Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1973 Raw 2071 : Missing Xiao Chen

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Chapter 1973 Raw 2071 : Missing Xiao Chen

Chapter 1973 (Raw 2071): Missing Xiao Chen

Inside the mysterious pit, Xiao Chen and Yan Cangming did not stop fighting.

As the two fell interminably, they continued to seek opportunities to inflict serious damage on each other.

The two both executed the Supreme Dragon Fist, exchanging blows in the average-sized pit and fighting a violent battle.

The Heavenly Dragon’s Dragon Might clashed intensely with a death Dragon Might, neither giving way to the other.

Dragon roars undulated incessantly. Xiao Chen showed a grave expression. He was shocked at someone else actually managing to alter the Supreme Dragon Fist as he had.

In reality, if the other party used resentment to practice the Supreme Dragon Fist, it would be even mightier.

However, like Xiao Chen, Yan Cangming saw the drawbacks of the Supreme Dragon Fist, so he changed it, using the Death Dao to drive the Supreme Dragon Fist.

The other party’s comprehension of the Death Dao was far stronger than Xiao Chen’s Massacre Dao.

Xiao Chen’s killing Qi had been tempered for many years in the Great Thousand Realms. Although it was vast and heavy, he only barely reached the level of a will.

He was still quite a distance from truly comprehending the Massacre Dao.

In reality, such Dao that surpassed elements were rare among the billions of cultivators, even for Divine Vein Realm Sovereign Emperors.

The process was long and arduous. However, once one comprehended it, one’s strength would be extremely horrifying.

One would be unrivaled within the same cultivation.

Yan Cangming was one such existence. He actually managed to comprehend the Death Dao.

If not for Xiao Chen using the Seven Kill Seal to amplify his killing Qi, his Supreme Dragon Fist might not be able to counter the other party.

However, Xiao Chen did not know that Yan Cangming was even more shocked than him.

Xiao Chen should not have learned the Supreme Dragon Fist for long. However, his comprehension was already no lesser than Yan Cangming’s.

“How did you learn the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s forbidden technique?” Xiao Chen asked as he looked at the other party. Compared to the other party’s horrifying strength, this issue was even more severe.

Yan Cangming said coldly, “When I came in contact with the Supreme Dragon Fist, you probably have not even been introduced to it.”


Without saying anything more, the two resumed fighting.

In the clash between Supreme Dragon Fists, Xiao Chen slowly became disadvantaged as the effect of the Seven Kill Seal decreased. His momentum became weaker.

“If that is all you are capable of, it is not sufficient for you to be arrogant before me!”

Yan Cangming took the opportunity to deal Xiao Chen a fatal blow before they landed.

However, Yan Cangming suddenly realized that Xiao Chen’s figure was drifting about without a pattern. He had clearly locked on to the other party, but he still could not grasp the other party’s location. Xiao Chen was like a fish swimming in water.


When Yan Cangming punched, he hit nothing but air. When the horrifying strength of the punch exploded, it did not injure Xiao Chen at all.

“The Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries! You actually comprehended the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries!”

This shocked Yan Cangming. Logically, Flood Dragon Humans could become Heavenly Dragons too.

Hence, Yan Cangming had tried to comprehend the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries for many years already. Despite his comprehension of the Death Dao, he could not even get inducted into the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries at all.

“That’s not all!” Xiao Chen snorted coldly in the darkness. The solid strand of Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries in his body fused into the Supreme Dragon Fist’s last move.

When Yan Cangming felt the aura coming from Xiao Chen, he recognized what move this was. This was the Supreme Dragon Fist’s last move, Only I Am Supreme.

Without thinking, Yan Cangming used his strong Death Dao and the mantra of the Supreme Dragon Fist, which he was more familiar with than Xiao Chen, to initiate the same attack before Xiao Chen could.

“Supreme Dragon Fist, Only I Am Supreme!”

When Yan Cangming punched, an incomparably tyrannical air burst out of his body—the confidence of being the only supreme one in the world.

What is supreme? The heavens turn desolate, and the ground ages. The supreme is ageless; time passes unhurriedly, but the supreme is immortal. His heart never dies; his speech never shows regret. His body is undying!

Xiao Chen’s initial stance was the same as Yan Cangming’s. However, behind his stance was an even more distant state.

“Supreme Dragon Fist, Only I Am Supreme!”

Although there was only a vague form, which was not complete, when Xiao Chen fused the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries, his punch accumulated power and delivered it well.

The instant the punch’s might burst out, it drowned out Yan Cangming’s.

When the two punches clashed, the flames on Yan Cangming’s body got extinguished. He vomited large mouthfuls of blood as the heavy impact knocked him away.


Both of them had executed the Supreme Dragon Fist’s final move. Even if Xiao Chen grasped the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries, his Seven Kill Seal should already be ineffective. Yan Cangming should have triumphed.

Why was it that Xiao Chen’s Only I Am Supreme completely drowned out Yan Cangming’s, demonstrating a completely different level?

As Yan Cangming went flying back in incredible pain, his mind filled with doubts.

There was no time to think too much. After Yan Cangming received the heavy blow, he lost all control of his body as he plummeted.


Xiao Chen relaxed his clenched fists, collecting back the scattered Dragon Might to negate the force of Yan Cangming’s punch.

There was no one else in the darkness.

The place was dead silent. After Yan Cangming’s descent accelerated, Xiao Chen had no way to continue pursuing him in this mysterious pit.

As for the others, they had been caught off guard and fell somewhere. Only Xiao Chen and Yan Cangming could slightly control the speed of their descent.

Now that Yan Cangming had already fallen, Xiao Chen alone remained, the only one who could somewhat control his rate of descent.

The deep parts of this pit appeared rather wide.

It was worth considering why there was such a pit near the center of the city.

Xiao Chen quietly pondered and opened his Heavenly Eye to do his best to see his surroundings.

However, the situation improved only slightly. All he could see were some blurry lights in the darkness and some flickering lights on the walls.

“Wait, these lights seemed to follow a certain pattern. Are they talisman scripts or ancient text?”

Xiao Chen did his best to direct his body towards the wall. As he descended, the flickering characters imprinted into his mind.

He checked these characters against the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s memories, hoping to find something.

“These are divine characters!”

Xiao Chen finally verified it. These were divine characters, the script used by the True Gods of the Heavenly Realm back then.

Compared to normal characters, divine characters contained Divine Essence. After they were written, they naturally contained laws and supreme truths.

Xiao Chen felt that this recorded a Cultivation Technique. Unfortunately, when he did his best to try and recall it, the divine characters imprinted in his mind quickly slipped away.

After that, he no longer had any recollection of them.

Just at this moment, Xiao Chen felt something underfoot; he had landed.

A strong impact nearly made him tumble.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen had been doing his best to control his rate of descent. While the impact was strong, it was still within a controllable range.

He stabilized his footing and walked forward.

After Xiao Chen opened his Heavenly Eye, he could see the divine characters that were invisible to others. These divine characters held a strange fascination for him.

Although he could not truly remember these divine characters, he found them extremely intriguing. He walked on, following the flickering divine characters on the wall.

“My Soul Energy?”

Suddenly, Xiao Chen was shocked to discover the very faint Sun and Moon Shining Together in his Soul Pool actually emitting light.

A bright moon and a blazing sun competed in light.

Although the light was not dazzling, when they flickered, they allowed this mysterious phenomenon to show its original form.

In order to reach such a step, Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy had to have improved by at least five or six levels.

Yet after just viewing these divine characters, he actually achieved such an effect.

This saved Xiao Chen a lot of time.

“Interesting. If I continue to view these divine characters, will I eventually be able to bring out the mysterious phenomenon of the Sun and Moon Shining Together?” Xiao Chen wondered with some joy. Since he had only just advanced to the Holy Light Stage, his Soul Energy was still very weak at this point.

After all, he did not have any secret manuals for cultivating Soul Energy in the past. He only managed to use Soul Energy crudely as a Star Venerate.

It would be a fool’s dream to want to bring out the mysterious phenomenon of the Sun and Moon Shining Together before reaching the Sovereign Stage.

The outstanding talents of the Rank 7 sects had been nurtured since childhood, with experts guiding them. This was why they could bring out these mysterious phenomena as Holy Venerates.

However, Xiao Chen had to figure things out by himself, persisting all the way before he achieved what he had.

As he had come from an abandoned land, his starting point was much lower than that of most people of the Thousand Great Realms.

Holding such anticipation, Xiao Chen’s mind became immersed in the divine characters. He followed the marks left by the divine characters, chasing after them.

Without him realizing it, the space where he was turned dazzling.



Murong Yan was the first to walk out from the darkness of the cave they fell into. Right after him, Liu Ruyun, Wei Hongfei, and the others walked out as well.

“How glaring!”

The five’s first reaction after walking out from the darkness was to close their eyes involuntarily.

After they grew accustomed to the light, they were horrified to find themselves under a barrier of pink light.

Under their feet was a mirror formed by the light barrier, and there were no signs of any exit.

“Where’s Xiao Chen?” Liu Ruyun asked when she suddenly thought of it, appearing somewhat flustered.

“I don’t know, he and that Flood Dragon Human were the first to fall in. Logically, they should have arrived before we did.”

“You all did not see him?”

“I was right behind you. I thought Xiao Chen came out long ago.”

Just as the group was feeling confused, Situ Changfeng said, “Back then, I felt that after Xiao Chen and that Flood Dragon Human fell, they were still fighting. While Yan Cangming has not come out, Xiao Chen should not come out, either.”

After hearing that, Liu Ruyun and the others relaxed slightly.

Soon, Yan Cangming and Zhen Yuan appeared together. However, Xiao Chen was still nowhere to be seen.

“Damn it! What did you two do to Xiao Chen? Why is he not out yet?” Liu Ruyun stepped forward and demanded after seeing the situation.

Yan Cangming felt startled. Shouldn’t that fellow have come out already?

However, Yan Cangming’s expression did not change at all, showing no fluctuations. He smiled coldly and countered, “Why are you so concerned about that fellow? Could it be that you, a noble White Dragon, fell in love with a mixed-blood dragon? He already died at my hands. Do you feel relieved now?”


Liu Ruyun and the others immediately became enraged and prepared to activate their Great Desolate Eon bloodlines to fight Yan Cangming to the end.

On seeing this scene, Zhen Yuan frowned slightly. It would be problematic if these people activated their Great Desolate Eon bloodlines. He said coldly, “Xiao Chen is not dead. We do not know where he is, either. Before you make a move, look around your surroundings first. There is a group of people looking at us foolishly.”