I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1480 - Miss Qiao Doesn’t Seem to Have Any Suspicions

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Chapter 1480: Miss Qiao Doesn’t Seem to Have Any Suspicions

Qiao Mianmian had no objections.

She was afraid of hurting him, so she asked him to reconsider.

Since they decided to sign her after understanding the situation, she had no reason to reject them.

She’d already said what needed to be said.

If the product really couldn’t be sold, she wouldn’t be blamed.

“Mr. Zhang, since you’ve thought it through, let’s have a pleasant cooperation.” Qiao Mianmian smiled and extended her hand.

Zhang Hai also reached out and smiled. “Miss Qiao, happy cooperation.”

Zhang Hai got into the car and made a call.

After picking it up, he said respectfully to the person on the other end of the phone, “Young Master Gong, it’s done.”

The man’s low and hoarse voice could be heard. “Has she signed the contract?”

“Yes, we’ve already signed the contract. According to Young Master Gong’s instructions, we’ve given the normal signing fee. Miss Qiao doesn’t seem to have any suspicions.”

On the other side.

In the Gong family’s studio.

There were very few items in the huge studio. The white curtains were rolled up by the wind, and a few potted lilies were planted on the windowsill.

Outside the window was the Gong family’s garden.

In summer, many flowers bloomed.

Gong Zeli was sitting by the window with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Holding a paintbrush in one hand, after dipping it in the paint, he gently traced the girl’s delicate and beautiful face on the canvas.

He was on the phone.

After saying a few words, he threw his cell phone aside.

The man’s attention was on the painting in front of him.

On the drawing board was a pretty girl with long curly hair and a white dress. She was sitting on the beach barefoot.

Her feet were submerged in the sea, and her dress was also partially submerged.

A few seagulls surrounded the girl. She reached out and held a seagull in her hand.

The girl looked at the seagull in her palm and smiled sweetly.

This painting was almost done.

Gong Zeli held the paintbrush and tapped on the girl’s dark eyes. She looked even angrier.

Gong Zeli put away his brush after finishing the last stroke.

He sat in front of the easel and stared at the girl in the painting for a long time.

No matter how he drew, he couldn’t draw her charm.

Gong Zeli felt that he must have been possessed.

After the banquet that day, he started to dream about Qiao Mianmian more frequently.

He dreamed of her almost every night.

He felt that something was wrong with him.

It was as if there were two little people in his heart, arguing every day.

One of them said: “You can’t bully a friend’s wife. Qiao Mianmian is your brother’s woman. No matter how much you like her, you can’t have any feelings for her. Gong Zeli, give up. It’s impossible between the two of you in this lifetime.”

The person said: “It wasn’t easy for you to meet the woman you like. Perhaps other than her, you won’t be able to meet another woman that makes you fall for her in this lifetime. Are you really going to give up just like that? Are you sure you won’t regret it in the future?”

These two thoughts revolved in his heart every day.

He spent every day in this conflict.

He had already decided to give up, but the next day, he felt indignant and changed his mind.