I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1561 - Don't Fall for Her Trap

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Chapter 1561: Don’t Fall for Her Trap

Linda didn’t give her any face.

The veins on Qiao Anxin’s forehead bulged. “Xie Linda, shut up.”

Linda looked at her and smiled coldly. “Aren’t I speaking the truth? Don’t some people know their true standards? I want to advise some people that just because they succeeded once through a shortcut doesn’t mean they can succeed a second time or a third time.

“They don’t want to study acting skills and improve themselves. All they want to do is take shortcuts to get to where they are today. Heh, do I have to sell myself to get what I want? Will it last long? Will I feel at ease?

“Look at what happened to you.”

“Xie Linda, you…” Qiao Anxin was so angry that the veins on her forehead were bulging. She was about to punch Linda.

How could she tolerate Linda’s words?

In her heart, Linda was still an employee of Star Splendor.

When Linda was her manager, she never dared to talk to her like this.

She couldn’t care less.

“Anxin, calm down.”

She was impulsive, but Song Fang wasn’t.

Seeing that Qiao Anxin was about to pick a fight with Linda, Song Fang was frightened. Her expression changed and she quickly pulled her back.

“Sister Song, let go of me. I’m going to tear her mouth apart.” Gritting her teeth, Qiao Anxin looked at Linda and tried to push Song Fang away.

Song Fang held her tightly and said in a low voice, “Anxin, Xie Linda is deliberately provoking you. If you really fight her, you’ll fall into her trap.

“She’s just a manager, it won’t affect her much if she fights with you. But you’re an artiste, your previous scandals haven’t been completely cleared. If someone takes photos of you fighting in public, it won’t have a good impact on you.

“Moreover, you’re here for the audition today. It’s going to start soon, what if you ruin your makeup? Don’t fall for Xie Linda’s trap. She’s trying to ruin your audition today so that Qiao Mianmian has a chance.”

Qiao Anxin got even angrier when she heard that. She gritted her teeth and said, “Xie Linda, this slut, she’s so scheming.”

“So, don’t fall for her trap.” Song Fang pulled her away. “Remember, your main purpose here today is to audition. It’s getting late, let’s go. We can talk after the audition. This opportunity was fought for by Boss Huang, don’t waste it.”

Qiao Anxin had no choice but to swallow her anger.

Song Fang was right.

It wasn’t easy for her to get this opportunity. In order to get this audition slot, she endured her disgust and used all sorts of methods to serve Boss Huang for a long time before he agreed.

Initially, Boss Huang wanted to give this audition slot to another starlet in the company.

In terms of fame, that flower was much more famous than her.

“Let’s go, Anxin.” Song Fang tugged at her again.

Qiao Anxin reluctantly followed her.

Then, she glared at Linda and said, “Xie Linda, I won’t argue with you today.”