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Chapter 1582: Who Did You See?

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Seeing her, Qin Han walked towards her and stopped in front of her. He smiled and said, “Congratulations on being chosen.”

“I should be thanking Brother Han for giving me this opportunity,” Qiao Mianmian said gratefully. “If it wasn’t for Brother Han’s recommendation, I wouldn’t even have the chance to audition.”

“I did recommend you, but it’s not up to me to decide if you can pass the audition.” Qin Han smiled. “This is your own ability.

“Shen Fei told me that you performed very well. Even she was moved by you in that scene, and her eyes were wet. To get her to praise you like this shows that you got the role with your own ability.”

“Senior Shen praised me?”

“Mm, Shen Fei said that you’re very malleable and a good seedling. I think so too.” Qin Han paused and said seriously, “Mianmian, you’re talented in acting. You’re suitable for this job.

“I know you don’t lack good resources now. Even if I didn’t introduce you to this audition, you’d have gotten good resources in the future. But I still hope that no matter how many good resources you get in the future, you can treat every role with your heart.

“Not treat it like a game.”

Qin Han felt that it would be a pity for a talented actress like Qiao Mianmian to act as if she was playing.

It was a waste of her talent and charisma.

“Brother Han, don’t worry.” Qiao Mianmian smiled and said, “It has always been my dream to be an outstanding actress and perform well. No matter what happens in the future, acting is my lifelong hobby and dream.

“I’ll take it seriously.”

“That’s good.”

The whole day passed.

The shoot ended.

Qiao Mianmian asked for Qin Han’s preference and found a unique hot pot restaurant. She invited Bai Yusheng for dinner.

Bai Yusheng and Qin Han were busy at night.

After dinner, they left.

Qiao Mianmian thought that she didn’t have much to do at night, so she booked another room at a KTV and went over to celebrate with Linda.

Linda drove them to the KTV, and the waiter led them to the private room.

When Qiao Mianmian and Linda entered the private room, the door opposite them opened and a pot-bellied man walked out.

The man walked to the door and stared at Qiao Mianmian.

He couldn’t bear to look away.

The man was still standing at the door when the door closed.

There was a man behind him.

Seeing this, he raised his brows and said, “Boss Huang, who did you see? Do you know those two beauties? Do you want to get them over for a drink?”

Boss Huang snapped out of his daze.

His chubby face trembled from excitement.

Her eyes were like a hungry wolf seeing a fat lamb.

He didn’t expect to meet the beauty he yearned for.

Boss Huang recalled that beautiful back view and felt as if countless worms were crawling in his heart.

He called the bartender over.

“Send a plate and two bottles of red wine to the two ladies in the private room opposite. Tell them that it’s my treat.”

In the private room.

Qiao Mianmian and Linda had just sat down and had yet to pick a song when they heard someone knocking on the door.