I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1539 - It’s Natural to Hit Someone When They’re Down

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Chapter 1539: It’s Natural to Hit Someone When They’re Down

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“That’s true. Judging from the Shen family’s current situation, they probably won’t last much longer.”

“Sigh, it’s said that a starving camel is still bigger than a horse. Even if the Shen family goes bankrupt, it’s still better than ordinary families.”

“What are you thinking? You might not even be able to eat if you go bankrupt. Have you forgotten? A few years ago, after the Lu family went bankrupt, the CEO of the Lu Corporation committed suicide with his family of four because he owed a huge sum of money. If the Shen family goes bankrupt too…”

“Shh, be quiet. Shen Xin seems to be looking at us.”

“So be it. Why should we be afraid of her now? If she didn’t have a good background, she wouldn’t be anything. Now that she doesn’t even have her only advantage, does she think she’s still the Young Lady of the Shen family?”

The girl turned to look at Shen Xin provocatively.

“Second Miss, they…”

The driver heard it too. He was so angry that he wanted to argue with the girls.

“Uncle Zhao, let’s go. Don’t bother about them.” Shen Xin’s expression was very calm as if she hadn’t heard anything. “It doesn’t matter what others say. It’s not as if we’ve only heard the nasty words today. The Shen family wouldn’t have thought this would happen one day.

“It’s normal to hit someone when they’re down.

“If everyone wants to bicker, can we really say anything?”

The driver looked up at her in surprise.

Seeing how calm and composed Shen Xin was, the driver couldn’t help but sigh. This Second Miss was really more patient than the Eldest Miss.

If it was the First Miss, she definitely wouldn’t have let them off.

The Second Miss had such a temperament and attitude at such a young age. Even an old man like him was impressed.

But the Shen family now…

Sigh, he really hoped that the Shen family could survive this ordeal.

After Shen Xin got into the car, the black Bentley drove off quickly.

“Qiao Chen.”

After Shen Xin left, Lin Xiaoya slowly walked behind Qiao Chen and called out to him.

Qiao Chen looked back and saw that she was still there. He frowned. “Xiaoya, why aren’t you home yet?”

Lin Xiaoya looked up at him uneasily. “Qiao Chen, what did Shen Xin say to you just now?”

Qiao Chen frowned.

“Shen Xin has always been a sweet-talker.” Lin Xiaoya paused, afraid that he would be bewitched. “Qiao Chen, don’t believe her sweet nothings.

“Now that the Shen family is in trouble and she knows your true identity, she’ll definitely pester you even more.

“No matter what she says, don’t believe her. She definitely doesn’t have good intentions.”

“What about you?”

Lin Xiaoya didn’t see Qiao Chen’s eyes turn cold.

She was stunned. “What?”

Qiao Chen looked at her coldly and said, “Didn’t you approach me because you know my true identity? Shen Xin didn’t have any good intentions, but you do?”

“W-What?” Lin Xiaoya was stunned. “Qiao Chen, you…”

“I know what kind of person Shen Xin is. But you, Lin Xiaoya, why did you approach me? Is it because you know my true identity, so you view me in a different light?”

“It’s not like that, I…”