of death.

This move was very exquisite, provoking people’s sighs at the sight of it. Yan Cangming actually fused his Death Dao into the wind, making it invisible and formless.

Hence, no one could feel the Death Qi hidden there. It looked empty, but in reality, it chased after one relentlessly.

“What a terrifying youth! To think that he cultivated the Death Dao to such a level!”

Outside the barrier, the various Sovereign Personages who had been shouting earlier were all attracted to Yan Cangming’s move. They all showed grave expressions.

“He is Yan Cangming!”

“So, it is him, the strongest outstanding talent of the Flood Dragon Humans. Rumor has it that he can retreat safely from a fight with a Sovereign Personage.”

“These younger-generation Dragon Race cultivators are really unfortunate to be matched up against him. If they were at least the same level as the heirs of the Dragon Kings, they might be able to deal with this. However, this fellow is really horrifying. I have never heard that he comprehended the Death Dao before.”

“This fellow holds extremely great resentment against the Dragon Race. Any Dragon Race cultivator that runs into him won’t have a good ending.”

Some of the Sovereign Personages recognized Yan Cangming, who turned out to be quite famous.

“We have to break this hell first. Otherwise, we will all die!” Situ Changfeng shouted.

When Situ Changfeng came to the front and saw Death Like Wind, his expression turned grave, and he decisively made his move. “Thousand Cloud Layered Cliffs!”

In that instant, a heavy will of clouds appeared from Situ Changfeng. The clouds layered over each other, appearing like mountains.

“The winds follow the clouds. This youth is really decisive. He is planning to completely pull Death Like Wind over to himself, creating a chance for his companions.”

“However, can he bear it?”

The eyes of the many Sovereign Personages lit up when they saw Situ Changfeng’s intent.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Murong Yan and the others activated their Great Desolate Eon bloodlines one after another. They did not hesitate to send out their moves at the Asura Hell trapping them.

Amid horrifying dragon roars, the Dragon’s Gate disciples attacked at the same time. The materialized hell shook, looking like it would crumble at any moment.

Just then, Zhen Yuan shouted, “If I don’t enter hell, who will?” The Demonic Might on his body turned into a horrifying Buddhist Might. A black swastika appeared under his feet.

The full might of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s Entering Hell presented itself.

“Stop him!”

The expressions of Wei Hongfei and others changed. As they faced the greatest danger they had ever faced, they all focused fully and put in their full power.

“Heaven Burning Rage!”

“Golden Light Cauldron!”

“Falling Leaves Filling the Sky Sounding Like Rain!”


The members of the group attacked at the same time, advancing together to face the horrifying saber move that Zhen Yuan executed after igniting the Black Dragon King’s demonic nature.

However, after Zhen Yuan ignited the demonic nature and executed Entering Hell, he could no longer be evaluated with the usual logic.

The saber strike knocked Murong Yan, Liu Ruyun, and the others into the air. Their momentum plummeted, and blood leaked out of their mouths as they fell to the ground.

Zhen Yuan turned around and retreated three steps before he stood stably. The Demonic Might on his body slowly withdrew.


On the other side, Situ Changfeng, who faced Yan Cangming’s killing move alone, finally could no longer withstand it.

Thousand Cloud Layered Cliffs broke, and the mysteries of the Death Dao entered Situ Changfeng’s body.

Situ Changfeng’s lifeforce ebbed rapidly. His expression turned very grave as he did his best to resist the Death Dao’s endless mysteries in his body with much difficulty.


“Come with me, then!”

Yan Cangming brushed by Situ Changfeng and rushed over to Liu Ruyun, prepared to knock Situ Changfeng away on his way.

However, something strange happened. A horrifying aura burst out of Liu Ruyun as she soared into the air, arriving first despite being launched later.

An expression of extreme horror appeared on Yan Cangming’s face because of the aura coming from Liu Ruyun.

At this moment, her aura completely suppressed Yan Cangming, making his body freeze up and fear awaken in his heart.

Liu Ruyun’s palm strike blew away the Death Qi on Yan Cangming’s body. Then, she swung the saber in her right hand and stabbed it into his chest.

A horrifying saber intent surged out, causing all the suppressed injuries from Yan Cangming’s earlier fight with Xiao Chen to erupt.

At the critical moment, Yan Cangming landed a palm strike on Liu Ruyun and quickly pushed himself away.

“Situ Changfeng, are you alright?”

Liu Ruyun landed and looked at Situ Changfeng with some guilt on her face.

Had she used the strand of aura that the White Dragon King left in her body earlier, Situ Changfeng would not have fallen into his current straits.

However, Liu Ruyun had feared that if she used this strand of aura, her father, the White Dragon King, would know that she had sneaked out.

The Dragon Race possessed an extremely strong lifeforce. The talent and energy from their bloodline gave them a strong recovery ability and resilience of life compared to other cultivators.

Thus, the Dragon Race cultivators should have a strong resistance to the corrosion of the Death Dao’s mysteries.

However, this Yan Cangming seemed to have altered his own Death Dao to target Dragon Race cultivators.

Situ Changfeng’s current situation was not good.

“Damn it! You two bastards!”

After the others got back on their feet and checked Situ Changfeng’s situation, they glared at the two in anger.

“I see. I know who you are now.”

Yan Cangming, who had fallen to the ground, formed a strange hand seal, and the Death Dao’s aura on his body suddenly soared, forcibly suppressing his injuries.

As he looked at Liu Ruyun, his eyes glowed with even greater fanaticism.

“It is not just him. All of you will die today. After you reincarnate, don’t be people of the Dragon Race!” Yan Cangming roared.

A terrifying demonic flame rose continuously behind him. It even seemed to link with the smooth mirror under his feet when one looked down.

“Reversion of the Death Dao’s mysteries! He really has gone mad!”

“His talent is truly startling. His comprehension of the Death Dao puts even those older-generation Demonic Dao experts to shame.”

The many Sovereign Personages outside the barrier took in a sharp breath at this scene.

Yan Cangming’s eyes fixed on Liu Ruyun. Aside from her, everyone else was dead to him.


Just at this moment, something strange happened. Cracks appeared in the entire barrier, and horrifying energy poured out in an endless stream.

Just as everyone was puzzled, the floating Divine Crystal in the air suddenly exploded.

A white figure descended from the air.

The Divine Crystal exploded, and someone flew out of it!

This person was Xiao Chen, who found an opportunity to break out. He raised his eyebrows when he saw Yan Cangming, who was exuding a terrifying aura of death.

Holy Venerate Will, Sun and Moon Shining Together!

With a thought, Xiao Chen brought out his Holy Venerate Will. A bright moon and a blazing sun rose at the same time, the sun and the moon competing with each other in brightness.

As Xiao Chen slowly descended, his will of soul encased Liu Ruyun and the others.

At the same time, his will of soul also suppressed Yan Cangming’s Death Dao’s mysteries, placing huge pressure on Yan Cangming.

Yan Cangming found advancing very difficult.

“Damn it!”

At the crucial moment, Xiao Chen suddenly appeared and suppressed all of Yan Cangming’s trump cards, instantly flustering Yan Cangming.

The negative side effects of reversing the Death Dao started to manifest. Black demonic lines appeared on his face and pain in his eyes.

The Death Dao’s Dao Might continuously plummeted.

Zhen Yuan turned anxious, shouting, “Yan Cangming, it’s time to go!”

Damn it! Such a great opportunity, gone.

I can only let them off like this today.


A murderous intent flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. The Tyrant Saber, which had not appeared in a long time, instantly appeared at his side.

Then, Xiao Chen drew his saber. Yan Cangming, who had just started to think of retreating, could not react in time.

Yan Cangming saw a cold flash of saber light before his head flew off, separated from his body at the neck. Blood spurted out.

“He’s dead?”

Zhen Yuan, who had already taken a few steps back and was waiting for Yan Cangming to retreat with him, was stupefied at this scene.