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Chapter 1970 Raw 2068 : Divine Crystal

Chapter 1970 (Raw 2068): Divine Crystal

Under the leadership of the white-clad scholar, the Northern Mountain Academy’s group left the herb garden feeling extremely depressed.

It took them some time, but they managed to sort out their emotions.

After all, with a Soul Tool in hand, as long as they worked hard in the ancient city, they would still obtain a large harvest, barring encounters with abnormalities like Xiao Chen.

Even if the group ran into a Sovereign Personage, they would be able to hold their own without needing to fear anything.

They just could never run into Xiao Chen again.

“Senior Brother, where should we go now?”

The white-clad scholar replied, “We cannot remain in the southern sector. We came over from the west. So, only the northern and eastern sectors remain. Let’s go to the east, then. As far as I know, not many people went there. A Soul Tool in hand is enough for us to become the overlords of that place.”

“Alright. We will listen to Senior Brother.”

The Northern Mountain Academy disciples executed their Movement Techniques, continuously leaping about the rooftops in the ancient city. They soared through the air, traveling a long distance before landing again.

This showed that these people were not weak at all. However, they had run into Xiao Chen, who made them pale in comparison.

When their Soul Tool faced off with the God Shadow Bow, it was completely countered.


A white-clad monk on the street in the eastern sector of the city looked at the item in his hand with joy on his face.

The white-clad monk finally managed to walk out of the blood rain that no one dared to touch. Indeed, he found a great fortuitous encounter amid the great danger. It turned out that there was a drop of divine blood at the end of the blood rain.

A drop of a True God’s essence blood contained a divine nature.

If this drop of blood could be completely refined, the benefits would be extremely astonishing. Unfortunately, even a Sovereign Emperor could not completely refine it.

At best, the white-clad monk could only spend ten-odd years to digest it slowly. Otherwise, he might explode at any moment.

The white-clad monk knew his own strength, so he only took some of the divine blood for his own use.

Even though it was just a little, less than one percent of the drop of blood, the white-clad monk would still enjoy vast benefits. His physical body and bloodline would be thoroughly cleansed. Some Divine Might would also merge with his Buddhist Might, bringing it boundless effects.

“Someone is coming.”

The white-clad monk raised his head and looked into the distance. A group of people leaped about the roofs at the limits of his vision.

A Soul Tool?

The white-clad monk focused on the folding fan in the white-clad scholar’s hand. With one look, he recognized the fan’s rank.

However, this was not what surprised the white-clad monk. The surprising thing was a familiar aura lingering on this person’s body.

“An enemy’s aura,” the white-clad monk muttered to himself. Who was this person, and who was his enemy?

Naturally, this person was the Holy Son Ming Xuan, the last of the Black Lotus Sect. The death of the Black Lotus Sect Venerate raised his comprehension of Buddhist scriptures, forcing him out of his cocoon.

After arranging for funerals for the Black Lotus Church members, he came to the Central Great Realm alone.

“Buddhist Light Treasure Path!”

The white-clad monk formed hand seals with both hands, and Buddhist light gathered in the sky. In the next moment, a golden path formed, and he walked on it.

The golden light path carried the white-clad monk over quickly, moving like a laser beam. However, his clothes did not flutter at all, making him look calm and indifferent.

In mere moments, the white-clad monk appeared before the Northern Mountain Academy’s group.

“Where did this monk come from? Move to the side and don’t block the way.” Although the white-clad scholar’s words to the monk were harsh, he did not dare to underestimate the monk at all.

The folding fan in the white-clad scholar’s hand opened silently, and the Soul Tool’s might enveloped everyone in his group.

The Holy Son Ming Xuan looked at the white-clad scholar and said, “I have no ill intentions. I just felt the aura of an old friend from your bodies. I hope you will tell me about who you met earlier.”

The moment Ming Xuan said that, the white-clad scholar became enraged. The earlier humiliation from Xiao Chen was the worst humiliation of his life.

How could the white-clad scholar let others know about it? To think that this monk actually wanted him to speak about it? How could that be possible?

Old friend?

Wait, could this person be friends with Xiao Chen? If I can suppress him, I might be able to recoup my losses from Xiao Chen.

With this thought, a trace of bloodlust bubbled up in the white-clad scholar. “You might not have any ill intentions, but I do! Kill!”

The white-clad scholar gently waved his folding fan.

Then, Confucian sagely wisdom started ringing out in the surroundings. Righteous Qi gathered over his head, and the fan gave off a boundless might.

“The might of a Soul Tool is indeed extraordinary.”

The Holy Son Ming Xuan dodged danger after danger. However, the shock wave from the folding fan still struck him. Lingering Confucian sagely wisdom rang out in his ears, rhythmically pausing after every syllable.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The Holy Son Ming Xuan’s mind and soul shook. His Qi and blood surged. He vomited a mouthful of blood as his complexion paled.

“Don’t blame me for being ruthless. If you want someone to blame, blame yourself for knowing Xiao Chen, for making friends with someone you should not befriend!”

After the white-clad scholar gained the upper hand with his first attack, his Righteous Qi strengthened. He said seriously, “Materializing Life as a Dream, The End to a Bustling Life.”

The scene in the folding fan immediately changed, showing one hundred years of human life. Then, the scene of a bustling life came to an end as though this life was a dream.

As this palm strike flew over, it was surreal and illusory. It was as though the life that one lived was just a dream.

The Holy Son Ming Xuan smiled faintly and said, “So, it really is someone I know. Black Lotus Church Secret Technique, destroy!”

Buddhist prayer beads hung from Ming Xuan’s hand as he formed a horrifying hand seal. Buddhist Might surged in his entire body, brewing up dreadful energy.

This was like the calm before the storm. There were no signs of energy fluctuation in Ming Xuan’s body.

This continued until the moment he thrust his hand forward. Then, all the energy burst out in this one moment.


The figure of a black Buddha appeared behind Ming Xuan. It showed an expression of disgust for everything in the world as it roared.

The tall buildings behind Ming Xuan instantly crumbled into dust. The white-clad scholar bore the brunt of the attack. The illusory Martial Technique was like a little child throwing a tantrum before this Secret Technique. Ming Xuan’s attack blew the white-clad scholar back.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

When the dust settled, the space one kilometer in front of Ming Xuan was empty. No building remained.

The many Northern Mountain Academy disciples had gotten ripped apart on the spot, their incomplete corpses strewn everywhere.


Ming Xuan’s figure flashed. When he landed, he stepped on the chest of the struggling white-clad scholar.

An agonized cry rang out. The Holy Son Ming Xuan said indifferently, “You are not the only one with a Soul Tool. Now, are you willing to speak about what happened earlier?”

“I’ll speak! I’ll speak!” the white-clad scholar said with difficulty, suffering unbearable pain.

After everything was said, the Holy Son Ming Xuan kicked the white-clad scholar away. Then, he said seriously, “What a coincidence! However, I already have an appointment with someone else, so I will not seek you out now.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

After gaining definitive news of Xiao Chen, the white-clad monk moved very quickly.

One hour later, at a tall pavilion in the ancient city:

“You are late.”

When Ming Xuan rushed over to the tall pavilion, a mysterious person who seemed shrouded in blood and shadow was there.

This person exuded the strong evil air that came from the Demonic Dao in stark contrast to the peaceful and gentle air of Ming Xuan.

However, these two people with such different airs walked together.

“I was delayed along the way. The east gate is indeed difficult. However, it should not be considered late yet.”

The mysterious man looked to the center of the ancient city and said slowly, “Those undying fellows of the Heavenly Lodging Palace and the four Rank 6 sects are trying to break the restrictions. However, it is not that easy. This is truly unexpected. Who could have thought that an ancient city left by a True God would appear in Desolate God Valley?”

Ming Xuan likewise looked to the center of the city where a mysterious crystal maintained the vast Spiritual Energy and controlled everything in the city.

That was a Divine Crystal.

The Divine Crystal contained Divine Essence and was very precious. Even a Sovereign Personage would not know its value.

Only Sovereign Emperors, who surpassed Sovereign Personage, would understand a little. The Divine Crystal held a fatal attraction for these people who surpassed Sovereign Personage.

Ming Xuan murmured, “To think that no Sovereign Emperor rushed over. That is the most surprising thing. It looks like this is the first time the ancient city appeared. The Heavenly Lodging Palace did not know what would be in here. For us, this is an opportunity.”

Who knew where the two got their confidence from? They actually dared to think of barging into the city center—the place where the Sovereign Personages of the Rank 6 sects and the Heavenly Lodging Palace gathered.

Everyone could tell that the city center would definitely contain the greatest fortuitous encounter.

However, anyone who understood their own strength at all would not risk joining in.


Back in the herb garden:

“Xiao Chen, there’s a total of ten-odd Coiling Dragon Fruits of various attributes. This is a really great harvest. The effect of the Coiling Dragon Fruit is not much inferior to that Heavenly Dragon Fruit that you obtained,” Murong Yan said joyfully. To think that the Coiling Dragon Tree could grow up, flower, and bear fruit in such a short time. This truly shocked everyone.

“Let’s go, then. We can’t delay any longer,” Xiao Chen said softly as he put away the Coiling Dragon Fruits.

“However, this Coiling Dragon Tree seems like it will continue to grow. Are we not going to wait for a while more?” Murong Yan asked. The Coiling Dragon Tree already grew to over three kilometers tall, yet it still had not stopped growing. Clearly, it would bear even more fruits.

When Xiao Chen saw this, he also found this a pity.

If he had not given the Immortal Spirit Ring to Ao Jiao, he could have ignored the Pill Demon and directly collected this tree.

However, this was all he could do now.

“Let’s go. Let’s head to the city center. I feel that there are even greater fortuitous encounters there.”