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Chapter 1475: Her Only Choice

In the past, she’d have definitely done this.

But when she thought about the time she’d been banned and how she’d been rejected by her previous partners, she bit her lip and suppressed her anger.

Song Fang was still speaking, “Anxin, on account of our past relationship as colleagues, I think you should seize the opportunity. It’s only because Boss Huang still cares for you that he’s willing to help. With your current situation, I don’t think many companies dare to take you. After all, who dares to offend the Mo Corporation?

“If you reject Boss Huang, you won’t be able to find another chance to make a comeback. Forgive me for being blunt, but it’ll be a little difficult.

“Anyway, I’ll send you Boss Huang’s contact details. Think about it yourself. Boss Huang doesn’t lack women. If you’re unwilling, he won’t force you.”

Song Fang hung up.

A few seconds later, Qiao Anxin’s cell phone rang.

Song Fang sent her a number.

Qiao Anxin’s expression darkened further.

She knew Boss Huang.

He was a man she didn’t even like when he wiped her shoes.

Boss Huang was already 50 years old, even older than Qiao Ruhai.

Short, fat, bald, everything.

When she first entered the entertainment industry, Boss Huang wanted to seduce her.

Qiao Anxin was naturally unwilling.

This was one of the reasons why she tried so hard to seduce Su Ze.

After she got together with Su Ze, Boss Huang didn’t dare to offend Su Ze, so he stopped going after her.

Qiao Anxin didn’t expect him to still have feelings for her.

She thought of Boss Huang’s wrinkled face and felt disgusted.

Qiao Anxin wanted to delete the number Song Fang sent.

She knew very well what it meant to contact this number.

Her finger was already on the delete button. But, after a long pause, she still didn’t press it.

She needed someone to support her.

She needed exposure.

This man she used to despise seemed to be her only choice now.

A few days later, Qiao Anxin started moving.

She hadn’t updated her Weibo in a long time.

Qiao Anxin V: “I’m sorry, my babies have been worried about me. The reason why I haven’t updated you is that I’ve been studying the new show. Oh right, my new show, Imperial Concubine Wushuang, is already in the midst of preparation. I think I’ll be able to release the photos in a few days. I hope everyone can continue to support Anxin.”

After Qiao Anxin’s Weibo update, her loyal fans immediately left comments to support her, saying that no matter what happened, they would follow her forever.

Qiao Anxin sent another post.

It was a long post apologizing to Qiao Mianmian.

Qiao Anxin V: “I hesitated for a long time over whether I should post this. I want to tell everyone the truth about the cheating scandal. I admit that I took those photos when I was with Su Ze. I also admit that I was dating him.

“But I didn’t know Su Ze was dating my sister. He and my sister had known each other since they were young, and their relationship had always been good.”