I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1553 - He Was Plotted Against

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Chapter 1553: He Was Plotted Against

Mother Jiang stopped crying.

Her eyes flickered as she looked at Jiang Luoli.

“This, this…”

Jiang Luoli took a deep breath and suppressed her anger. “He went to gamble again? You didn’t stop him?”

“Xiao Hai is innocent. He was harmed by someone.” Mother Jiang cried again. “They deliberately wanted to cheat him of his money. He’s young and doesn’t know anything, that’s why he fell for it.”

“So, why did he end up in the police station?” Jiang Luoli looked at Father Jiang and Mother Jiang’s crying faces and was instantly annoyed. She held back her anger and said, “Crying can’t solve the problem. You have to tell me why Xiao Hai entered the police station. If you want to solve the problem, you have to tell me everything.”

No matter how disappointed Jiang Luoli was with Mother Jiang and Father Jiang, they were still her biological parents.

Jiang Hai was her biological brother.

When they were young, they had a good relationship. Jiang Hai was also a likable brother.

But later, Jiang Hai got to know a bunch of bad friends and developed all sorts of bad habits. Her once good brother went further and further down the path of degeneration.

As a result, the siblings became distant.

“This…” Mother Jiang and Father Jiang looked at each other. After a while, they stammered. “Xiao Hai, he went to play cards and met a casino attendant. That person said that he felt that he was fated to meet him the first time he saw him. He even said that Xiao Hai looked like his biological brother. After knowing that Xiao Hai didn’t have much money, he borrowed a sum of money for Xiao Hai to gamble.

“Xiao Hai took the money he borrowed and followed him to a place called Gambling City. Xiao Hai lost all the money there.

“That person asked Xiao Hai to return the money. Xiao Hai couldn’t do it, so he secretly ran home. In the end, that person brought a group of people over and said that Xiao Hai didn’t return the debt. He got the police to take Xiao Hai away.”

At this point, Mother Jiang gritted her teeth and said, “That person is a beast. He’s so mean. If he hadn’t lent money to Xiao Hai, Xiao Hai wouldn’t have been taken away by the police.”

Jiang Luoli had a bad premonition.

She looked at Mother Jiang. “How much money does Xiao Hai owe?”

This wasn’t the first time Jiang Hai owed money because of gambling. In the past, Father Jiang and Mother Jiang could help him pay it back.

“This…” Mother Jiang’s eyes started wandering again. Her eyes flickered as she stammered. “About, about 10… 10 million.”

“What, 10 million?” Jiang Luoli widened her eyes in disbelief. “He owes her 10 million yuan?”

Jiang Luoli was already mentally prepared, but Mother Jiang’s words still shocked her.

Ten million yuan was a sum that the Jiang family would never earn in their lifetime.

In the past, Jiang Hai only owed tens of thousands of yuan.

Jiang Luoli thought she’d heard wrongly.

“Yes, yes.” Mother Jiang also felt that this number was too scary, so she lost her confidence. “That’s why I said that person is a liar. The first time he met Xiao Hai, he borrowed 10 million yuan from him. Didn’t he ask about our family situation and know that Xiao Hai can’t pay him back?”

“You mean he lent Xiao Hai 10 million yuan the first time they met?”