I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1471 - I Suggest You Calm Down

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Chapter 1471: I Suggest You Calm Down

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“Mom, I brought Luoli back just to introduce her to you.

“Because she’s the person I like, I hope my family will like her too. Of course, it’s best that you like her. But if you don’t, I won’t bring her back often.”

Mo Shixiu’s tone was calm, but his words weren’t so casual. “But whether you accept her or not, I won’t break up with her. I’m dating her on the premise of marriage. If nothing goes wrong, I’ll marry her.

“I hope our relationship can be blessed by you.”

“Marry? Are you crazy? You actually want to marry such a woman. Don’t you want your career in the future? Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at by others by marrying such a woman? I can’t possibly give you my blessings, and I definitely won’t agree to you marrying her.”

Mo Shixiu said that he wanted to marry Jiang Luoli. Madam Mo was so angry that she was about to have a heart attack. Her face was pale as she yelled into the phone elegantly. “If you insist on marrying her, then I’ll cut ties with you!”

Mo Shixiu was silent for a while.

Madam Mo felt a little guilty.

Of course, she didn’t want to cut ties with her son.

She only said that out of anger.

She felt that her two sons still cared about her.

He couldn’t possibly abandon his own mother for a woman.

Especially Mo Shixiu, who had been well-behaved since he was a child. He was considered a “good child” and had always been respectful to her.

Madam Mo felt that her threat was more or less useful.

But even though she gave birth to Mo Yesi and Mo Shixiu and raised them, she didn’t know her sons well enough.

Mo Shixiu and Mo Yesi were naturally filial.

But they weren’t foolish.

Both of them were very opinionated and would never compromise on their own matters.

They knew what they wanted.

Once they confirmed their thoughts, no one could control them, even if Madam Mo was their biological mother.

But Madam Mo felt that she could control him.

That was why she threatened to break off their mother-son relationship.

“Mom, I think you’re a little impulsive now. I suggest you calm down. Also, I think you can try to understand Luoli. You’ll find that she’s a good girl.

“I have a meeting later, I’ll hang up first.”

Mo Shixiu hung up.

Madam Mo’s expression turned sinister when she heard the disconnected tone.

A son was like this.

Her other son was the same.

They were all bewitched by those shameless little vixens. They didn’t even treat her as their biological mother.

If he married such a woman, would the Mo family still have peace in the future?

They would only harm her sons.

Since they weren’t willing to break up on their own, she could only use other methods to make them break up.

Anyway, that girl surnamed Jiang could never be with her son!

Mo Yesi promised Qiao Mianmian that he wouldn’t continue banning Qiao Anxin. He had already informed Wei Zheng when he returned.

Wei Zheng also lifted the ban.