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Chapter 1972 (Raw 2070): Strong Clash

Before Murong Yan and the others could decide, the people who started this—Zhong Li and Qin Aotian’s group—quickly ran away.

Qin Aotian’s group did not show any intention of staying to help. Perhaps they knew the horror of Yan Cangming and Zhen Yuan and felt that victory was impossible, so they used Xiao Chen and the others as shields.

“Leaving? Do you think you can leave? The Divine Dragon bloodline cultivators are indeed as shameless as before. Today, I will definitely kill you all!” Yan Cangming snorted coldly. He did not even look at Xiao Chen as he turned and chased after Zhong Li’s group.

Xiao Chen did not move. Zhen Yuan’s saber intent had already locked on to him.

A clash in aura did not permit Xiao Chen to make any changes.

“Touch of Death!”

As Yan Cangming moved his hand, countless strands of dragon-whisker-like black energy surrounded Zhong Li.

Zhong Li’s face sank. Black tentacles surrounded him. There was no escape.

“Rushing Cloud Hand!” Zhong Li roared while forming hand seals. Clouds surrounded him in layers as he threw palm strikes with both hands.

The clouds changed continuously, forming various mysterious phenomena as they charged out in all directions, looking very mighty.

However, once the clouds neared the black tentacles, the clouds’ mysterious phenomena corroded away, showing no effect.

“Thousand Cloud Flowery Rain, Falling Water Freezing!” Zhong Li’s expression changed slightly. His hands moved continuously, sending out more attacks.

The mysterious phenomena of the clouds turned to ice, and cold Qi spread out, sealing the black tentacles in ice.

“I blocked it.”

Zhong Li’s face lit up in joy. However, before the smile on his face could fade away, he saw Yan Cangming stretch out a hand to grab him.

“Crack! Crack!”

The layer of ice shattered. The thousands of black tentacles coalesced into a large tentacle hand, containing the mysteries of the Death Dao, grabbing at Zhong Li.

Everywhere the black tentacle hand passed, lifeforce faded. The surroundings turned scarily silent.

It’s over! Zhong Li inevitably felt some despair. If this hand grabbed him, he would lose most of his lifeforce. Even if he did not die, he would be crippled.

“Falling Leaves Filling the Sky Sounding Like Rain!”

“Whoosh!” The sky filled with leaves borne on the wind, their susurration sounding like rain. A flash of saber light with strong lifeforce swept through the air and chopped off that black tentacle hand.

Liu Ruyun landed on her toes and gently spun around, shielding Zhong Li. “Go. I’ll shield you.”

“Many thanks, Junior Sister.”

Zhong Li felt shaken and embarrassed. Then, determination flashed in his heart, and he turned to leave.


Yan Cangming hovered in the air and grabbed with his hand. The chopped-off black tentacle hand returned to him.

Yan Cangming radiated a black aura of death. His aura wriggled about like a tentacle. This appeared exceptionally scary.

“What a pure White Dragon bloodline! You must have an extraordinary identity.”

Yan Cangming’s eyes lit up as he looked at Liu Ruyun. He said, “Perhaps you might be of some value. If so, you might be able to change my mind.”

When Xiao Chen noticed this scene, his heart skipped a beat as he shouted, “Protect Liu Ruyun.”

Xiao Chen had seen this Yan Cangming attack before. Yan Cangming was extremely strong, far stronger than an ordinary Holy Venerate. This person’s resentment and killing intent were the most horrifying that he had ever seen in his life.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The figures of Murong Yan and the others flashed, quickly rushing over to Liu Ruyun.

At the same time, the other Flood Dragon Humans moved behind Yan Cangming.

“I alone am enough. You all chase the small fries that are running away,” Yan Cangming said indifferently. His words showed strong confidence.

“Yes, Young Master!”

The other Flood Dragon Humans immediately left, leaving Yan Cangming alone.

A strong wind blew and a person shattered.

A saber strike shattered Xiao Chen’s figure, and the glasslike shards scattered. Zhen Yuan appeared where Xiao Chen originally stood and watched as Xiao Chen moved far away. He asked, “Are you not drawing your saber?”

Xiao Chen’s face hurt slightly. Earlier, he had dodged very quickly. However, he had gotten distracted, allowing the other party’s saber Qi to break through his defense and injure his face when shattering his afterimage.

Xiao Chen reached up and touched his wound. He looked at the blood on his hand before looking back at Zhen Yuan. “When the saber is drawn, it must meet blood. I promised your master to spare your life.”

“Haha! That old fellow really cares about me. If that were the case, why did he not send me to the four great temples earlier? I already had enough of that small place!”

A mocking smile appeared on Zhen Yuan’s lips as he showed a crazed look in his eyes. “If that is the case, then go die! You can forget about drawing your saber forever.

“Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, Breaking the Mundane!”

A black saber light burst out of Zhen Yuan’s body. A black swastika projected from his forehead as lines of scripture appeared in his surroundings. Various illusions manifested in Xiao Chen’s heart, all of them scenes of tragedy.

The flames of war, the ground covered in bones and corpses, a starving land, crows feeding on people, and many others. Hunger, cold, and poverty filled the vision.

Zhen Yuan used the most severe method to break the mundane, a different method from Xiao Chen’s.

Zhen Yuan comprehended the mysteries behind the first move of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique. However, in his hands, it turned into an extremely horrifying demonic saber.

In the next moment, the various illusions—the crows feeding on corpses, the people lying on the streets waiting for death—all presented a sinister scene.

Sharp gazes shot towards Xiao Chen before turning into saber light and charging at him.

The entire world seemed to have turned into Zhen Yuan’s saber light.


Xiao Chen did not think much. He had already materialized his Divine Dragon War Body, so he merely threw a hundred punches in all directions.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Vital Qi surged and dragon roars rang out. The illusions instantly broke, but Zhen Yuan took the opportunity to charge over.

“I’ll not let you draw your saber!”

Zhen Yuan did not show any mercy after gaining an advantage. He quickly executed various powerful attacks, forming a domain of saber strikes that placed enormous pressure on Xiao Chen.

In the blink of an eye, the two exchanged more than one hundred moves. Zhen Yuan forced Xiao Chen back many steps, his momentum reaching its peak.

“Asura Hell!”

The moment his momentum reached its peak, Zhen Yuan did not hesitate to launch another saber strike.

That domain of saber strikes completely erupted at this moment, displaying a scary and sinister side of him, and turned into a hell compressed in the saber strike.

I was just waiting for this!

“Buddhist sect’s Seven Kill Seal!” Xiao Chen roared, instantly bringing out the Buddhist sect’s Seven Kill Seal. His killing Qi increased by seven times.

“Supreme Dragon Fist, Raging at the Unfair Heaven!”

The killing Qi filling Xiao Chen became a rage that shook the sky and made it change color. The moment he punched, his killing Qi gushed out endlessly like a rampaging river.

Before the fist light arrived, the scary killing Qi formed a sharp dragon image that tore that image of hell into pieces.

When the fist light arrived, the sevenfold killing Qi suddenly exploded, and the scene of hell instantly crumbled.

The backlash knocked Zhen Yuan into the air while vomiting blood. Shock appeared in his eyes. He had not expected his strongest killing move to lose to Xiao Chen.

“Supreme Dragon Fist, Regretless Heavenly Dragon!”

While you are down, I’ll finish you off. Xiao Chen did not think of showing mercy. He leaped into the air, and his killing Qi erupted as he punched again. The boundless killing Qi coalesced into lofty aspirations, like it was a regretless Heavenly Dragon. It carried an aura of despair and willingness to sacrifice one’s self as it charged forward, showing no regrets at all.

The strong Dragon Might shook the nearby parts of the ancient city, many buildings collapsing in its wake.

Yan Cangming, who was fighting against four, noticed this scene. He threw a palm strike, blocking Liu Ruyun and the others.

Then, Yan Cangming’s figure flashed, charging over to Xiao Chen. The mysteries of the Death Dao flowed all over his body as he sent a palm strike to oppose Xiao Chen’s powerful fist light.


The fist and palm clashed. The resulting shock wave forced everyone to move back lest they get swept up in it.

Cracks appeared in the streets of the ancient city. The ground beneath the group seemed likely to break at any moment.

Xiao Chen took a few steps back, finding this a pity. His punch failed to reach Zhen Yuan. Subduing him again would be difficult.

The other party had refined the demonic nature that the Black Dragon King accumulated for many years. His physical body had already taken the demonic path, and his recovery ability was now incredibly astonishing.

Indeed, Zhen Yuan stood up, and Demonic Qi surged on his body. His injuries healed at a visible pace, recovering rapidly.

A brilliant light flashed in Zhen Yuan’s eyes, and the Demonic Qi in his entire body soared.

Yan Cangming looked at Xiao Chen with a trace of admiration in his eyes. “The Supreme Dragon Fist! To think that you succeeded in practicing the Supreme Dragon Fist! This is truly astonishing. However, I also know this Fist Technique. Supreme Dragon Fist, Master of the World!”

Right after Yan Cangming spoke, he suddenly punched. Black Dragon Qi spread out from his body, and his Veritable Essence Energy burned, materializing a war banner burning with a black flame. When the fist light shot out, the war banner containing boundless tyranny that commanded the world shot at Xiao Chen.

This shocked Xiao Chen, who had not expected that Yan Cangming also practiced the forbidden technique that existed only in the Heavenly Dragon Palace.

However, the situation before Xiao Chen did not permit him to think. He was well aware of how strong this punch was. He circulated his energy for the Supreme Dragon Fist and punched, also materializing a burning war banner as he did so.


One side infused the mysteries of the Death Dao into the Supreme Dragon Fist, while the other side infused the mysteries of the Massacre Dao into the Supreme Dragon Fist. The two clashed, the two war banners colliding intensely midair.

Horrifying dragon roars shook up the surroundings. The two war banners shattered at the same time, and shocking energy exploded on the spot.

A horrifying pillar of energy soared into the clouds. In the next moment, the ground shattered.

A black pit appeared, and everyone fell uncontrollably.

As they dropped, they noticed a strong suction from the pit, which made escape even more difficult. There was no way to block this mysterious suction at all.