Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 1969 Raw 2067 : Counter-Robbery

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Chapter 1969 Raw 2067 : Counter-Robbery

Chapter 1969 (Raw 2067): Counter-Robbery

“Bang! Bang!”

Two loud sounds rang out. It was not Xiao Chen continuing to attack. Instead, it was the disciples of the White Sun Mountain Manor and the Ruling Sword Gate crashing into the herb garden’s barrier.

The two groups moved too fast. Hence, they crashed heavily into the barrier and fell to the ground.

“What’s going on? This barrier did not look like it trapped people in it!”

The expressions of Qi Yunfeng and the others changed at the strange development, appearing confused. Earlier, they saw that those cultivators ran out directly, facing no obstruction whatsoever.

As for the reason, naturally, it was because these people had been absorbing the Spiritual Energy of the herb garden ever since they entered the herb garden.

The energies in their bodies had merged with the herb garden’s.

Xiao Chen had warned the others not to absorb the Spiritual Energy of the herb garden. Naturally, they could leave easily.

“Damn it! Why is it like this?” Qi Yunfeng cursed. After that, he did not say anything more. He prepared to use the Soul Tool and work with the Ruling Sword Gate disciples to launch an attack to leave.

“Sorry, I do not have any intention of letting you leave!”

“Firmament’s Rage!”

Xiao Chen threw a palm strike. A humongous hand with saber-like fingers and electricity crackling all over it smashed down with the rage of a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon.

“You are being too overbearing!” The incensed Qi Yunfeng could only redirect the Ice Cloud Sword’s attack to block this horrifying palm strike.


The instant the humongous palm descended, the Ice Cloud Sword pierced through it.

However, Qi Yunfeng and the others showed extremely unsightly expressions—particularly those sect disciples behind him. All of them leaked blood from their mouths.

“Senior Brother, we have already overdrawn on our Veritable Essence Energy. If we carry on, we will also end up overdrawing our Soul Energy.”

Even with a few people working together, a Soul Tool was not that easy to control.

Qi Yunfeng looked at Xiao Chen and demanded, “Xiao Chen, what exactly do you want?!”

The White Sun Mountain Manor’s pretty lady, the Northern Mountain Academy’s white-clad scholar, and Qi Yunfeng grew anxious from Xiao Chen’s pressure.

If Xiao Chen continued pressuring them, they would probably just fight to the end until one side all perished.

When the white-clad scholar saw that the other two groups failed to leave, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Then, he looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Xiao Chen, don’t go overboard. Even a dog will try to jump over a wall when pressed too hard. Don’t press us too hard!”

[TL Note: Even a dog will try to jump over a wall when pressed too hard refers to doing something desperate when heavily pressured.]

Liu Ruyun and the others could not help feeling somewhat nervous. They leaped onto the Coiling Dragon Tree and stood behind Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen looked at the white-clad scholar and mocked, “So what if I push you into desperate straits? Are you going to fight to the death with me? Do you dare to? If you did, you would have done so long ago. What is the point of deceiving yourselves?

“If you want to go all out, well, I, Xiao Chen, am afraid of a lot of things, but I am not afraid of fighting it out with you lot. If anyone dares to, by all means, give it a try!”

Xiao Chen shifted the God Shadow Bow in his hand and locked on to the three leaders.

This immediately scared them into taking a few steps back, not daring to say anything.

The Rank 6 sect disciples revealed expressions of horror as they gazed at the Soul Tool in Xiao Chen’s hand. If they fought to the end with him, they did not know whether they could kill him or not. However, if he drove the bow in his hand at full power, they would definitely die.

Fighting to the end was just a pretense they used to deceive themselves.

Even they did not believe it. How could they scare Xiao Chen? This ploy just made them look more ridiculous.

As the Rank 6 sect disciples looked at the white-clad Xiao Chen on the Coiling Dragon Tree, they felt no confidence at all. A strong air coming from Xiao Chen put a pressure on them akin to that from their Elders.

Their mental state cultivations were on completely different levels.

Xiao Chen saw everything that the Rank 6 sect disciples showed. Disdain flashed in his heart as he said, “My demands are simple. Just do what you demanded of my companions when you threatened them.”


The moment Xiao Chen said this, the white-clad scholar and the others were shocked. Xiao Chen wanted them to hand over all the gains that they obtained earlier.

That was unbearable.

“Young Master Xiao, these are the gains that we obtained in the ancient city. All of them are here.”

Before the others could speak, the leaderless Wolf Smoke Pavilion disciples took out the natural treasures that they obtained in the ancient city and placed them on the ground.

Xiao Chen waved his hand, and a hole opened in the herb garden’s barrier.

That group picked up the jagged saber and rushed out hastily as though relieved of a heavy burden.

When the white-clad scholar and the others saw this scene, they found it inconceivable. How did Xiao Chen control the herb garden’s barrier when they needed to use Soul Tools to open a hole?

Nonetheless, Xiao Chen easily accomplished the same with a casual wave.

This scene immediately extinguished the final bit of courage that they drummed up in their hearts.

The white-clad scholar’s expression turned sullen. After discussing with the others, they took out various resources and placed them on the ground.

With each item they took out, their hearts bled.

These people had tried to gain an advantage only to come out worse off. They originally wanted to extort this group of Dragon Race cultivators but ended up surrendering their gains instead.

“Is that enough?” the white-clad scholar asked through clenched teeth.

Xiao Chen nodded and performed an inviting gesture. With a thought, a hole opened in the herb garden’s barrier, letting that group out.

Closely after that, the White Sun Mountain Manor’s group did the same, left without a choice. They also handed over their gains from earlier.

Qi Yunfeng’s expression changed continuously, appearing uncertain. He felt extremely upset and depressed.

He had thought that this was an extremely rare chance to turn the situation around when he met this group of Dragon Race cultivators again. He felt that he could not only wipe away the humiliation from before but even recoup his losses with interest. Who could have imagined that when Xiao Chen appeared, the situation would revert to how it previously was?

“Senior Brother, we really have overdrawn our Veritable Essence Energy,” the Ruling Sword Gate disciples behind cried out bitterly. The Ice Cloud Sword was very mighty and was not easy to control.

After a few attacks, the Ice Cloud Sword already drained the group’s Veritable Essence Energy.

“Shut up! Do you think I do not know?” Qi Yunfeng scolded. Then, he took out the resources and placed them on the ground, his heart utterly upset and sullen.

After a while, Qi Yunfeng looked at Xiao Chen and said in anger, “The mountains never change, and the rivers always flow. Xiao Chen, just wait. Don’t let me run into you again. Let’s go!”

“Only you speak too much!” Xiao Chen immediately got irritated. Originally, he had planned to let Qi Yunfeng go. That was already being very merciful. Yet, after he made that decision, Qi Yunfeng still dared to say such bold words without any shame.

A clump of Heart Flame appeared on Xiao Chen’s fingertips. Then, he nocked the arrow, drew the bowstring, and released. Qi Yunfeng died.

The arrow pierced through Qi Yunfeng’s heart. The might of the arrow extinguished all his lifeforce. The Heart Flame spread, and his eyes lost the light of life.

Qi Yunfeng did his best to turn his head, wanting to look at Xiao Chen. Regret flooded his heart. Why did he have to talk back?

It would have been fine if he had left quietly like the white-clad scholar and the White Sun Mountain Manor’s people had.

Had Qi Yunfeng had another chance, he definitely would not have talked back. A moment of pleasure led to instant retribution.

“Senior Brother!”

The remaining Ruling Sword Gate true inheritors were frightened silly. They did not dare to say a single word or look at Xiao Chen.

After using the Ice Cloud Sword to break a hole in the barrier, they fled for their lives, going as far as possible from the herb garden.

“Great kill! Back then, we could have left already, but this despicable fellow had to mention our killing of the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake. That nearly got us all dead,” Murong Yan said with disgust as he looked at Qi Yunfeng’s corpse.

Situ Changfeng said, “This person was just asking for it. Back when dealing with the Demonic Blood Thousand Wing Snake, he already had bad intentions. He clearly was weak, but he still wanted to suppress us with Eccentric Tie and the others. A typical opportunist.”

Xiao Chen put away the God Shadow Bow and calmed himself. Then, he said, “Let’s not speak about him anymore. Let’s quickly leave after picking the Coiling Dragon Fruits from the Coiling Dragon Tree.”

Liu Ruyun asked seriously, “Xiao Chen, what exactly happened below? How did this seven-color Coiling Dragon Tree grow so big so quickly? What in the world is going on?

“Where are the others? Where’s the Sovereign Personage Liu Yuanzong?”

Murong Yan and the other four felt very curious as well, wanting to know what happened below the medicinal spring.

“I’ll explain later. The matter below is too complicated. The herb garden is no longer safe. If we keep delaying, I might not be able to control the situation anymore.”

The Coiling Dragon Tree and the Pill Demon were currently fighting a battle to the death in the medicine cauldron. The Pill Demon was unwilling to be suppressed, resisting to the end. However, Xiao Chen did not know what the result would be.

Naturally, the best result would be the Pill Demon getting suppressed to death. However, if the Pill Demon came out, Xiao Chen did not even dare to imagine the consequences.

When the others saw Xiao Chen’s grave expression, they no longer delayed, quickly picking the Coiling Dragon Fruits of various colors on the tree.

Xiao Chen jumped off the tree and collected the loot from the Rank 6 sect disciples.

After that, he turned his head back to look at the Coiling Dragon Tree with some reluctance in his eyes. It was unfortunate that he could not take away the seven-color Coiling Dragon Tree, the medicinal spring, and the pill river.

He had wanted to keep the sapling so that when the Kunlun Realm’s Dragon’s Gate disciples came up, he could quickly increase their strength.