I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1548 - You Have to Treat Me Well in the Future

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Chapter 1548: You Have to Treat Me Well in the Future

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“Of course, I didn’t agree to it. The Shen family’s shortfall is too huge. Even if the Mo family is willing to help, they have to invest a lot of money. And the money we invest might not be earned back.

“From a business perspective, helping the Shen family won’t do us any good.”

“But, haven’t the Shen and Mo families always been on good terms? If you’re unwilling to help, will they go to Grandma?”

“I’m the Chairman of the Mo Corporation, not Grandma.” Mo Yesi smiled. “Even if Grandma is willing to help them, I’ll be the one to make the final decision.”

“Then, are you really not going to help the Shen family?”

“Why, you want to plead for the Shen family?”

“…No.” Qiao Mianmian wasn’t so saintly. After what Shen Rou did to her, it’d be strange if she still pleaded with the Shen family.

“Old Master Shen and Grandpa used to be very good friends. They went to the same battlefield. The friendship between the two families was also because of them. Ever since Grandpa passed away, the interactions between the two families have decreased a lot.

“The Mo family has no obligation to help the Shen family. If we were in the same situation, the Shen family might not help the Mo family. Whether the Shen family can survive depends on them. According to the current management model of the Shen family, even if they survive this disaster, if there isn’t internal reformation, the same thing will happen in the future.

“Moreover, your brother wants the Shen family to suffer. If I help, your brother will probably have a lot of opinions about me.”

“My brother?” Qiao Mianmian blinked. “What has this got to do with my brother?”

“Of course it has something to do with him.” Mo Yesi pinched her nose lightly. “Do you know why the Shen Corporation’s share price suddenly fell so quickly? If it wasn’t because of your brother, even if the Shen Corporation has problems, it can still last for a year or two.

“The Shen Corporation suffered a huge blow because of that stock price drop, so they couldn’t hold on anymore.”

“You mean… my brother caused the Shen family’s share price to drop?” Qiao Mianmian was shocked.

“Mm, he said he wants to stand up for you. He can’t let his sister be bullied for nothing.”

“But how did he do it?”

“This isn’t easy for others, but for your brother…” Mo Yesi smiled. “It should be rather simple.”

Qiao Mianmian was stunned again. Her brother was actually so powerful.

As if he could tell what she was thinking, Mo Yesi said, “Although your brother is a director, he doesn’t only know how to make movies. Back when he was talking about the chaos in the stock market, he was only 18.

“It’s just that he’s not interested in this. Instead, he likes to film, so he chose to be a director.”

Qiao Mianmian was stunned.

She never expected Bai Yusheng to have such a powerful past besides being a director.

What was even more unexpected was that Bai Yusheng was the one who caused the Shen Corporation to suddenly have problems and almost go bankrupt.

After hearing this, she only had one thought in her mind: Her brother was really impressive.

“It seems like you have to treat me well in the future.” Qiao Mianmian sighed.

Mo Yesi raised an eyebrow. “Mm?”

Qiao Mianmian looked at him and said seriously, “My brother is so powerful. If you don’t treat me well, what if he attacks the Mo Corporation in the future? Are you afraid?”