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Chapter 1564: Was She Crazy?

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The man who brought Qiao Mianmian and Linda up reminded her.

Qiao Anxin looked at the man and then at Qiao Mianmian. She bit her lip and asked, “Who are you? What right do you have to place Qiao Mianmian’s audition first? We came in order, what right does she have to cut the queue?”

Qiao Anxin’s voice was a little loud.

Hence, many artistes in the corridor heard her and looked over.

Qiao Anxin saw that someone was watching and raised her voice. “If you’re a staff member here, shouldn’t you explain why Qiao Mianmian is the first to audition? Is it fair to others to use her connections to cut the queue?”

Song Fang’s face turned green.

She cursed her in her heart.

Although the others were also unhappy with Qiao Mianmian’s connections, they all felt that Qiao Anxin was stupid.

Even if Qiao Mianmian had connections, she couldn’t say it out loud.

Moreover, if that man was really the employee in charge of the audition, he had the right to arrange the queue.

No one could voice their dissatisfaction.

This Qiao Anxin… not only did she say it, she even said it in front of the crew member.

Was she out of her mind?

Wasn’t she afraid that her audition would go wrong?

But it wasn’t a bad idea to let such a fool stand out. It wouldn’t affect them much, anyway.

They were happy to watch the show.

It wasn’t a bad thing for them to have one less competitor.

Song Fang stood behind Qiao Anxin. After Qiao Anxin spoke, Song Fang’s face turned green. She immediately reached out and pulled her arm.

Qiao Anxin turned around and saw Song Fang giving her a look.

She was telling her not to cause trouble.

But Qiao Anxin couldn’t take it.

She didn’t listen to Song Fang and turned her head back. She looked at the employee angrily and said, “Shouldn’t you give us an explanation? Isn’t it too much to let her cut the queue so openly?”

Behind her, Song Fang’s face turned green and purple. She was helpless against such a fool.

She knew that Qiao Anxin wasn’t a smart person.

But she didn’t expect her to be so stupid.

Song Fang was starting to regret bringing such a foolish artiste like Qiao Anxin along.

She originally thought that Qiao Anxin had some fame, and Boss Huang was still new to her and was willing to groom her. Qiao Anxin had been banned for a while and finally got a job, so she would definitely cherish it.

She thought that she could still do it.

But she didn’t expect Qiao Anxin to be such a fool.

With such an IQ, she couldn’t go far.

Song Fang was filled with regret.

She might as well have chosen a newbie.

Losing her job was a small matter. But if she accidentally offended someone important, her boss would be in trouble too.

The employee was also stunned for a while before looking at Qiao Anxin in shock.

He sized Qiao Anxin up for a few seconds and then frowned. “You’re an actress here for the audition?”

Qiao Anxin hadn’t sensed the danger yet.

She looked at the crew member and said indignantly, “That’s right, I’m here for the audition.”