I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1590 - That Gong Guy Was Really Ruthless

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Chapter 1590: That Gong Guy Was Really Ruthless

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At that moment, everyone in the private room was silent. No sound of conversation could be heard in the huge private room.

It was so quiet that it didn’t seem like an entertainment venue, but a quiet tea room.

Qiao Mianmian was still a little traumatized and wanted to leave the scene immediately. She nodded and said, “Mm.”

Linda could tell that Qiao Mianmian was still afraid. She reached out to hold her, and they quickly left the private room.

After they left.

The group of arrogant men finally dared to speak.

The private room finally became lively.

“Why is that woman still related to Gong Zeli? Gong Zeli actually helped her and seemed to listen to her.”

“There was a scandal between her and Gong Zeli previously, and it was clarified later. Now it seems like that scandal isn’t completely untrue. Gong Zeli is protecting her like this, maybe he really has something to do with her.”

“I wonder how Boss Huang is doing. That guy surnamed Gong is really ruthless. Will Boss Huang die?”

“Even if he doesn’t, he’ll have to lie in the hospital for a while. Boss Huang is really unlucky to have offended Gong Zeli. His hard life is still ahead, and getting beaten up is a small matter.”

Everyone fell silent.

That’s right.

Getting beaten up by offending the Young Master of the Gong family was a light punishment.

If he still wanted to teach Boss Huang a lesson, Boss Huang’s company would probably be ruined.

This was the worst.

It was all Boss Huang’s fault for being unlucky and falling for someone related to Gong Zeli.

Many men in the room had their eyes on Qiao Mianmian, but they were too scared to think anymore.

After leaving the private room, Gong Zeli got someone to cancel their original plan and drove Qiao Mianmian and Linda to the hospital.

Qiao Mianmian thought he was going to see a doctor, so she silently accompanied him.

Linda was with Qiao Mianmian.

When they arrived at the hospital, the medical staff was waiting outside.

The doctor greeted him respectfully. “Mr. Gong.”

Gong Zeli nodded and turned to Qiao Mianmian. “Let them check you.”

Qiao Mianmian looked up in shock. “Check me?”

Wasn’t Gong Zeli here to see the doctor?

“Mm, let them check you. See if there’s an injury.”

“I-I’m fine.” Qiao Mianmian was a little confused. “There’s no need to check.”

He appeared in time and Boss Huang didn’t hurt her.

“It won’t take long.” Gong Zeli then instructed the doctor. “Bring Miss Qiao for a full-body checkup.”

“Yes, Mr. Gong. Miss Qiao, this way please.”

Qiao Mianmian was speechless.

She didn’t even have the right to reject him?

She was fine. Why would she go for a full-body checkup?

She wanted to reject him.


The man in front of her had helped her a lot just now, and he did it out of concern. Since she was already at the hospital, it wasn’t a big deal to go for a checkup.

It was a physical examination that happened once every six months.

Linda also persuaded her. “Mianmian, go ahead. I’m a little worried too.”

“Alright.” Qiao Mianmian said helplessly, “Wait for me.”

Soon, Qiao Mianmian left with the doctor.