I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1472 - No One Is Banning Me

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Chapter 1472: No One Is Banning Me

But Qiao Anxin’s luck didn’t change, and her career didn’t return to how it was before.

Although Mo Yesi didn’t get anyone to continue banning her, her image had already been affected by what she’d done.

She was labeled as a “mistress” and was no longer a qualified artiste.

And for any artiste, having a positive image was very important.

If an artiste had a serious moral problem, the audience would find it hard to accept her.

There were many popular artistes in the industry. After the scandal was exposed, their popularity plummeted.

After Qiao Anxin’s scandal broke out, the advertisers who had already signed with her terminated their contracts with her. Those who hadn’t didn’t dare to work with her anymore.

None of the management companies dared to accept her.

Although Mo Yesi had already lifted the ban, since others knew that she was an artiste that the Chairman of the Mo Corporation had ordered to be banned, how could they not be afraid?

At that moment, Qiao Anxin realized that she was in the same situation as before.

She couldn’t find a job.

She couldn’t find a management company willing to sign her.

Even if she reduced the signing fee by more than half, no company would dare to sign her.

After being rejected by another agency, she threw her cell phone on the ground in anger.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart? Is there any good news?” Lin Huizhen was even more anxious than Qiao Anxin when she couldn’t find a job.

Qiao Anxin had made a lot of money in her two years of fame.

But most of the money had gone to pay the breach of contract, and it wasn’t even enough. If she couldn’t get a job in the short term and pay the remaining compensation, she would be sued by her partner.

Once she was sued, it would be another blow to her career.

Qiao Anxin couldn’t let that happen.

Hence, she had been looking for a job for the past few days, but she was always rejected.

Seeing how quiet she was, Lin Huizhen knew that it was over.

She frowned deeply. “How could this be? Didn’t you say that that slut promised your dad that she wouldn’t continue banning you? Did she lie to your dad and promise him on the surface, but she’s still trying to kick you down in secret?”

Qiao Anxin pursed her lips and kept quiet for a while before shaking her head. “No. No one is banning me.”

Even if Qiao Anxin didn’t like Qiao Mianmian, she knew if she was still being blacklisted.

It wasn’t because she was banned that she couldn’t get a job.

She thought about it and guessed that it was because of the scandal.

Someone had stolen her Weibo account and posted photos of her from a long time ago.

Those photos became evidence of her cheating with Su Ze.

Once an artiste had an affair, it would have a huge impact on their career.

If she signed with a more powerful company, she could slowly make a comeback.

Without a powerful agency, it would be difficult to make a comeback.

Qiao Anxin was currently without an agency.

She didn’t have a team to clear her name and didn’t have a positive image, so they didn’t dare to take the risk to work with her.

“If no one’s banning you, why is it like this?”