I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1547 - Return My Words to Her

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Chapter 1547: Return My Words to Her

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Mo Yesi narrowed his eyes and looked at Qiao Chen meaningfully.

“Chen Chen, answer me first.”

“Brother-in-law, go ahead.”

“If Shen Xin didn’t ask for your help, would you still think that the rest of the Shen family is innocent?”

Qiao Chen’s expression changed.

“Chen Chen, it’s not that I don’t want to give the Shen family a chance. I’ve already given them my conditions. As long as they can do it, I’ll agree to help. But if they can’t, the Shen family’s life and death has nothing to do with me.

“I know you and Shen Xin are classmates. It’s not good for you to reject her if she asks for your help. If she asks about it again, just tell her what I said.”

Qiao Chen kept quiet for a while before nodding. “I got it.”

“Shen Xin is a good girl.” Mo Yesi paused and met his surprised gaze. “But with your sister’s current relationship with Shen Rou, it might not be so smooth.”

“Brother-in-law, w-what are you talking about?” Qiao Chen looked at him in shock. “You’ve misunderstood. Shen Xin and I are just classmates. I only agreed to help because we’re classmates.”

“Perhaps.” Mo Yesi didn’t say much about this. “I just want to tell you that it’s best not to date before the surgery. It’s best not to date within a year after the surgery.

“Although it’s fine if you want to talk about it, it’s best not to.”

“Brother-in-law, I’ve never thought about this.”

“Mm.” Mo Yesi nodded. “I’m not worried about you. It’s just that your sister is worried about you.”

“Sister is worried about me?” Qiao Chen was stunned. He looked down and said coldly, “Sister’s overthinking. I’ve always been fine and nothing happened to me. She’s always treated me like a child and is always worried about me. That’s why she’s so worried.

“Actually, I can take good care of myself.

“Tell Sister not to worry. I can take good care of myself.”

“Chen Chen, no matter what happens, you don’t have to be polite to me if you need my help.” Mo Yesi got up and walked towards him. He then bent down and patted him on the shoulder. “I’m not only your brother-in-law but also your cousin. Your sister repeatedly told me to take good care of you. If anything happens to you, your sister definitely won’t forgive me.”

“Mm, thank you, Brother-in-law.”

Back at Lu Shan Courtyard.

After showering, Qiao Mianmian changed into her pajamas and walked out of the bathroom.

Mo Yesi had also showered and was lying on the bed in his pajamas, reading a tablet.

Qiao Mianmian walked over and lay down beside him.

The man habitually opened his arm and let her lie on it.

Qiao Mianmian turned around and hugged him. “What did Chen Chen say to you at the Mo Residence?”

Mo Yesi looked down at her and placed the laptop aside. He then hugged her gently.

He took a deep breath and whispered, “He asked me to help the Shen family.”

Qiao Mianmian looked up in shock. “He pleaded on behalf of the Shen family?”

“Shen Xin asked him to plead for her family. He shouldn’t have been able to reject her. But he only mentioned it and didn’t say anything else.”

“Then, you…”