I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1531 - I’m Sorry to Disappoint You

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Chapter 1531: I’m Sorry to Disappoint You

In any case, Qiao Mianmian could feel that Mo Yesi really wanted a baby.

She thought for a while and looked into the man’s expectant eyes. She bit her lip and said, “Mo Yesi, I don’t want a baby now. I feel that once the baby is born, I have to be responsible for it and take good care of it.

“But I’m really not prepared for this. I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

Getting married at this age had already ruined a part of her life plan.

But she never regretted it.

Because Mo Yesi treated her really well, she could accept this mess.

But giving birth…

She wouldn’t give birth before she was mentally prepared.

She could mess up her life plan.

But she couldn’t bring a little life into this world without preparation.

That was irresponsible.

Mo Yesi didn’t look disappointed.

Qiao Mianmian’s rejection was within his expectations.

He guessed that she wouldn’t agree, but he still had some hope that she would.

“Are you… unhappy?” Qiao Mianmian bit her lip and said cautiously, “It’s not that I don’t want a baby that belongs to us. It’s just that I don’t think it’s time yet. When the time comes, I’ll tell you.”

Afraid that the man would overthink, she explained, “This has nothing to do with our relationship, nor that I don’t like you enough. So, don’t overthink it.”

Mo Yesi sighed. “I’m not angry.”

How could he be angry just because she refused to give birth? He was just a little disappointed.

“Are you really not angry?” Qiao Mianmian sized him up. “But you don’t look very happy. Mo Yesi, I really…”

“Baby, I’m really not angry.”

Mo Yesi let go of her hand and got up slowly.

Qiao Mianmian also got up.

She looked at Mo Yesi uneasily like a child who had done something wrong.

If Mo Yesi really liked children and wanted a baby that belonged to them, her rejection would still make him sad.

If she wanted the baby and he rejected her, she would feel sad too.

“In this matter, no matter what decision you make, I’ll support you. You don’t want to have a baby. Even if I force you to have one, you’ll blame me in the future. What I want is for you to have our baby willingly.

“Since you haven’t made up your mind yet, let’s talk about this in the future. You’re indeed still young, I was too anxious.”

Qiao Mianmian pursed her lips. “Why did you suddenly mention this? Did someone at home rush you?”

Old Madam had mentioned wanting grandchildren before.

Hence, Qiao Mianmian thought that Old Madam had urged Mo Yesi.

Madam Mo would never do such a thing. She was looking forward to her divorcing Mo Yesi, why would she want her to give birth to the Mo family’s child?

“No.” Mo Yesi shook his head. “No one urged me. Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore. It’s a little cold outside, let’s go back to the cabin.”

Qiao Mianmian stared at him for a while and nodded after confirming that he wasn’t angry. “Mm.”

They spent the night on the cruise.