I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1483 - Who Exactly Are You?

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Chapter 1483: Who Exactly Are You?

“Mianmian, your boyfriend treats you so well. You must be very happy.”

“Mianmian’s boyfriend is handsome and rich, and he treats her so well. We’re so envious.”

Qiao Mianmian was the one being praised.

Everyone knew that she had a rich and handsome boyfriend who liked and cared about her.

They also heard that she was Bai Yusheng’s cousin. Bai Yusheng took good care of her on set and seemed to value her.

No one dared to ostracize her as they did in the beginning.

Moreover, even people who had misunderstandings about her had a rough understanding of her now.

Their prejudice against her was gone.

Moreover, although some people were unhappy that Qiao Mianmian was a string-puller, Qiao Mianmian wasn’t a pretty face with no acting skills. Even if they weren’t convinced at the start, they had nothing to say after seeing her acting.

Qiao Mianmian was holding a glass of iced drink that Nana had brought for her. As she listened to the crowd thank her, she sent Mo Yesi a WeChat message: [You bought afternoon tea for our crew?]

After about a minute, Mo Yesi replied.

Mo Yesi: [? Did someone buy your crew afternoon tea? It wasn’t me.]

Qiao Mianmian was stunned. [It wasn’t you?]

Mo Yesi: [Mm, it wasn’t me.]

Qiao Mianmian asked casually, but Mo Yesi said it wasn’t him, so she didn’t ask further.

She thought that it might be the boyfriend of another actress.

Just like how Mo Yesi used to treat the crew to afternoon tea.

Anyway, no matter who did it, she would still drink it.

Something strange happened in the next few days.

Every afternoon, someone would send afternoon tea over.

At first, everyone thought that it was from Qiao Mianmian’s boyfriend, but she denied it.

The rest of the crew also denied it.

Even Bai Yusheng found it strange and asked someone.

But he didn’t get anything in the end.

The hotel said that they had signed a confidentiality agreement and couldn’t reveal the buyer.

This series of mysterious actions made Bai Yusheng extremely worried. He took a few drinks to the hospital for testing.

The test results showed that there wasn’t any poison. Everything was normal.

This became the hottest topic of discussion during the meal.

Everyone was speculating who spent so much money every day to treat the entire crew to afternoon tea. Was it a rich man who took a liking to a female artiste on the set and didn’t dare to confess openly, using this method to express his feelings?

And because of this, the female actress had put in a lot more effort in dressing up these few days.

Everyone was fantasizing that they might be the one the rich man had a crush on.

“Mianmian, who are you talking about? This afternoon tea isn’t cheap. Isn’t he afraid of bankrupting himself by treating us like this every day? Moreover, do you think this person is stupid? If he really likes any female artiste in our production crew, what’s the point of using such a method? They don’t even know who he is.”

Qiao Mianmian was eating shaved ice.

She didn’t really care who was doing it. She felt that since the other party chose this method, he definitely didn’t want his identity to be exposed.

It was inconvenient for him to expose his identity.

Anyway, she wasn’t interested in finding out who that man was. She was more interested in the shaved ice in her hand.