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Chapter 1506: Don’t You Know?

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Qiao Anxin and Qiao Mianmian had been trending on Weibo for the past few days.

They were sisters who had entered the entertainment industry. They even fought over the same man on Weibo.

One was on the A-list now, and the other was a newbie. But as a newbie, her products were much more popular than her sister’s.

Coupled with their argument, it caused the netizens to make all sorts of connections.

It was said that the newbie was far more popular than her sister.

By the time Bai Yusheng’s drama was broadcasted, Qiao Anxin would be one-shot.

“I think it’s only a matter of time before Qiao Mianmian becomes popular. She has the looks, acting skills, and a good personality. She shouldn’t have to worry about resources now. It’s hard to not become popular.”

“Didn’t we expose that Qiao Anxin suppressed her before? If it wasn’t for her, she might have become popular already. At least a third-tier actress. Qiao Anxin suppressed her back then because she was afraid that Qiao Mianmian would steal her jobs.”

“Objectively speaking, Qiao Mianmian’s qualifications are indeed much better than Qiao Anxin’s. Qiao Anxin is just a pretty girl from a humble family. She looks a little petty, and without makeup, her looks would probably be lower. Qiao Mianmian’s facial features are very exquisite, and her looks are way better than Qiao Anxin’s. If I gave Qiao Mianmian Qiao Anxin’s resources back then, Qiao Mianmian would definitely be doing very well now. Qiao Anxin was only relying on Star Splendor. Now that she doesn’t have Star Splendor, she can’t get any good resources.”

“Haha. B*tch Qiao, you’ve hired a lot of fake reviewers recently. Aren’t you embarrassed that you’re praising yourself so much? It’s bad enough that you’re praising yourself, but you’re always stepping on our Anxin. B*tch Qiao, please don’t take advantage of our Anxin’s popularity. Have some shame.”

“B*tch Qiao, be a person. You’ve already taken advantage of Anxin’s popularity for a few days. Anxin respects you as her sister and doesn’t bicker with you, but that doesn’t mean that us fans won’t bicker with you. If you’re really so capable, then don’t pester Anxin anymore, alright? Anxin is still a first-tier artiste, much better than you. You still have the face to brag about the sales volume. Everyone knows that you paid the bill. If you can, don’t do it. Don’t you wanna know if people really buy the products you endorse?”

Qiao Anxin’s fans were arguing with the netizens again.

The fans were speaking up for Qiao Anxin, but they didn’t know that their actions would only attract more and more passersby.

Many passersby expressed that they originally had no feelings for Qiao Anxin, but now it was all gone.

On the contrary, Qiao Mianmian’s fans were very well-mannered in this argument. They reasoned with the other party and gained the favor of many passersby.

It was difficult for other artistes, even A-list celebrities, to be on the hot searches every day.

Most of the time, the hot searches were done by teams.

But Qiao Mianmian had a “hot search” constitution. The more she didn’t want to appear on the hot searches, the easier it was to be on them.

Linda felt that she had saved a lot of money for the company.

As the facial mask that Qiao Mianmian endorsed was doing very well, Xue Shiya immediately signed a shampoo commercial with her.

Qiao Mianmian’s hair quality was especially good. Her hair was soft and bright, and it felt smooth and soft.

Knowing that Qiao Mianmian was going to shoot an advertisement, Bai Yusheng specially brought the scene she was going to shoot to the front and gave her three days’ leave.