I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1525 - An Angel-Like Existence

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Chapter 1525: An Angel-Like Existence

What was even more shocking was that Chairman Mo actually smiled.

The senior executives were speechless.

Chairman Mo wasn’t smiling at them.

So, was he smiling at someone else?

They then looked at Chairman Mo as if they were looking at someone.

Just as the senior executives were trying to guess who melted Chairman Mo the iceberg, they suddenly heard Chairman Mo call out in an extremely pampering tone, “Baby, I’m in a meeting. Wait for me for a while. Ten minutes at most.”

The executives were even more shocked when they heard him call “Baby”.

Damn, Chairman Mo actually knew how to call others “Baby”.

And his tone and gaze were so gentle as if he was a different person.

It was a rare sight.

If it wasn’t for the scolding just a minute ago, they would have suspected that Chairman Mo was a replacement.

A few seconds later, they heard a woman’s voice.

“Go on, don’t bother about me. I’ll play games for a while. When you’re done with the meeting, we’ll go eat together.”

She sounded young girl.

The higher-ups immediately recalled the gossip they’d heard and guessed Qiao Mianmian’s identity.

Some time ago, Chairman Mo and that newbie called Qiao Mianmian flaunted their love on Weibo.

Even though they didn’t use Weibo much, they had heard about it.

At that time, they felt that it wasn’t Chairman Mo’s style at all.

It seemed like this newbie had charmed him.

Chairman Mo did many shocking things for her.

Hence, it was normal for him to call her Baby now.

Chairman Mo was showing off his affection in the video conference, and the senior executives didn’t dare to make a sound. They even felt relieved.

Chairman Mo said that the meeting would end in at most 10 minutes.

This meant that even if they were scolded, they would at most be scolded for 10 minutes.

Moreover, he was obviously in a much better mood now that his girlfriend was here.

He probably wouldn’t scold them anymore.

After all, he had to consider scaring his little girlfriend, right?

In the next 10 minutes.

As expected, they didn’t get scolded anymore.

Chairman Mo was probably in a hurry to accompany his little girlfriend. He said that there were still 10 minutes to the meeting, but in the end, the meeting ended after just 5 minutes.

When the video conference ended, the executives were almost moved to tears.

Chairman Mo’s girlfriend was their savior!

She was practically an angel.

How nice it would be if his girlfriend was present at such meetings in the future.

They wouldn’t have to worry about being scolded anymore.

Mo Yesi closed his laptop and walked towards Qiao Mianmian.

His wife was sitting on the sofa, playing games.

She was so engrossed that she didn’t even notice he was already beside her.

Mo Yesi looked down at her cell phone screen.

Then, he saw someone in the same team as Qiao Mianmian type: [Lady, can we be in the same team in the next round? I, Li Bai Zhuge, will take you soaring. Ever heard of Li Bai Zhuge on the domestic server?]