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Chapter 1505: Valuing This Chance

“When your television series is out and you have one work under your belt and true popularity, we’ll head straight for the A-list products.

“Anyway, I’ve already planned your future route for you. Just listen to me.”

Qiao Mianmian trusted Linda.

Linda was a top manager with so many artistes under her.

Since she said that everything was arranged, Qiao Mianmian had nothing to worry about.

And Linda was right.

Her first commercial was a second-tier product endorsement, and she had a high starting point. There was no need to pick up third-tier products.

Qiao Mianmian felt the pinch after rejecting so many advertisements.

Although she knew that Linda’s decision was definitely right and that it was for her own good, she heard from Linda that the endorsement fees for the third-tier products were very high. Even higher than the endorsement fee for her contract.

As a newbie who wasn’t really popular yet, Qiao Mianmian still cared about the endorsement fees.

Qiao Anxin and Qiao Mianmian were both in the same commercial, and they were endorsing the same product.

One was an A-list celebrity.

The other a newbie.

But not only was Qiao Anxin’s sales not as good as Qiao Mianmian’s, but her sales for the next few days were also far less than Qiao Mianmian’s.

Qiao Anxin’s first advertisement after being banned was less popular than a newbie’s.

This made her anxious and angry.

Her contract fee was higher than Qiao Mianmian’s.

But if the sales weren’t as good as Qiao Mianmian’s, in the future, if anyone wanted to shoot an advertisement, they wouldn’t look for her. They would directly look for Qiao Mianmian, who was much cheaper than her.

Qiao Anxin was afraid that this would really happen and that her future career would be affected.

Hence, she worked extra hard to serve Boss Huang for a few days and got him to help her get the audition for a blockbuster film in the second half of the year.

It was a movie with huge investments and many big shots.

The director was the best in the field.

The producer was also very famous in the industry.

The script was written by a few top-notch scriptwriters. As long as it was written by them, the box office earnings were at least one billion yuan.

Although Qiao Anxin was an A-lister, she had always been filming dramas.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to enter the film industry, but that she wasn’t capable enough.

Su Ze had helped her get some roles in a few movies, but Qiao Anxin didn’t like those that she could get with her connections.

The slots for the movie this time were rather tight.

It wasn’t easy for Boss Huang to get one for her.

Qiao Anxin valued this opportunity and even found a director from the Film Academy to tutor her.

If she was chosen for this audition, even if it was just a supporting role, it would be very helpful to her current career.

Hence, Qiao Anxin made up her mind to work hard on her acting.

She was more serious than ever.

She used to rely on Su Ze, so she didn’t feel threatened.

Although she relied on Boss Huang and was very obedient to him now, Boss Huang had many women around him. He wasn’t a sentimental person.

Moreover, Qiao Anxin didn’t want to serve an old man like him.

The only way she could get out of this situation was to increase her popularity as soon as possible.