I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1516 - Chairman Mo Is Really Willful After Marriage

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Chapter 1516: Chairman Mo Is Really Willful After Marriage

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But Qiao Mianmian didn’t take it to heart.

She only thought that Mo Yesi was jealous, just like with Jiang Luoli.

Mo Corporation.

Wei Zheng stood in front of the desk and looked at his boss’s face. It was fine a moment ago, but it turned gloomy the next moment.

Chairman Mo’s expression darkened completely.

If it was a cloudy day before, it was raining now.

Wei Zheng was a little afraid.

He hesitated for a while before saying cautiously, “Chairman Mo, Chairman Xie is already waiting in the living room.”

At the desk.

The man’s expression was dark, and his handsome face was intimidating.

Even though Wei Zheng had been with Mo Yesi for so many years, he was still a little afraid.

But he was curious.

Chairman Mo must have called Young Madam.

Why was he so angry?

Did he fight with the Young Madam?

But it didn’t seem like it.

When he was talking to the Young Madam, his tone was very gentle. Moreover, before hanging up, he kept reminding her of little things.

It didn’t seem like an argument.

Wei Zheng reminded him, but Mo Yesi didn’t say anything.

Chairman Mo might be looking for someone to vent his anger on at this point. He didn’t want to be caught in the crossfire.

Wei Zheng didn’t dare to remind him anymore and waited quietly in the office.

After about 10 minutes, he heard Chairman Mo calling him.

“Wei Zheng.”

“Chairman Mo, what can I do for you?” Wei Zheng immediately asked.

“What’s my schedule for the next two days?” Mo Yesi asked something he didn’t expect.

Wei Zheng was stunned for a few seconds. He then quickly thought about it and immediately replied, “You have a meal tonight. Tomorrow, you’re going to a branch company for an inspection. After the inspection, there’s another project waiting for you.

“We’ll be in M City for the whole day tomorrow. Chairman Mo has arranged for a meal with his family tomorrow night.

“The day after tomorrow…”

Mo Yesi interrupted him. “Cancel the dinner tonight and cancel tomorrow’s schedule. Book me a flight to Haicheng in two hours.”

“Chairman Mo.” Wei Zheng’s eyes widened. “You’re going to Haicheng? But these few days…”

“You don’t understand what I’m saying?” Mo Yesi’s expression darkened. “What are you waiting for? Book the plane tickets. Inform the Vice President that he’ll be in charge of everything in the company for the next two days. You’ll help. I believe you can settle this.

“If it’s not settled, there’s no need to stay in the company anymore.”

Wei Zheng was speechless.

The African coal digging warning came again.

Chairman Mo was really unreasonable.

Chairman Mo was really willful after marriage.

In the past, he would never be so willful.

Work was probably nothing to Chairman Mo now.

Now, the Young Madam was the first in his heart.

Wasn’t he flying to Haicheng to see the Young Madam?

In other couples, the females were more clingy.

He never expected Chairman Mo to be like this when it came to relationships!

Although his boss was very willful, Wei Zheng didn’t dare to say anything.