I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1520 - You Think I Won’t Mind You Telling Me This?

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Chapter 1520: You Think I Won’t Mind You Telling Me This?

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They shouldn’t have asked!

Qiao Mianmian never expected Mo Yesi to come.

Gong Zeli never expected Mo Yesi to come.

He looked at the man getting out of the car and stood there expressionlessly.

“Ah Si, why are you here?” Gong Zeli smiled as if he hadn’t seen the coldness in Mo Yesi’s eyes. “Are you here because you’re worried about someone? Actually, you don’t have to come all the way here just to say hi to me.”

“Fourth Bro, did you not hear what I said to you previously?” Mo Yesi’s expression was cold and dangerous. “Don’t you know why I’m here? Don’t play dumb in front of me.

“I should be the one asking you, why are you here?”

Gong Zeli was stunned for a moment before smiling. “Ah Si, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. This is the Gong family’s manor, isn’t it normal for me to be here?”

“This is the Gong family’s manor. But you know the reason why you’re here, and I know it too. Fourth Bro, on account of our many years of friendship, I’m warning you one last time.

“Keep your thoughts to yourself. If I find out you did this one more time, don’t blame me for being heartless. It’s useless no matter how much you think about it. She’s my woman now. She’ll be mine in the future, forever.

“You won’t have a chance, do you understand?”

Mo Yesi stood in the shadows under the tree looking at Gong Zeli emotionlessly.

He said it calmly.

But Gong Zeli knew him well enough to know that he was angry.

Mo Yesi’s anger wasn’t on the surface.

When he was really angry, the calmer he appeared, the more terrifying it was.

How could Gong Zeli not understand him?

He and Mo Yesi had the same personality.

He was equally possessive of what he liked.

No one was allowed to covet it.

It was the same for anyone with ill intentions.

He knew very well.

If he didn’t have so many years of friendship with Mo Yesi, he wouldn’t just be warning him.

Gong Zeli pursed his lips and kept quiet for a while before suddenly laughing. “Ah Si, why are you so nervous? I know you care about her, so I’ve been restraining myself. I know what you’re talking about.

“So, you can rest assured. I was just thinking about it. I never thought of taking action. If she didn’t love you, I’d snatch her no matter what. But I can tell she likes you.

“Ah Si, you’re very lucky to be able to marry the woman you like. But I can’t do it anymore, so I’ve accepted my fate. But no matter what, I have to repay her for saving my life.”

Mo Yesi narrowed his eyes. “You’re finally willing to admit it?”

Gong Zeli smiled. “You’ll believe me if I don’t?”

“Of course not.”

“So, since you’re already suspicious, I might as well just admit it. I knew I couldn’t hide this from you, so I don’t want to.”

As soon as Gong Zeli finished speaking, he felt a shadow fall before him.

Mo Yesi grabbed his collar. “You think I won’t mind you telling me this?”