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Chapter 1538: Must You Leave?

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At this thought, Shen Xin found it funny and laughed at her self-righteousness.

“So, you really like Lin Xiaoya.” She smiled and pretended as if nothing had happened. “It’s pretty good, Lin Xiaoya… it’s pretty good. No wonder you still don’t like me even after I chased you for three years. So, you like someone like Lin Xiaoya.”

Qiao Chen looked at her silently.

“So, Student Qiao…” Shen Xin smiled again. “Take it that we’ve been classmates for three years. Can you say a few words for me? Just say a few words for the Shen family. Take it that I’m… begging you.”

Her smile hurt Qiao Chen’s eyes. He looked at her for a while and nodded. “Alright, I promise you.”

Shen Xin was shocked.

Qiao Chen looked at her and said, “As for whether my brother-in-law is willing to help, I can’t guarantee it.”

“You just have to put in a good word for the Shen family. Brother Yesi… Anyway, this isn’t something you can decide.” Shen Xin thought that he might reject her. It was a surprise to her that he was willing to help.

She bit her lip and said, “Qiao Chen… thank you.”

Qiao Chen looked at her deeply. He hesitated and couldn’t help but ask, “Shen Xin, have you really considered it? If it’s because of me, you really don’t have to transfer schools.”

Shen Xin smiled. She didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt much calmer.

“Qiao Chen, I really want to transfer schools. You know the Shen family’s current situation. After our family’s discussion, they felt that it was better for me to transfer schools. Actually, I think so too. I want to change places and have a new beginning.

“So, this wasn’t decided on impulse. I thought of it long ago.”

“You have to leave?”

“I don’t think there’s a need to stay. I saw Brother Yesi and your sister waiting for you just now, so I won’t hold you up. Go find them quickly.”

Qiao Chen didn’t say anything.

Shen Xin thought that she must be seeing things. She actually saw a hint of reluctance in Qiao Chen’s eyes.

She clenched her fists. Only this pain could wake her up and stop her from falling into an illusion.

What was she thinking? Would Qiao Chen miss her?

“I’ll get going first. Then… see you tomorrow.” Qiao Chen didn’t respond to Shen Xin’s words.

She didn’t say anything else and turned around. The chauffeur in charge of fetching her walked to her side and said respectfully, “Second Miss.”

Shen Xin nodded at him. “Uncle Zhao, let’s go.”

The Shen family’s car was parked at the side.

It was a black Bentley.

Although the Shen family wasn’t as powerful as before, they weren’t really bankrupt yet. Shen Xin still had a chauffeur and a luxury car to pick her up every day.

The driver opened the door and bowed. “Second Miss, please get in.”

Before Shen Xin got into the car, she heard a few girls from the same school as her sneer. “Your family is going bankrupt, and you’re still acting like a big missy. I wonder who you’re doing this for.”

“Hahaha, don’t say that. She’s about to go bankrupt, but she hasn’t really gone bankrupt yet. She definitely has to enjoy the treatment of a rich missy for a few more days before she really goes bankrupt. After all, it’ll be difficult to enjoy it in the future.”