I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1580 - You Passed Our Audition

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Chapter 1580: You Passed Our Audition

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After all, the women around them were all rich.

“It’s not that easy.” Boss Huang frowned. “She’s not one of those women who can be settled with some money. I heard Bai Yusheng is protecting her. Otherwise, I would’ve found a way to get her.”

“Bai Yusheng’s woman?” The men in the room looked a little afraid when they heard that name.

They thought the woman Boss Huang mentioned had an ordinary identity.

If she was protected by Bai Yusheng, no one would dare to do anything.

“If you ask me, what’s there to be afraid of?” A man kissed the woman in his arms and said disapprovingly, “It’s just a woman. Let’s think of a way to play with her first.”

Boss Huang was tempted, but he was afraid. “I wouldn’t dare. If I offend Bai Yusheng, I’ll be in trouble.”

“Then don’t let him know.”

That person continued to come up with bad ideas. “Find someone to follow her and knock her out. When she passes out, you can do whatever you want. After playing with her, find a place to throw her away.

“How would she know who you are?

“Moreover, she’s just Bai Yusheng’s woman, not his girlfriend. Even if something happens, Bai Yusheng won’t make things too ugly over a woman.”

Boss Huang had been eyeing Qiao Mianmian ever since that day.

He even dreamed of getting her.

He asked around and found out that Qiao Mianmian and Bai Yusheng weren’t relatives at all.

But Bai Yusheng did take good care of her.

Although Boss Huang was envious, he was still afraid.

He didn’t dare to offend Bai Yusheng.

He couldn’t bear the consequences of angering him.

But after hearing what that person said, he was a little tempted.

That’s right, find someone to follow her and knock her out.

He would throw her somewhere before she woke up.

How would she know?

The more Boss Huang thought about it, the more he felt that this idea was feasible. That stunning figure appeared in his mind again, and he was so excited that his face turned red.

The next day.

When Qiao Mianmian received the notice, she thought she was dreaming.

She was woken up by her cell phone.

“Miss Qiao, congratulations. You’ve passed our audition. We’ll discuss the details when you get to the company.”

They hung up.

Qiao Mianmian was still in a daze.

Her mind was buzzing. A few seconds later, it was as if her brain had returned to normal. Her eyes and expression gradually returned to normal.

After hanging up, they sent her a text message with the address to sign the contract.

Qiao Mianmian clenched her cell phone and read the message over and over again.

Afraid that she’d misunderstand something, she read each word very slowly and then combined them to read it again.

After reading it for the fourth time and confirming that there were no mistakes, she finally believed that her audition was a success.

She was pleasantly surprised.

She was so happy that she was stunned.

Why was this completely different from the script?

Didn’t they usually say that it was hopeless to wait for the notice?

Without any hope, this news was undoubtedly a huge surprise to her.