I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1552 - Why Do I Still Feel Sad?

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Chapter 1552: Why Do I Still Feel Sad?

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“If you have any problems, you have to let me know. I’ll help you.”

After a while, Jiang Luoli hung up.

She turned around and looked out of the car window.

Her cell phone rang again. She looked down and saw that it was Mother Jiang calling. She waited for a while before picking it up.

“Ah Li, are you home yet?” Mother Jiang asked anxiously. “Your dad and I have been waiting for you. Where are you now? When will you arrive? We can pick you up.”

Jiang Luoli looked down. “I just got off the plane.”

“Just got off the plane?” Mother Jiang sounded unhappy. “Why are you so slow?”

Jiang Luoli clenched her fists and said, “I rushed to the airport after receiving your call. How fast can I fly? I don’t have wings.”

“You child, I’m just anxious.” Mother Jiang sounded even more dissatisfied. “What’s with your tone? You’ve been studying outside for a few years, and you’re getting more and more capable. Don’t forget, no matter how capable you are, I’m still your mother.

“You’re my flesh and blood. If I hadn’t given birth to you, would you be where you are today?

“You even got angry with me.”

Jiang Luoli bit her lip and looked out of the window expressionlessly.

Mother Jiang complained for a while before saying angrily, “Get off the plane and take a taxi home. Don’t take any cars. Your brother’s matter is urgent and can’t wait. Come back quickly, alright?”

Mother Jiang hung up.

Jiang Luoli maintained her posture and stared out of the window for a while.

It was always like this.

Anything that happened to Jiang Hai was urgent.

But if something happened to her, they would say that she wasn’t young anymore and knew how to settle things on her own. Her parents didn’t want to help her.

Sometimes, she wondered if she was really the flesh and blood of the Jiang family.

Her surname was Jiang, but in the eyes of Father and Mother Jiang, she would sooner or later be an outsider.

Only Jiang Hai was their precious gem.

She was used to it, but why did she still feel sad?

When Jiang Luoli got out of the car, Mother Jiang rushed over and grabbed her wrist. “Ah Li, you’re finally back. You have to save your brother. Only you can save him now.”

Father Jiang also wiped his tears. “Yes, Ah Li. Only you can save your brother now.”

Mother Jiang grabbed her so forcefully that Jiang Luoli’s wrist turned red.

“Mom, let go of me first.” Jiang Luoli endured the pain and pulled her hand away. She looked at Father Jiang and Mother Jiang, whose eyes were red and swollen from crying. She pursed her lips and said coldly, “What exactly happened? What happened to Xiao Hai?”

Mother Jiang cried. “Your brother was arrested and locked up at the police station. He’s been in there for two days. How can someone live in that kind of place? Your brother hasn’t suffered much since he was young. He’s suffered inside.”

Jiang Luoli frowned. “Why was he arrested?”